The Wigan Directory of 1881, Hindley, Hindley Green, Platt Bridge & Low Green

Hindley, a township and parish, has a station on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, three miles from Wigan and seven from Bolton. It is in the deanery of Warrington, the archdeaconry of Liverpool, and the diocese of Chester, and south-west division of the county. It was formerly a single street, forming the road from Bolton to Wigan, but within the last twenty years the population has increased very considerably, and new streets been opened out which gives it the appearance of a flourishing town. It is stated that only four churches were consecrated in South Lancashire from 1660 to 1717, one of these being at Hindley. The present edifice (All Saints), however, dates from 1766, and there is a new church dedicated to St. Peter, erected in 1864. The registers date from 1689. The living is in the gift of the rector of Wigan. There are various congregations of Nonconformists, several of which have schools in connection. Hindley and Abram Grammar School was re-constructed by the Endowed Schools Commissioner in 1881, and has accommodation for sixty boys, of whom five per cent. are free scholars. Subjects of instruction:- Reading, writing, and arithmetic; geography and history; English grammar, composition and literature; mathematics; Latin, and at least one foreign European language; natural science; srawing; drill and vocal music. Fees, £4 a year. The cemetery is situated on Castle Hill road, and was opened on the 21st June, 1880. The Church of England portion was consecrated by the Vicar of Kirby, on the 30th December, 1879. There are charities to the value of £85 distributed annually. There is a successful co-operative store, connected with which is a newsroom and library, and a commodious hall, used for public meetings, lectures, &c. There are several cotton mills and many collieries in the district. The Earl of Ellesmere, Sir Humphrey de Trafford, Roger Leigh, Esq., Messrs. Hargreaves, and J. Walmsley, Esq., are the chief landowners. The area is 2611 acres; the population in 1861 was 8,477; 1871, 10,627; and in 1881, 14,667.

   Hindley Green and Platt Bridge are hamlets, each having a station on the Wigan and Tyldesley Railway. The former is about 1½ miles S.E., and the latter the same distance S.W. from Hindley.

   Low Green adjoins Platt Bridge

   Post Office, Market street. - James Rigby, postmaster. Letters from all parts arrive (from Wigan) at 6.40 a.m. and 3.40 p.m., and are despatched at 10.20 a.m. and 7.20 p.m., Sunday despatch at 10 a.m. only. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings' Bank.
   Post Office, Hindley Green, Mrs. Southworth, postmistress. Letters arrive (from Wigan) at 9 a.m., and are despatched at 4.40
   Post Office, Platt Bridge. - Thomas Aspinall, postmaster. Letters arrive (from Wigan) at 7.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., and are despatched at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Money Order Office and Savings' Bank

   All Saints' Church. - Rev. Edwin Lovegrove, M.A., curate in charge
   St. Peter's. - Rev. Thomas Oliver, M.A., incumbent
   Baptist (Particular) Market street
   Independent Chapel (St. Paul's)
   Independent Chapel, Bridge croft
   Methodist Wesleyan
   Methodist Wesleyan, Low Green
   Methodist, Primitive, Hindley and Platt Bridge
   Presbyterian Chapel, Hindley
   Roman Catholic (St. Benedict's). - Rev. J. C. Murphy, priest
   United Methodist Free Church, Hindley Green

   Cemetery (opened June 1st., 1880), Castle Hill road. - Stephen Holt, clerk; John Abbotts, registrar
   Working Men's Conservative Club, Market street. - George Hodgkinson, manager; James Southern, sec.
   Gas Works, Wigan road. - Henry Hawkins, manager
   Hindley Local Board of Health Office, 32 Wigan road. - Richard Pennington, jun., chairman; Stephen Holt, clerk to the board; William Royle, collector; J. P. Wilson, surveyor; J. G. Brayton, officer of health; James Dean, inspector of nuisances
   Police Station, 26 Castle Hill road. - William Pye, sergeant
   Public Hall, Market street
   Reading Room and Library, Market st.
   Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for Hindley, Ince and Abram districts. - J. Grime, 63 Ladies lane


Aspinall Mr. Samuel, Ash Cottage, Ladies lane
Atherton Mr. Thomas, Poplar House, 1 Atherton road
Barnes Mr. Thomas William, Grammar School House
Beazer Cornelius, Esq., Borsden House, Ladies lane
Bloy Mr. W. H., Hindley common
Bouchier Mr. Henry, Low Green road, Platt Bridge
Brayton J. G., Esq., White House, Stony lane
Brayton Thomas, Esq., 78 Market street
Bryan Henry N., Esq., 11 Ladies lane
Caldwell Mr. J. S., The Rookery, Wigan road
Diggle Mrs. Charlotte Letitia, Hindley Green Hall, Leigh road
Eckersley Mr. Joseph, School House, Lord st.
Eden Mr. R. W., Osborne terrace, Stony lane
Evans Mr. Alfred, Green Bank, Hindley Green
Gilroy George, Esq., Hindley Hall
Gornall Mr. R. M., Alma House, Platt lane
Gregory Mr. William, 49 Wigan road
Grime Mr. John, 63 Ladies lane
Hawkins Mr. Henry, 36 Cross street
Higham Mr. Robert, Worthington House, Market street
Hill Mr. Samuel, 48 Stony lane
Hinchliffe Mr. Joseph, 30 Argyle street
Holt Rev. C. F., The Vicarage
Holt Mr. Stephen, 98 Market street
Hopkinson Rev. C. H., Atherton road
Kirkpatrick Mr. John, Green Bank, Hindley Green
Leyland John, Esq., The Grange
Marsh Mr. William, Holly House, Market st.
Murphy Rev. J. C., Market street
Murray Mrs., Marsh Brook House, Castle Hill road
Pennington Richard, Esq., J.P., Hindley Lodge, Market street
Pickles Mr. Robert, 241 Stony lane
Platt Mr. John, 57 Lord street
Prescott Mr. Thomas, 16 Lord street
Rothwell Rev. Thomas, Parsonage road
Royle Mr. Thomas, 61 Ladies lane
Southworth Mr. Thomas, Laurel House, Atherton road
Taylor Mr. James S., 98 Derby terrace, Castle Hill road
Thorpe Mr. Alfred, Hindley Green House, Leigh Road
Unsworth Mr. William, Lord street
Waddington Mr. Jonathan, Hindley House, Atherton road
Walls Mr. Henry, 88 Castle Hill road
Walls Mr. Jas. Henry, 94 Castle Hill road
Widdows Mr. Robert Henry, Hope House, Platt Bridge


Ackers Alice, beer retailer, 32 Ellesmere st.
Ackers Robt., hardware dealer, 175 Stony lane
Affleck Jas., furniture dealer, 75 Atherton rd.
Ainscough & Tabern, joiners, &c., Platt Bridge
Ainscough Thomas, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 24 Stony lane
Ainscow Alfred Edward, agent (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyers), 12 Bridge street
Ainscow Robert, cashier, 45 Lord street
Ainscow Thomas, clogger, 189 Stony lane
Alfred James, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 10 Victoria road, Platt Bridge
Aldred John, shopkeeper, 107 Atherton road
Aldred Thomas, beer retailer, 44 Atherton rd.
Alker Robert, blacksmith, 710 Leigh road, Hindley Green
Anderton William, beer retailer, 98 Stony lane
Arnold Hugh, tinplate worker, 35 Walthew lane, Platt Bridge
Ashton Wm., insurance agent, 70 Ladies lane
Ashurst Robert, shopkeeper, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Aspinall Samuel, chemist, 57 Market street
Aspinall Thos., shopkeeper, 14 Chapel green
Aspinall Thomas, grocer, Post Office, Platt Bridge
Aspinall William, stationer, and dealer in druggists' sundries, Platt Bridge
Atherton Ignatius, wheelwright, 59 Wigan rd.
Atherton Moses, miner, 28 Stony lane
Atherton Roger, beer retailer, Bold Arms, 118 Ladies lane
Atherton Squire, shoemaker, 27 Wigan road
Atherton William, shopkeeper, 45 Atherton rd.
Atkinson William, butcher, 9 Market street
Austin Martha F., beer retailer, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Baines Isaac, hair dresser, 53 Market street
Bamber George, pork butcher, 38 Bridge st.
