The Wigan Directory of 1881, Golborne

Golborne is a rural parish and township, containing a considerable village five miles south of Wigan on the London and North-Western Railway. It contains a church dedicated to St. Thomas, the living of which is in the gift of the Earl of Derby. The vicar is the Rev. C. T. Quirk. There are chapels for Independent Methodists, Primitive and Wesleyan Methodists, and Roman Catholics, and a meeting-room for Christians, who decline to be called by any other name. There are several cotton mills and also an extensive works for the manufacturer of paperhangings which employ a great number of hands. Population in 1861, 2776; and in 1871, 3688; acreage, 1634.

    Post Office. - Richard L. Pennington, postmaster. Letters from all parts arrive (from Newton-le-Willows) at 6.30 a.m. and 4 p.m., and are despatched at 5.55 p.m. Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank.

    St. Thomas's Church. - Rev. C. T. Quirk, M.A., vicar; Rev. William Thorpe, B.D., curate
    Independent Chapel. - Rev. David Young
    Primitive, Wesleyan, and Independent Chapels
    British School, High Street. - Ralph Douglas, master
    Roman Catholic Chapel, 5 Church st. - Rev. Richard Baynes, priest
    Golborne Mill School, High street. - Alfred Smith, master
    National School. - Richard Y. Woollacott, master; Ellen Roberts, mistress; Hannah Crowther, infants' mistress
    Parkside Mill School. - Alfred Smith, master
    Roman Catholic School, Worlsey street. - Margaret Healey, mistress

    Gaslight Co., Limited. - John Fearns, manager
    County Constabulary Station, Queen st.
    Mechanics' Institute, Heath street
    Railway Station. - Jas. Lawton, stationmaster
    Carrier to Wigan. - Samuel Barton, Monday
    Working Men's Conservative Club, 38 Bridge street. - W. J. Legh, Esq., M.P., patron; John Brewis, Esq., president; John Lowe, treasurer; Isaac Taylor, secretary


Arnott Mr. William Henry, Laurel House, Lowton
Baynes Rev. Richard, 5 Church street
Brewis Mr. John, The Heights
Caunce Mrs. Mary, Park House
Davies John, Esq., The Highfield
Dobbs James, Esq., 3 Railway view
Fairhurst Mr. Thurston, Park view
Fearne Mr. John, Rose Cottage
Fearns Mr. Richard, Railway view
Howard Mr. Joseph, Park view
Hulme Mrs. Jane, Park view
Low John, Esq., Sunny Bank
Lyon Miss, Holly Bank
Mapei Luigi Vincengo, Esq., East Bank
Mitchell William, Esq., Brook Villa
Moon Miss, Golborne Dale Cottage
Moore Rev. Wm., Fernley House, Park view
Mitchell Thomas, Esq., Brookfield House, Legh street
Pearson John, Esq., J.P., Golborne Park
Quirk Rev. Chas. T., M.A., vicar, The Rectory
Thorpe Rev. William, B.D., High street
Travers Mrs. Mary, Bank Cottage, 60 High st.
Unsworth Mr. John, Highfield House
Woolacott Mr. Richard, 42 Bridge street
Worsley Henry, Esq., Park Cottage


Birchall Margaret, 16 Railway view
Boardman Peter, Heath street
Bridge John, 73 Church street
Caunce John, 16 Bridge street
Cunliffe Nancy, 42 Church street
Duddle Thomas, 38 High street
Edwards Thomas, 67 High street
Houlton Peter, Mill street
Molyneux William, 19 Church street
Taylor Edward, Lowton road
White Peter, 1 Wood street


Bent John, 11 Ashton road
Nuttall Thomas & Son (and manufacturers of iron hurdles), Heath street


Ashton Thomas, High street
Collier James, 5 Heath street
Williamson Joseph, 101 High street


Bennett Thomas, 22 Heath street
Houghton Thomas, 9 Leigh street
Johnson Robert, 75 High street
Platt James, 49 Church street
Roberts William, High street
Siddall George, 23 Heath street


Atkinson Susannah, 42 High street
Bennett Thomas, 8 Heath street
Domakin Thomas, 76 High street
Hibbert George, 91 High street
Openshaw Robert, 36 Legh street
Rostron John, 112 Church street
Struthers John, 88 Bridge street


Kidd John Wesley, 51 and 53 High street
Pennington Richard Legh, 66 High street


Mather William, Heath street
Seddon Horatio, 70 High street
Unsworth George, Railway view
Wakefield John (and ironmonger and general house furnisher), 72 High street


Hallam Daniel, 66 Church street
Horrocks John, 3 Wood street
Hunt Thomas, 17 Heath street
Lowe Thomas, Pierpoint's yard
Lowe William, High street
Roberts William, High street


Cross, Tetley & Co., Limited, Railway yard
Evans Richard & Co., Golborne, and Edge Green. - Benjamin B. Glover, agent


Brewis S. & Co. (and manufacturers), Parkside Mill
Davies John (and manufacturer), Upper Mill
Howard & Co., Bank Heath Mill


Chatburn Joseph, 95 High street
Cook John, 56 Bridge street
Dean Nancy, Heath street
Jackson Albert (and clothier), 1 & 3 Heath st.
Leigh Friendly Co-operative Society, Heath st.
Lowe John & Son (and hatters and general outfitters), Legh street and Heath street
Lowe Thomas, 74 High street
Openshaw John, 71 High street
Turton Thomas, 25 and 27 High street
Unsworth James, 64 High street
Wakefield John, 11 Legh street


Wakefield John (and ironmonger), 72 High st.
Winnard William, Heath street


Barton Samuel, Heath street
Lowe Ann, 77 High street
Lowe John, Legh street
Turton Jonathan, Turton street


