The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, H

Wigan, H

Hackney S. H., reporter, 8 Leader street
Haddock John, shopkeeper, 120 Scholefield lane
Hague David, boot and shoe makers, 16 Greenough street
Hague Ignatius, china and earthenware dealer, 119 Standishgate
Hague James, beer retailer, 37 Upper Morris street
Hague James, timber merchant, Standishgate; house, 117 Wigan lane
Hague John, shopkeeper, 15 Longshoot
Hague Joseph, New Inn, 78 Caroline street
Hague Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 168 Wallgate
Haigh Foundry Co., engineers, &c., Haigh Foundry and Brock Mill Forge, Wigan lane
Hains Rev. Philip Frost John Bird, 128 Standishgate
Hall Charles, butcher, 23 Hallgate, and 74 Market Hall
Hall Edward, schoolmaster (St. Thomas'), School House, Caroline street
Hall Rev. Henry, 9 Swinley lane
Hall James, Woolpack Inn, 34 Millgate; and screw and bolt maker, Orrell street, Warrington lane
Hall James, boot and shoemaker, 46 Frog lane
Hall John, baker & shopkeeper, 49 Wigan lane
Hall James, beamer, 45 Hodson street
Hall John Malkin, practical cutler and grinder (from Sheffield), dealer in all kinds of cutlery and tools, from the best makers, ironmongers, &c., 25 Millgate
Hall Kirkless, minder, 29 Great George st.
Hall Margaret, beer retailer, 44 Frog lane
Hall Mrs., 133 Standishgate
Hall Peter, mechanic, 69 Corporation st.
Hall Samuel, joiner, 191 Dorning street
Hall Thomas, commission agent, 31 Dicconson street
Hall William, butcher, 145 Scholes
Hallam Edward, blacksmith, 2 York Street east
Hallam Joseph, clogger, 1 Pitt street
Halligan Patrick, shopkeeper, 25 Hardybutts
Halliwell & Taylor, joiners and builders, Mill street, Clayton street
Halliwell Mrs. Elizabeth, 98 Standishgate
Halliwell Mrs. Ellen, 11 Scarisbrick street
Halliwell Emanuel Askew, tea dealer, 16 Douglas street
Halliwell Hugh, Crown Inn, 74 Platt lane
Halliwell James, householder, Greenough's gardens
Halliwell James, Uncle Tom's Cabin Inn, 14 Miry lane
Halliwell John, grocer, builder, and beer retailer, 59 Silver street
Halliwell John, joiner, 29 Greenough street
Halliwell Joseph, hardware dealer, 103 Scholes
Halliwell Joseph, bricklayer, 25 Hodson st.
Halliwell Joseph, Honeysuckle Inn, 75 Pool street
Halliwell Mary, draper, 98 Market Hall
Halliwell Mary, grocer, 34 Warrington lane
Halliwell M. E., shopkeeper, 43 Greenough street
Halliwell Richard, shopkeeper, 14 Regent street
Halliwell Richard, joiner & builder (Halliwell and Taylor), Douglas terrace, Pemberton
Halliwell Robert, registrar of births, deaths and marriages for Wigan district; agent to the Atlas Assurance Co.; and house and general agent, 22 Rodney street; residence, Stone House, Upper Dicconson street
Halliwell Roger, butcher, 50 Scholes; and grocer and provision dealer, 89 Scholes
Halliwell Roger, joiner, 51 Hodson street
Halliwell Thomas, beer retailer, 105 Chapel lane
Halliwell Thomas, dealer in fancy goods, 112 Market Hall, and 59 Wigan lane
Halliwell William, Ship Inn, 12 Millgate, and Railway Hotel, Dorning street
Halliwell William, beer retailer, 15 Harrogate street
Halliwell William, shopkeeper, 13 Taylor street
Hallows Thomas, tobacconist, 31 Hallgate
Hallson Hugh, shopkeeper, 4 Lower Morris street
Halsall James, blacksmith, Seven Stars Bridge, Wallgate
Halsall Richard, shopkeeper, 32 Chapel lane
Hampson Joseph, joiner and builder, 17 Greenough street
Hampson Thomas, bookkeeper, 51 Corporation street
Hampson Thomas, clogger, 9 Fowden street
Hand-in-hand Insurance Co., Millgate - Joseph Hill, agent
Hansford Thomas Henry, mechanic, 4 Miry lane
Harcourt James, ironmonger, 72 Wallgate
Hardacre Sarah, householder, 39 Great George street
Hardie Andrew, blacksmith, Clarence yard; house, Newtown, Pemberton
Hadman The Misses, Thornhill
Hardman Richard, grocer, 109 Chapel lane
Hardman William, shopkeeper, 1 Hardman street, Poolstock
Hargreaves John, watchmaker, 15a Market place; house, 70 Dicconson street
Harmer William, Guardian's Inn, 122 Frog lane
Harris Rev. William, 21 Clifton street
Harrison Edward, tripe dealer, 83 Wallgate and Fish Market
Harrison Mrs. Eleanor, 8 Great George st.
