The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, I-J

Wigan, I-J

Imperial Fire and Life Office, 26 King st. - John J. D. Glencross, agent
Imperial Union Accident Insurance Co., 12 & 13 Victoria Buildings, King street - John H. Peck, agent
Ince Forge Co., manufacturers of forgings for locomotives, marine, and stationary engines, heavysmith work, also forgings rough turned or finished; Ince, near Wigan
Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Company, Ince - William Leach, secretary
Infirmary, Wigan lane
Ingman George, Woodman Inn, 48 Bottling Wood
Inland Revenue Office, Quadrant, King street
Irvine Charles, boot and shoe maker, 33 Standishgate
Irvine Charlotte, shopkeeper, 231 Whelley
Irving John, draper, 35 Upper Morris st.
Isherwood John Henry, shopman, 12 Harrogate street
Isitt Herbert, architect, Clarence Chambers, 56 Wallgate
Issachar Lawrence, shopkeeper, 48 Frog lane
Jackson Abel, joiner, 32 Taylor street
Jackson Ann J., householder, 116 Standishgate
Jackson Elizabeth, householder, 76 Greenough street
Jackson George, butter merchant, 40 Darlington street
Jackson Gilbert, schoolmaster, 74 Poolstock lane
Jackson Hannah, shopkeeper, 14 Wood st.
Jackson James, joiner, 30 York street
Jackson James, butcher, 77 Wigan lane
Jackson James, printer and publisher, 9 Millgate; house, 12 Wigan lane
Jackson John, linen draper, milliner, &c., 38 Market place; residence, Bidstone House, Upper Dicconson street
Jackson John, pattern maker, 31 Great George street
Jackson Joseph, cab proprietor, Factory yard, Acton's walk
Jackson Margaret, tailor, 21 Hallgate
Jackson Peter, grocer and brickmaker, 130 Scholes
Jackson Peter, tallow chandler, Jackson's square, Scholes, and Crofters' Arms yard, Hallgate
Jackson Thomas, butcher, 64 Scholes
Jackson William, commercial traveller, 138 Wigan lane
Jacques Amos, tailor and draper, 25 Market place; house, Bellingham terrace, Wigan lane
James Joseph, tailor, 27 Wigan lane
Jameson Ellen, householder, 17 Caroline st.
Jameson John, engine tenter, 13 Hadfield street
Jameson John, boiler maker, 7 Duke st.
Jameson Peter, cowkeeper, 76 Wigan lane
Jardine James, labourer, 10a Duke street
Jardine William, saddler, 39 Standishgate
Jervis Thomas, brickmaker, 21 Woodhouse lane
Johnson & Co., saddlers, 34 and 36 Wallgate
Johnson Charles, watchmaker, 22 Wallgate
Johnson Frederick Edward, accountant (Holmes & Johnson), Gib Fold Farm, Atherton
Johnson Hames, cotton spinner (W. Johnson & Co.), Bradford place
Johnson James, draper, 53 Market Hall
Johnson John, bricklayer and contractor, 20 Regent street
Johnson John, Bull's Head Inn, 10 & 12 Market place
Johnson John, head master of the New Jerusalem School, Warrington lane; house, Colin street
Johnson John, venetian blind maker, 21 Caroline street
Johnson John, gasfitter, 45 Queen street
Johnson John A., civil engineer, (W. B. Johnson & Son), 27 Scarisbrick street
Johnson Joseph, clay pipe manufacturer, 131 Whelley
Johnson Mary, householder, 12 Swinley lane
Johnson R. T., architect and surveyor, 75 Caroline street
Johnson Richard, engine tenter, 33 York st.
Johnson Richard, farmer, Whelley
Johnson Robert, butcher, 29 Market Hall
Johnson Thomas, chemist, 8 Market place; house, 29 Dicconson street
Johnson Thomas, shopkeeper, 67 Clayton street
Johnson Thomas, mining engineer, 72 Dicconson street
Johnson W. B., civil engineer (W. B. Johnson & Son), 7 Swinley road
Johnson W. B. & Son, civil engineers, architects, surveyors, and valuers, 33 King street
Johnson William, grocer, 104 Darlington street
Johnson William, shopkeeper, 8 Wood st.
Johnson William, Hole i'th' Wall Inn, 2 Cooper's row, Market place
Johnson William, joiner and builder, Warrington lane; house, 104 Darlington Street east
Johnson William, cart owner, 1 Sole street, Whelley
Johnson William & Co., cotton spinners, Wood st. and Bradford place mills
Johnson William Burgess, jun., solicitor, Hopwood Chambers, 19 King street; house, 131 Wigan lane
Johnstone A. S., commercial dining rooms, 27 Hallgate, and New Market Arcade - See advertisement
Jolley Henry, shopkeeper, 22 Duke street
Jolley James, registrar of marriages, 15 Rodney street
Jolley John, ironmoulder, 64 Caroline st.
Jolley Joseph, clerk, 3 Cecil street
Jolley R. & W., oil and grease manfacturers, Miry lane - See advertisement
Jolley Richard, oil manfacturer (R. & W. Jolley), 43 Prescott street
Jolley William, cabinet maker, Swift's yard, Millgate; house, 20 Lorne street
Jolley William, oil manfacturer (R. & W. Jolley), 3 Worsley terrace, Standishgate
Jones & Co., hosiers, 12 King street
Jones Ann, Commercial Hotel & Restaurant, 2 Rodney street
Jones Catherine, shopkeeper, 83 Great George street
Jones David, artist, 67 Worsley Mesnes
Jones Elizabeth, tripe dresser, 77 Scholes, and Market Hall
Jones Elizabeth, householder, 9 Standishgate place
Jones Enos, warper, 78 Poolstock lane
Jones John, gasfitter, 60 Warrington lane
Jones John, colliery agent, 75 Poolstock lane
Jones John, Crown and Sceptre Inn, 94 Scholes
Jones Levi, miner, 68 Worsley Mesnes
Jones Ralph, fitter, 8 Kent street
Jones Richard, coal agent, 23 Leader st.
Jones Samuel, tailor, 18 Harrogate street
Jones Solomon, ironmonger, 43 Standishgate
Jones Thomas, labourer, 3 York street
Jones Thomas, hosier (Jones & Co.), Ormskirk road, Pemberton
Jones Thomas, smallware dealer, 11 Market Hall
Jones Thomas, miner, 46 Poolstock lane
Jones Thomas, shopkeeper, 130 Wigan lane
Joyce Michael, shopkeeper, 39 Wellington street
Jump William, engine tenter, 45 Woodhouse lane

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