Bamford Arnold, beer retailer, 86 Castle Hill road
Bamford Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 43 Walthew lane, Platt Bridge
Bannister Robert, shopkeeper, 34 Ward street
Barnes Thomas William, schoolmaster, Grammar School House
Barrington Richard, beer retailer, 87 Castle Hill road
Barton James, newsagent, stationer, and tobacconist, 74 Market street
Barton John, machine roller turner, pick and hammer shaft maker, 227 Stony lane, Low Green
Bateson William, greengrocer, 1 Bridge street
Battersby Daniel, Leg of Mutton Inn, 35 Wigan road
Battersby Peter, colliery underlooker, 53 Bridgewater street
Battersby Simon, shopkeeper, 474 Atherton rd.
Baxendale William, draper, 54 Market street
Baxter Jas., blacksmith, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Baxter Mrs. Margaret, 55 Bridgewater street
Baxter Robert, blacksmith, 29 Bridge street
Baxter Thomas, butcher, Atherton road
Bell Nathaniel, hardware dealer, 13 Castle Hill road
Belshaw James, manager, Hope House, Platt Bridge
Bibby William, plasterer, painter, &c., 52 Atherton road
Bleasdale Margaret, shopkeeper, 10 Castle Hill road
Blinkhorn E. & A., milliners and drapers, 123 Platt Bridge road
Bloy W. H., schoolmaster (United Methodist Free Church), Hindley common
Blundell Thomas, draper, 1 Leigh road, Hindley Green
Boardman Richard, newsagent and florist, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Bond William, shopkeeper, 121 Low Green rd.
Bowden John, brickmaker, 7 King street
Boydell Richard, Railway Hotel, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Bramwell Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 51 Market st.
Brayton J. G., surgeon (J. G. & T. Brayton), White House, 17 Stony lane
Brayton J. G. & T., physicians and surgeons, 80 Market street
Brayton Thos., surgeon (J. G. & T. Brayton), 78 Market street
Broadhurst Charles, Cow & Calves Inn, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Brook Henry, shopkeeper, 114 Ladies lane
Brown Margaret, grocer and beer retailer, 139 Wigan road
Bryan Henry Newton, solicitor, and agent for the Scottish Equitable Life, and the Law Union Fire & Life Insurance Companies, 11 Ladies lane; residence, Rose Cottage, Aspull
Bullough John, carder, 116 Market street
Byrom John, joiner, 34 Stony lane
Cadwallander Joseph, china, glass & earthenware dealer, 84 Market street
Caldwell J. S., land, mine & building surveyor; and agent for the Wigan Provident Permanent Benefit Building Society, The Rookery, Wigan road
Caldwell Miriam, beer retailer, 1 Chapel Green
Caldwell Wm., Amberswood Inn, 175 Wigan rd.
Cartwright James, shopkeeper and clogger, 54 Ladies lane
Chadwick Jas., furniture broker, 30 Market st.
Chadwick John, shopkeeper, 94 Market street
Chadwick Joseph, Royal Hotel, Marsh brook, Castle Hill road
Chadwick P. T., watchmaker, 92 Market st.
Chadwick William, clogger and shoemaker, 92 Market street
Charnock Henry, grocer, draper, and beer retailer, 101 and 103 Stony lane
Charnock John R., beer retailer, 84 Wigan rd.
Chester William, confectioner, 744 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Churnside William, Hand and Banner Inn, Chapel green
Clapham John, Plough Inn, 137 Atherton rd.
Clough Ann, shopkeeper, Platt Bridge
Clough John, beer retailer, Low Green
Collier Thomas, clogger, 693 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Collison William & John, grocers and wholesale and retail bakers, 114 Market street
Cook C. George, grocer & baker, Marsh brook, Castle Hill road
Cook James, clogger, 122 Market street
Cook Mary, milliner and draper, 50 Bridge st,
Cooper Lambert, draper, 46 Bridge street
Cooper William, furniture dealer, 44 Bridge st.