Harrison Emma, householder, 6 Manor st.
Harrison George, stone merchant (J. Harrison and Son), 14 Hardman street, Poolstock
Harrison George, Loan Offices, 56 Wallgate
Harrison James, coal merchant, Henhurst Bridge Coal Wharf, Chapel lane
Harrison James, painter and paperhanger, 7 Powell street
Harrison John, cowkeeper, 148 Chapel lane
Harrison John, carter, 4 York street
Harrison John, house agent and collector of income property tax, 11 Powell street
Harrison John & Son, flag and stone merchants, Canal Wharf, Wallgate
Harrison Martha, shopkeeper, 87 Standishgate
Harrison R., shoemaker, 25 Chapel lane
Harrison Robert, jun., pawnbroker, 16 Wigan lane
Harrison Wm., shopkeeper, 24 Scholefield lane
Harrison William, milk dealer, 32 Wellington street
Hart John, beer retailer, Hart's cottages, Wigan lane
Hart John, brassfounder, M'Ewen's yard, Millgate
Hart Leigh, warper, 55 Hodson street
Hart Richard, draper, 62 Scholes
Hart Thomas, wheelwright and smith, 218 Wallgate
Hart Thomas, draper, 11 Standishgate
Hart William, manager, 7 Turner street
Hart William, engine tenter, 12 Horsfield street
Hart William, clogger, 132 Great George street
Hartley James, overlooker, 31 York street
Hartley William T., grocer, 132 Wallgate; house, Mill street
Haselden John, general dealer, 47 Hallgate
Haselden Robert, shopkeeper and baker, 44 School lane
Haslam George, warehouseman, 95 Great George street
Hasler William Frederick, clerk, 3 Collin street
Hastings William, warehouseman, 17 Great George street
Hatch Job, clogger, 46 Scholes
Hatchett James, School Board officer, 56 Greenough street
Hatton Robert, joiner, 16 Great George street
Haughton William, shopkeeper, 163 Hardybutts
Hawkins John G., engineer and manager, Gas Works; house, 5 Wrightington st.
Hayes Thomas, confectioner, fruiterer, fishmonger, poulterer, &c., 58 and 60 Standishgate, and Fish Market
Hazelden William, butcher, 136 Wallgate, and Clarington Brook
Heald Thomas, solicitor, clerk of the peace, and commissioner to adminster oaths, perpetual Commissioner, agent for the County Fire, the Rock, and the Eagle Life Offices, 3 Market street; residence, Greenfield house, Billinge
Healey Michael, shoemaker, 45 Scholes
Healy Walter, pattern maker, 83 Corporation street
Healy George J., accountant, trustee in bankruptcy, rent and debt collector, estate, insurance, and general commission agent, 11 King street; Bolton offices, 80 Town Hall square - See advertisement
Heap William, groom, 4 Acton's walk
Heaps William Henry, coffin maker, 89 Standishgate
Heastam James, shopkeeper, 82 Standishgate
Heaton Edward Henry, cashier, 12 Scarisbrick street
Heaton George, architect, civil engineer, surveyor to Abram and Aspull, and engineer to the Orrell & Pemberton Local Boards, 14 King street; house, Earl st., Wigan lane
Heaton James, clogger, 89 Queen street
Heaton John, pavior, 23 York street
Heaton John, shopkeeper, 49 Birkett Bank
Heaton John, shopkeeper, 54 Wigan lane
Heaton Reuben, grocer, 124 Wallgate
Heaton Simon P., shopkeeper, 46 Wigan lane
Heaton Thomas, Roebuck Inn, 41 Standishgate
Heaton Wm., accountant, 129 Wigan lane
Heaton William, clerk, 23 Scarisbrick st.