Barton Samuel, 25 Heath street
Caldwell Susannah (and baker), Heath street
Caldwell William, 2 Bank street
Glover James, 71 Church street
Honderwood Robert, 13 Legh street
Leigh Friendly Co-operative Society, 26 Heath street
Peet William, 78 High street
Ratcliffe L. & A., High street
Unsworth George, jun., Railway view
Unsworth John, 58 High street
Wakefield Thomas, 68 High street
Wallace Elizabeth, High street
Winnard William, 49 High street


Angel, Richard Speakman, Ashton road
Brickmakers' Arms, John Bate, 39 Bank st.
Legh Arms, William Walmsley, Legh street
Manor Arms Hotel, George Bradley, 40 Church street
New Inn, Mary Royle, 62 High street
Queen Anne, Thomas Hurst, 14 Bridge street
Red Lion, James Atherton, 73 Church street
Victoria, Henry Foster, 29 High street


Wakefield John, 72 High street
Winnard William, Heath street


Battersby Sarah, 94 Bridge street
Chatburn Joseph, 95 High street
Gregory Mrs., Legh street
Walker Mrs., High street


Mitchell, Arnott & Co., Brookside Mill


Rigby William Henry, 15 & 17 Church street
Rostron Joseph, 93 High street


Barker James, Lowton road
Barton Samuel, 25 Heath street
Bent Mary Ann, 7 Ashton road
Budworth James, 28 Heath street
Burton William, 10 Heath street
Caldwell Ann, High street
Caldwell Susannah, 4 Heath street
Caldwell William, 2 Bank street
Collier William, 58 Church street
Collier Mrs., Wigan road
Crouchley Edward, 31 and 33 High street
Crouchley John, 7 Legh street
Davies James, 31 Heath street
Dean James, 16 Heath street
Forster James, 56 and 58 High street
Forster James, 47 High street
Glover James, Edge Green
Halsall James, 96 Bridge street
Hatton James, 36 Legh street
Holden Joseph, 5 Wood street
Hurst William, Bridge street
Layburn Nathan, 54 Heath street
Lowe Ann, 77 High street
Lowe John, 79 Legh street
Mather Charles, 89 High street
Mather William 20 Heath street
Mort Jesse, 32 Legh street
Naylor Christopher, 1 Legh street
Ogden Samuel, 78 Bridge street
Prescott Annie, 38 Church street
Prescott Elizabeth, 10 Church street
Ridyard Alice, 1 Wigan road
Ridyard Martha, 5 Heath street
Silcock Elizabeth, 45 Legh street
Waddington Joseph, 36 Bridge street
Wakefield Joseph, 33 Grundy street


Dobb James, M.D., 3 Railway view
Mapei Luigi Vincengo, L.R.C.P.E., L.F.P.S. Glasgow; and L.M. England and Glasgow, East Bank
Worsley Henry, Park Cottage, Park view


Ashcroft John, Church street
Ashcroft Peter, High street
Wakefield John, High street


Jackson Albert, 1 & 3 Heath street
Lowe John & Son (and drapers, hatters, and general outfitters), Legh street and Heath street
Openshaw John, 71 High street
Turton Thomas, High street


Winnard William, 2 Lowton road


Pimblett Thomas, Lowton road
Pimblett William, Lowton road


Bell Thomas, railway manager, 9 Ashton rd.
Beardsworth John Charles, hairdresser, 99 High street
Bemrie Charles S., surveyors of highways, Railway view
Blackmore Stephen, pipe maker, 54 Church st.
Freeman Thomas, fishmonger, 103 High street
Garton William & David, brickmakers, Bank Heath
Kay William, clerk, Worsley street
Lawton James, station master, Church terrace
Lowe John, mill manager, Sunnybank House
Lythgoe Joseph, agent for the Prudential Insurance Co., Heath street
Pennington Ralph, pit sinker, Turton street
Wakefield James, joiner & builder, Railway View Farm
Williamson Joseph, stationer and tobacconist, 101 High street
Winstanley Mary, watchmaker, Heath street
Yates Roger, colliery manager, 1 Railway view


Abbott Mrs., Buggins' Farm
Ball Hiram, Edge Green
Bate John, Bridge street
Bent Thomas, Lowton road
Birchall Alice, Bank Heath
Boydell John, Dove House
Budworth James, East street
Cowburn John, jun., Lowton road
Cowen John, Helen's nook
Dunn James, Windy Bank lane
Eckersley Ellis, Bank Heath
Fearns Thomas, Ashton road
Garton David, Helen's nook
Garton Peter, Dean Dam Farm
Glover Adam, Windy Bank lane
Hart John, Yew tree
Hayes Amelia, Wigan road
Hill Joseph, Back lane
Hurst Thomas, Golborne
Jenkins John, Lowton road
Jenkinson Thomas, Golborne
Last Edward, Legh street
Latham Thomas, Ashton road
Livesley Richard, jun., Lightshaw Hall
Lowe John, Ashton road
Mather John, Peter street
Monks Richard, Windy Bank Lane
Pierpoint Thomas, Bridge street
Pimblett Isaac, Edge Green
Pimblett William, Lowton road
Reeves William, Windy Bank lane
Simpson Mrs. John, Lowton road
Taylor Isaac, Railway view
Taylor James, Bridge street
Twiss Mrs. Thomas, Golborne
Unsworth Mrs. Henry, Ashton road
Wakefield James, Railway view
Widdows Thomas, Ashton road
Wilkinson George, Back lane
Wiswell Mrs. Abel, Lowton road

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