Cowburn John, tailor, 3 Organ street, Atherton road
Cowburn John, shopkeeper, 778 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Cowburn John, shopkeeper, 72 Chapel green
Cowburn Samuel, contractor, 13 Ward street
Cowburn Thomas, contractor and builder, 51 Bridgewater street
Crabtree Greenwood, clogger, 32 Wigan road
Cross Robert, coal agent, 239 Low Green road
Crown Aerated Water Co., aerated water manufacturers, Lord street
Cromby Alexander, stone and monumental mason, Castle Hill road; house, 102 Derby terrace - See advertisement
Crook Ralph, shopkeeper, 47 Wigan road
Cubbin John, shopkeeper, 110 Chapel green
Dando George, painter, plumber and glazier, 53 Chapel green
Darbyshire Abraham, shopkeeper, Leigh rd., Hindley Green
Darbyshire James, sculptor and monumental mason, Castle Hill road, and 11 Ellesmere street - See advertisement
Darlington Rachel, shopkeeper, 730 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Davies James, commercial and general printer, and stationer, 120 Market street
Davies James, beer retailer, 15 Victoria road, Platt Bridge
Dawber William, shoemaker, 802 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Dean James, inspector of nuisances and school attendance clerk, 61 Castle Hill road
Dean William, accountanct, 92 Castle Hill rd.
Dickinson Ralph, beer retailer, Chapel green
Dickinson William, butcher, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Dixon James, shopkeeper, 1 Walthew lane, Platt Bridge
Dootson John, Mechanics' Arms, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Dove David, Imperial Hotel, 45 Market street
Dunderdale Richard, clerk, 50 Stony lane
Dunn Charles Edward, tailor, 41 Ladies lane
Eatock Charles, grocer, draper and druggist, 96 Market street
Eatock James, cashier, 208 Close lane
Eatock John, shopkeeper, 1 Low Green road
Eccleston William, engine winder, 35 Lord st.
Eckersley Joseph, schoolmaster (St. Peter's Pennington Memorial), School House, 1 Lord street
Eden R. W., schoolmaster (St. Peter's), 26 Osborne terrace, Stony lane
Edgar Wm., shopkeeper, 121 Bridgewater st.
Edwards Geo., grocer, 25 Leigh road, Hindley Green
Edwardson Adam, beer retailer, 16 Frederick street
Ellam Joseph, grocer, 5 Victoria road, Platt Bridge
Elliott James, grocer and corn dealer, 41 Castle Hill road
Evans Alfred, cashier, 2 Green bank, Atherton road, Hindley Green
Evans Samuel, beer retailer, 675 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Farnworth Thos., watchmaker, 49 Market st.
Farrimond Alex., shopkeeper, 86 Ladies lane
Farrimond John, beer retailer, Low Green
Farrimond M. J., dress maker, 104 Castle Hill road
Fearnley Thomas, plumber, painter, plasterer, and shopkeeper, 9 Bridge street
Ferguson W. F., grocer, 21 Market street
Findon Mrs. A. M., ladies' school, Romford House
Fisher Fonrose, shopkeeper, 113 Platt Bridge road
Foister J. S., assistant inspector, 83 Wigan rd.
Fraser Margaret, draper, 135 Platt Bridge rd.
Garland Michael, hair dresser, 16 Bridge st.
Gee William, shoemaker, 19 Bridge street
Gerrard Ann, shopkeeper, 84 Castle Hill road
Gerrard James, grocer and baker, 10 Romford street
Gerrard Richard, grocer and beer retailer, 219 Stony lane
Gerrard Thomas, draper and furniture dealer, 1 and 3 Market street
Gerard William, meter inspector, 33 Lord st.
Glover John, hardware and general dealer, and clogger, 6 Romford street
Gornall R. N., schoolmaster (Hindley Green Church School), Alma House, 102 Platt la.
Gorton Robert, beer retailer, 21 Castle Hill rd.
Green Adam, tripe dealer, 86 Market street
Green Edward, beer retailer, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Green Ellen, shopkeeper, 95 Platt Bridge road
Green M., grocer & beer retailer, Platt Bridge
Green Thomas, butcher, 28a Bridge street
Green Thomas, Victoria Hotel, Platt Bridge
Gregory John, Spinners' Arms Inn, 649 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Gregory Jonathan, grocer & provision dealer, and beer retailer, 37 Ward street
Gregory Noah, lamp inspector, 206 Close lane
Gregory Roger, grocer, 22 Castle Hill road
Gregory Samuel, beer retailer, 21 Chapel grn.