Heeney Jane, shopkeeper, 47 Miry lane
Henderson David, travelling draper, 77 Dicconson street
Henderson John, travelling draper, 19 Queen street
Henry James, greengrocer, 3 Queen street
Henshaw Joseph, china and earthenware dealer, 75 Scholes; and New Springs, Aspull
Hesketh James, shopkeeper, 177 Hardybutts
Hesketh James, wheelwright and smith, 156 Wallgate; house, 15 Clayton street
Hesketh John, corn factor, canal wharf, Wallgate; house, 101 Dicconson street
Hesketh John, carter, 71 Caroline street
Hesketh Robert, shopkeeper, 15 Clayton street
Hesketh Thomas, shopkeeper, 87 Scholefield lane
Hewlett Alfred, managing director for the Wigan Coal and Iron Co. Limited, 7 Victoria Buildings, King street
Heyes Enoch, wholesale grocer, 105 and 152 Wallgate
Heyes George, boot and shoemaker, 73 Scholes
Heyes Henry, hay and straw dealer, Silver street, and 21 Hardybutts
Heyes Hugh, moulder, 36 York street
Heyes Robert, dairyman, 18 Hardybutts
Heyes Vincent, contractor, 32 Corporation street
Heyes William, blacksmith, 6 Turner st.
Heyes William, hardware dealer, Miry lane, and 1 James street
Heyes William, Griffin Inn, 78 Standishgate
Heywood John, grocer, 45 Wallgate
Hickson Arthur, tea dealer, 6 Corporation street
Hickson Thomas, bookkeeper, 85 Woodhouse lane
Higgin, Lloyd & Co., manufacturing chemists, Standish Lower Ground - Richard Ramsey Dinnis, manager
Higham Geoffrey, King's Arms Inn, 88 Scholes - See advertisement
Higham Henry, baker, 64 Warrington lane
Higham James, butcher, 92a Scholefield lane
Higham James & Sons, painters, plumbers, and paperhangers, 83 Greenough street
Higham James, jun., plumber (James Higham & Sons), 87 Greenough street
Higham James King, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 80 Standishgate
Higham John, Balcarres' Arms, 172 Scholes
Higham John, grocer, 80 Poolstock lane
Higham Richard, draper, 228 Scholes
Higham Richard, painter, &c. (James Higham & Sons), 85 Greenough street
Higham Richard, engine tenter, 112 Great George street
Higham Thomas, furniture broker, 47 Millgate
Highfield William, 88 Miry lane
Highton Catherine, shopkeeper, 36 Wellington street
Highton Llewellyn, whitesmith, Clarence yard, Standishgate
Highton John, blacksmith, 126 Frog lane
Highton John, grocer, 89 Worsley Mesnes
Higson Joseph, shopkeeper, 59 Great George street
Higson Paul, shopkeeper, 106 Standishgate
Hill and Cordeaux, butchers, 29 and 54 Standishgate
Hill & Green, butchers, 37 Market place
Hill & Scholefield, auctioneers and valuers, Millgate
Hill Henry, compositer, 14 Marsden place
Hill James, shopkeeper, 71 Hallgate
Hill Joseph, butcher (Hill & Cordeaux), 1 Standishgate place and Coppull
Hill John, shopkeeper, 153 Scholes
Hill Joseph, shoemaker, 25 Poolstock lane
Hill Joseph, labourer, 1 Caroline street
Hill Joseph, auctioneer, &c. (Hill & Scholefield), 55 Upper Dicconson street
Hill Louisa, registry office for servants, 14 Marsden street
Hill Sarah, stationer, newsagent, &c., Post Office, 62 Scholes
Hill Thomas, grocer, 25 Darlington street
Hill William, butcher, 108 Scholes
Hilton & Clarke, coal proprietors, Alliance Colliery, School common
Hilton & Leyland, estate agents, 1 Powell street
Hilton James, grocer, &c., 5 Upper Morris street
Hilton James, tinplate worker & toy dealer, 68 Scholes
Hilton John, marine store dealer, 11 Wiend
Hilton John, tobacconist, Quadrant, King street; house, 39 Foy street
Hilton John, clogger, School lane; house, 9 Green street
Hilton Joseph, relieving officer & collector, 29 Darlington street
Hilton Ralph, house and insurance agent, 3 Church street
Hilton Richard, shopkeeper, 110 Standishgate
Hilton Richard, joiner, 38 Harrogate street
Hilton Robert, brewer, Clayton st.; house, 20 Dicconson street
Hilton Robert, Buck i'th' Vine, 38 Clayton street
Hilton Thomas, cotton spinner, 144 Wigan lane; mill, Pemberton
Hilton Thomas, butcher, 51 Wigan lane
Hilton William, draper, Birkett Bank, and Market Hall
Hilton William, coal proprietor (Hilton and Clark), Stretford road, Manchester
Hindle & Taylor, grocers and provision dealers, 54 Pool street
Hindle Thomas E., sewing machine dealer, 34 Market Hall; house, 12 Marsden st.
Hinde Edwin, grocer, 25 Greenough street, and Wellington street
Hinds Andrew, tinplate worker, 66 Queen st.
Histon Abraham, boot and shoemaker, 13 Birkett Bank
Hitching Mrs. M., schoolmistress, 11 Marie-bonne
Hodgeon James, cartowner, 38 Gt. George st.
Hodgkinson George, boat builder, 250 Wallgate
Hodgkinson George & Sons, mining surveyors, 27 King street
Hodgkinson John, grocer, 100 Chapel lane
Hodgkinson Mary, confectioner, 88 Wallgate
Hodgkinson Wm., family grocer, 82 Scholes
Hodkinson Christopher, spade maker, 150 Hardybutts
Hodkinson James, draper (Jas. Hodkinson and Co.), 26 Scarisbrick street
Hodkinson James & Co., drapers, 90 & 92 Scholes
Hodkinson John, draper, 148 & 150 Wallgate; house, 67 Mesnes street
Hodkinson Richard, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 23 Rodney street, and 99 Millgate
Hodkinson Robert, tobacconist and newsagent, 86 Wallgate; house, 47 Poolstock lane
Hodkinson William, furniture remover, iron broker & master carter, Millgate; house, Harrogate street
Hodson James, blacksmith, 15 Woodhouse lane
Hogg James, tobacconist, 40 Wigan lane
Holcroft George, butcher, 77 Wigan lane
Holcroft Henry, clogger, 144 Wallgate
Holcroft Henry, butcher, 9 Market street
Holcroft Michael, blacksmith, 42 Pool st.
Holcroft Thomas, tailor and draper, 144 Wallgate
Holcroft Thomas, Market Hotel, 26 Mesnes street
Holden Oliver, shopkeeper, 15 Greenough street
Holderness John Thomas, dyer & cleaner, 42a Standishgate - See advertisement
Holding Wm., cabinet maker, 15 Millgate
Holgate Matthew, policeman, 1 Bridge end
Holker Thomas, manager, 58 Warrington lane
Holland Elizabeth, householder, 36 Charles street
Holland Harriet, shopkeeper, 90 Frog lane
Holland Henry, Bankes's Arms, 81 Wallgate
Holland James, bricksetter, 9 Scarisbrick street
Holland Joseph, prudential agent, 55 Corporation street
Holland Mary, confectioner, 6 Darlington street
Holme & King, railway contractors, 2 Queen street
Holmes & Johnson, chartered accountants, 1 & 2 Victoria buildings, King street
Holmes Charles Butler, joiner and builder, Cross street; house, 24 Dicconson street
Holmes G. S., accountant (Holmes & Johnson), Harvey House, Gathurst
Holmes Jas., traffic manager for the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Co., Canal Wharf; house, 190 Wallgate
Holt Joshua & Son, ironmongers, &c., 25 Market place
Holt Thomas, printer, 7 Scholes
Holt Wm., borough treasurer, 152 Chapel lane
Hooton John, hardware dealer, 85 Wigan lane
Hope Thomas Hoyle, solicitor (Part, Woodcock, & Co.), The Laburnums, Atherton, near Manchester
Hopkirk George, gardener, 19 New Market street
Hopwood John Swaine, solicitor, Hopwood Chambers, 17 King street; residence, 15 King street
Hopwood R. F., cotton spinner (W. & R. F. Hopwood), 15 King street
Hornby James, Fox and Goose Inn, 37 Wigan lane
Hornby James, Windmill Inn, 138 Scholes
Hornby James, Dog-'ith'-Thatch Inn, 96 Standishgate
Horne Henry, overlooker, 1 Tipping street
Hornsby Thomas, draper, 6 Market place
Horridge John, householder, 8 Leader st.