Gregory Mr. William, 49 Wigan road
Grime Edward (Exors. of), grocers, bakers, and provision dealers, 81 Market street
Grime James Wilson, shopkeeper, 52 Bridgewater street
Grime John, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, and insurance agent, 31 Stony lane; house, 63 Ladies lane
Grimwood Peter, shopkeeper, 116 Ladies lane
Grundy Ann, milliner, Ladies lane
Hague Gilbert, shopkeeper, 134 Ladies lane
Hampson Thomas, beer retailer, 17 Wigan rd.
Hardman Jas., shopkeeper, 27 Castle Hill rd.
Hargreaves Denis, hardware and shoe dealer, 47 Market street
Harrison Richard, fruiterer, 6 Bridge street
Hart James, grocer and assistant overseer, 663 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Hart Mr. John, 91 Platt lane
Hart William, butcher, 55 Atherton road
Hart William, Railway Hotel, Low Green
Hartley William, cashier, 57 Bridgewater st.
Hawkins Henry, gas and water manager (Hindley Local Board), 36 Cross street
Heaton Robert F., beer retailer, 15 Bridge st.
Heyes Samuel, clogger, 119 Stony lane
Heywood James, tobacconist, 10 Bridge street
Heywood Richard, beer retailer, 56 Ladies lane
Hibbert John, fruiterer and greengrocer, 60 Market street
Hibbert William, confectioner, 55 Market st.
Higham James, grocer, draper & beer retailer, 5 Wigan road
Higham Robt., manager (Pennington's Mill), Worthington House, Market street
Higson Peter, tripe dresser, 56 Market street
Hill Samuel, solicitor's clerk, 48 Stony lane
Hilton Mrs. Ellen, 85 Wigan road
Hilton George, beer retailer, 5 Castle Hill rd.
Hilton John, ironmonger, 15 Market street
Hilton Mary, shopkeeper, 15 Atherton road
Hilton Michael, shopkeeper, 48 Bridge street
Hilton Peter, Platt Bridge
Hinchliffe Joseph, schoolmaster (Wesleyan), 30 Argyle street
Hindley & District Co-operative Society, grocers, &c., 50 Market st. - S. Lord, sec.
Hindley Brick, Slate & Lime Co., brick makers, Wigan road - John Eatock, managing partner
Hindley Saw Mills Co., Ltd., bobbin turners, Hindley Saw Mills, Ladies lane - Charles Walls, manager
Hindley Twist Co., cotton spinners, Low Mills
Hodkinson Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 102 Market street
Holden John, agent for the Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 121 Wigan road
Holland William, draper and beer retailer, 1 and 3 Castle Hill road
Holme John, grocer and provision dealer, and beer retailer, 126 Stony lane
Holt Rev. C. F., The Vicarage, Wigan road
Holt Stephen, clerk to the Local Board, 98 Market street
Horbury Henry, shopkeeper, 46 Wigan road
Horrobin Peter, draper, 58 Market street
Horrocks John, shopkeeper, Walthew lane, Platt Bridge
Hotchkiss William, draper, 26 Bridge street
Houghton Joseph, painter, plumber, glazier, &c., 17a Castle Hill road
Hughson Joseph, tailor & draper, 801 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Howarth Robert, butcher, 22 Bridge street
Howarth William, draper, 173 Stony lane
Howe Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 66 Market street
Hull John, colliery contractor, 37 Stony lane
Hull John, milliner and draper, 76 Market st.
Hurst Abraham, shopkeeper, 88 Ladies lane
Hutchinson Joseph, shopkeeper, 23 Castle Hill road
Ingham Minnie, draper, 32 Bridge street
Ingram Joseph, joiner, &c., 27 George street
Ingram Joseph, Victoria Inn, 551 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Jagger John, Leigh Arms, 142 Ladies lane
Jenkinson Richard, bookkeeper, Market st.
Jenkinson William, hardware dealer, 29 Ladies lane
Jervis Catherine, furniture and hardware dealer, 82 Market street
Johnson Alexander & Sons, earthenware manufacturers, Hindley Green Pottery
Johnson Edward, coal proprietor and brick maker, Swan Lane Colliery, Hindley Green
Johnson John, grocer, 99 Swan lane, Hindley Green
Jones John, shopkeeper, 87 Market street
Kearsley Alice, grocer and provision dealer, 87 George street
Kearsley Mary, shopkeeper, 186 Castle Hill rd.