Horrocks Joseph, shopkeeper, 10 Catherine street
Horrocks Robert, clogger, 76 Poolstock lane
Horrocks Robert, clogger, 30 Silver street
Horrocks Thomas, smallware dealer, 36 Greenough street
Hothersall John, chemist and druggist, 25 Standishgate; house, 93 Dicconson street
Houghton Charles, householder, Woodhouse lane
Houghton James, shopkeeper, 72 Hallgate
Houghton James, engine tenter, 87 Corporation street
Houghton Joseph, watchman, 41 Birkett Bank
Houghton Robert, joiner, 10 Horsfield st.
Houghton Thomas, blacksmith, 48 Pool st.
Houlton William, bricklayer, 102 Darlington Street east
Housley Robert, lamp lighter, 50 Pool st.
Howard Charles, boat builder, 140 Great George street
Howard Edward, boot and shoe maker, 94 Wallgate
Howard James, bricksetter, 14 Vaughan st.
Howard John, beer retailer, 43 School lane
Howard Joseph, builder, Vaughan street; house, 47 Greenough street
Howard Joseph, jun., bricksetter, 45 Greenough street
Howarth & Scadding, mantle makers, 112 Wallgate
Howarth Edward, sizer, 34 Taylor street
Howarth Henry, general dealer, 93 Corporation street, Poolstock
Howarth James, insurance agent, 20 Scarisbrick street
Howarth Matthew, joiner, 6 Great George st.
Howarth Moses, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 105 Scholefield lane
Howarth William, overlooker, 15 Taylor st.
Howarth William, cooper, 2 Alker street, Wallgate
Howe John, grocer, &c., 23 Market place; house, 7 Park view, The Mesnes
Howe Samuel, tailor, 59 Hardybutts
Hubbert Zachariah, draper, hosier, &c., 48 Market place; house, Springfield terrace, 157 Wigan lane - See advertisement
Hudson General, engine tenter, 180 Frog lane
Huet Frank A. & B. L. Harding, dentists, (Fridays 10 to 5), 56 Market place
Hughes John, shopkeeper, 94a Scholefield lane
Hughes Thomas, iron moulder, 35 New Market street
Hughes William, dealer in wines & spirits, 6 Wiend
Hughes William, colliery underlooker, 76 Darlington Street east
Hulme Henry, china, &c., dealer, 46 Darlington street, and 86 Market Hall
Hunt Margaret, shopkeeper, 105 Standishgate
Hunter Henry, cowkeeper, 18 Wigan lane
Hunter John, shopkeeper, 116 Scholes
Hunter Margaret, shopkeeper, 12 Lime st.
Hurst Edward, tailor and woollen draper, 41 Market place; house 41 New Market street
Hurst Henry, shopkeeper, 124 Chapel lane
Hurst James, grocer, &c., 70 Wallgate; house, 10 Scarisbrick street
Hurst John, cashier, 39 Greenough street
Hurst John, miner, 22 Lorne street
Hurst Thomas, shopkeeper, 123 Great George street
Hurst William, groom, 18 Regent street
Hurst William, painter, 3 Turner street
Hutchinson Samuel, Cherry Gardens Inn, Wigan lane
Hutchinson James, provision merchant, 8 Mesnes street; house, 8 Standishgate place

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