Kenyon G. C., watchmaker and jeweller, 42 Market street - See advertisement
Kenyon Richard, eating house keeper, 8 Market street
Kirk Joseph, surgeon, Ivy Cottage, Romford street
Kirkpatrick Thomas & Sons, cotton spinners and doublers, Hindley Green Mills; and Hindsford Mill, Tyldesley
Knowles James, King William Inn, Walthew lane, Platt Bridge
Knowles James, blacksmith, Platt Bridge
Knowles Joseph, grocer and provision dealer, 67 Walthew lane, Platt Bridge
Lang E., shoemaker & clogger, 28 Market st.
Lang Edward, newsagent, 26 Market street
Latham James Bevan, mining engineer, 237 Low Green road
Lax S. H., prudential agent, 8 Wigan road
Lawson Mrs. Mary Ann, 55 Lord street
Lawson William, fitter, 51 Stony lane
Leigh Friendly Co-operative Society, grocers, 712 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Liptrot Johnson, slater, 67 Ladies lane
Livesley John, butcher, 11 Walthew lane, Platt Bridge
Llewellyn John, grocer, 93 Ladies lane
Lomax James, joiner & builder, Platt Bridge
London & North-Western Railway Goods Station, Wigan road
Lowe Henry, coachman, 57 Stony lane
Lowe James, shopkeeper, 204 Castle Hill road
Lowe John, grocer, 1 Bridge croft
Lowe Mary A., Lord Nelson Inn, 4 Bridge st.
Lowe William, hardware dealer, 746 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Lowton Thomas, beer retailer, 107 Market st.
Lythgoe Wm., surveyor (Wigan Coal & Iron Co.), 49 Bridgewater street
Makinson Evan, clogger, 1 Ladies lane
Makinson Gerrard, pawnbroker, 40 and 42 Bridge street
Makinson Mary, shopkeeper, 123 Stony lane
Makinson William, grocer, 7 Ladies lane
Mangnall William, colliery agent, 49 Lord st.
Marsh Elizabeth, beer retailer, 89 Market st.
Marsh John, hawker, 19 Market street
Marsh Robert, beer retailer, 112 Chapel green
Marsh William, washer maker, Ladies lane; and quarry owner and coal proprietor, Dalton; residence, Holly House, 65 Market street, Hindley
Martlew Esau, storekeeper (Local Board), 32 Stony lane
Martlew Margaret, shopkeeper, 29 Stony lane
Massey John, shopkeeper, Corner lane, Hindley Green
May William, brewer, 47 Lord street
Meadows Christopher, beer retailer, 109 Castle Hill road
Meadows Henry, grocer, 168 Castle Hill road
Meadows Peter, draper, 704 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Mills James, draper, 18 Bridge street
Molyneux Ann, Wheat Sheaf Inn, 11 and 13 Bridge street
Molyneux John, beer retailer, 95 Atherton rd.
Molyneux Rachel, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 60 George street
Molyneux William, grocer and bricklayer, Market street
Molyneux William, confectioner, 5 Market st.
Monks Henry, grocer, 75 Wigan road
Monks Jane, beer retailer, 165 Castle Hill rd.
Monks John, shopkeeper, 11 Ward street
Moorfield Peter, grocer, and beer retailer, Low Green; and brick maker, Platt Bridge
Morgan William, beer retailer, Platt Bridge
Mort James, butcher, 23 Bridge street, and 52 Market street
Mort John, grocer, 676 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Mort Thomas & John, shoe makers, hat and cap dealers, 25 Market street
Mortimer Charles D., teacher of music, 59 Bridgewater street
Moss John, boot and shoe maker, and agent for the Victoria Legal Friendly Society, 118 Market street
Murphy Rev. J. C., Market street
Naylor Edward, repairer of washing machines, 7 Oxford street
Needham Josiah, shopkeeper, 90 Ladies lane
Nelson Alice, shopkeeper, 72 Ladies lane
Nesbit John, colliery agent, 61 Bridgewater st.
Neville Alice, grocer & innkeeper, Platt Bridge Inn, Platt Bridge
Nicholson William, grocer & provision dealer, 98 and 100 Bridgewater street
Nixon James, foreman carpenter, 71 Ladies la.
Norman Lemuel, confectioner, 53 Lord street
Oakes John, clerk and sexton (All Saints'), 4 George street
Oakes Mrs. Mary, 52 Stony lane
Occleshaw John, Worthington Hotel, 62 & 64 Market street
Parkinson Jesse, stationer and newsagent, 5 Ladies lane
Parr Thomas, fruiterer, 20 Bridge street
Partington John & Peter, brick & tile makers, Hindley Green
Partington Peter, Railway Inn, 110 Ladies la.
Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co., Limited, Stony lane; office, Ince Hall
Peek John, newsagent, 17B Castle Hill road
Pendlebury Mrs. Alice, 69 Wigan road
Pendlebury James, shopkeeper, Low Green
Pendlebury John, smallware dealer, 8 Bridge street
Pendlebury Thos., Red Lion Inn, 9 Ladies la.
Pennington Richd., cotton spinner and manufacturer, Worthington Mill, Market st.; residence, Hindley Lodge
Peters Joseph, shopkeeper, and plumber, &c., 666 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Pickles Robt., schoolmaster, 241 Low Green rd.
Pickton John, beer retailer, 23 Deansgate
Pike William, tailor, Platt Bridge
Pilkington Timothy, joiner, 14 George street
Pilkington William, joiner, 7 Frederick street
Pilkington William, ironmonger and wheelwright, 20 Wigan road
Platt Elisha, shopkeeper, 161 Castle Hill road
Potter Agnes, milliner & draper, 13 Market st.
Potter Henry, grocer and corn dealer, 100 Chapel green
Potter James, joiner, Ladies lane
Potter John, flagger & slater, 51 Chapel green
Prescott Alice, shopkeeper, 106 Ladies lane
Prescott Mr. Thomas, 16 Lord street
Primmer Mary E., confectioner, 7 Market st.
Proe John, cab proprietor (Proe & Co.), 55 Stony lane
Pryor Rev. George King, 47 Stony lane
Ramsdale James, draper, 183 Stony lane
Ramsdale William, beer retailer, Ladies lane
Ramwell William & Co., cotton spinners, Castle Hill Mill
Ranicar James, shopkeeper, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Ranicar Peter, clogger, Corner lane, Hindley Green
Reeve Thomas, clogger, 127 Platt Bridge road
Rigby Elijah, coal agent, 63 Castle Hill road
Rigby Henry, clogger, 69 Atherton road
Rigby James, bookseller and stationer; agent for the British Empire Mutual Insurance Co., and for the Inman and Cunard Line of Steamers, 17 Market street
Rigby John, colliery underlooker, 94 Platt la.
Rigby John, butcher, 44 Market street
Rigby John, grocer, and boot and shoe maker, 176 Atherton road
Rigby Peter, shopkeeper, 25 Wigan road
Rigby R. E., joiner, &c., 57 Castle Hill road
Rigby William, grocer, 46 Market street
Roberts Joseph, shopkeeper, 9 Castle Hill rd.
Roocroft James, iron and tinplate worker, 31 Market street
Rosbottom James, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 108 and 110 Market street
Rosbottom John, shopkeeper, 37 Wigan road
Rothwell James, boot and shoe maker and clogger, 70 Market street
Rothwell James, clogger, 112 Market street
Rothwell Richard, shoe maker and clogger, 48 Market street
Rothwell Thomas, grocer & provision dealer, and beer retailer, 91 Chapel green
Royle Thomas, music and musical instrument dealer, 61 Ladies lane
Royle William, collector (Local Board), 61 Ladies lane
Ryan Michael J., pawnbroker, 89 Wigan road; shop, Manchester road, Ince
Scowcroft John & Co., Limited, colliery proprietors, Hindley Green. - Thos. Southworth, managing director
Seddon John, draper, 53 Castle Hill road
Sharples Francis Edwin, collector to the Local Board, 96 Castle Hill road
Sharrock Edwd., beer retailer, 93 Chapel grn.
Sharrock John, blacksmith, New road
Shuttleworth Joseph H., grocer, 33 Ladies la.
Shuttleworth Samuel, butcher, 60 Ladies lane
Simm John, Bird-i'th'-Hand, 1 Wigan road
Simm Joseph, shopkeeper, 48 Atherton road
Slingsby Charles S., chemist, 34 Bridge street
Smethurst Eliza, newsagent, Platt Bridge
Southern John, shopkeeper, 31 Corner lane, Hindley Green
Southworth James, hardware dealer, Platt Bridge
Southworth Margaret, shopkeeper, Post Office, 639 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Stephen Henry, Wheat Sheaf Inn, 242 Stony lane
Stephen James, beer retailer, 10 Ladies lane
Stephen Thomas, boot and shoe maker and clogger, 38 Market street
Stirrup Thos., beer retailer, 77 Castle Hill rd.
Stott James, grocer & draper, 88 Market st.
Stott William, painter, plumber and glazier, 23 Chapel green
Stott William, grocer, 3 Chapel green
Sumner John, coffin maker, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Tatley William, grocer, 16 Wigan road
Taylor Jas. Smith, schoolmaster (All Saints'), Derby terrace, 98 Castle Hill road
Taylor Peter, clogger and shoe maker, 14 Castle Hill road
Taylor Peter, shopkeeper, 205 Stony lane
Taylor William, Farm Yard Tavern, 51 Leigh road, Hindley Green
Tearle Jabez, insurance agent and vaccination officer, 49 Stony lane
Thornton Geo., wheelwright, 9 Chapel green
Thurgood William, tailor, 11 Market street
Tingle William, grocer, 3 Deansgate
Topping Wm., Bull Inn, 129 Castle Hill road
Twist William, Balmoral Hotel, Lord street - See advertisement
Tyrer John, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 44 Wigan road
Tyrer Thomas, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 119 Wigan road
Underwood James, shopkeeper, 71 Leigh road, Hindley Green
Unsworth William, brewer, Balmoral Brewery, Lord street
Waddington Jonathan, oil distiller (J. & W. Waddington), Hindley House, Atherton road
Walls Catherine, Derby Arms, Castle Hill rd.
Walls Charles, manager (Hindley Saw Mills), 53 Ladies lane
Walls Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 20 Chapel green
Walls Hannah, shopkeeper, 35 Castle Hill rd.
Walls Henry, surveyor (H. Walls & Son), Derby terrace, 88 Castle Hill road
Walls Henry & Son, land and building surveyors, colliery viewers, & c., 88 Castle Hill road
Walls Jas., collier contractor, 30 Stony lane
Walls James H., surveyor (H. Walls & Son), 88 Castle Hill road
Walls Thomas, Cross Keys Inn, 25 Bridge st.
Walls Thomas, unbrella maker and repairer, 21 Frederick street
Walls Valentine, shopkeeper, Leigh road, Hindley Green
Walls William, grocer, 67 Chapel green
Walls William & Thomas, builders & timber merchants, Market street
Walmesley William, coal proprietor, Grange Hall Colliery, Hindley; house, 98 Platt lane - See advertisement
Warburton Thos., shopkeeper, 43 Chapel grn.
Watkinson William, shopkeeper, Platt Bridge
West John, butcher, 30 Bridge street, and 59 Market street
Westhead Giles, beer retailer, 90 Market st.
Westhead Richard, grocer & provision dealer, 49 George street
Weston John, draper, 643 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Whalley James, butcher, Atherton road, Hindley Green
Whalley Rachel, Swan Inn, 731 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Whittam Thomas H., butcher, 14 Bridge st.
Whittle Mary, shopkeeper, 79 Castle Hill rd.
Whyte David, confectioner, 2 Castle Hill road
Widdows R. H., cotton spinner, Victoria Mill, Platt Bridge
Wigan Coal & Iron Co., Limited, coal proprietors, Ladies Lane and Dove Lane Collieries; offices, Kirkless Hall, Ince
Wilkinson Frederick, shopkeeper, 2 and 4 Atherton road
Williams Edward, provision dealer, 28 Bridge street; and 6 Hallgate, Wigan
Wilson J. P., surveyor (Local Board), 87 Wigan road
Winnard William, grocer and coal dealer, 28 Wigan road
Winrow Henry, beer retailer, 791 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Wolstenholme John, grocer & baker, 66 Walthew lane and Victoria road, Platt Bridge
Wood John, beer retailer, 803 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Wood Thomas, beer retailer, 31 Ladies lane
Wood Thomas, shopkeeper, 695 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Wood William, shopkeeper, 492 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Woodward William, clogger, 660 Atherton road, Hindley Green
Woodward William, shopkeeper, 89 Argyle street
Wright James & Thomas, ironfounders and engineers, Fir Tree House Foundry, Low Green

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