The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, G

Wigan, G

Gabbott William, shopkeeper, 104 Scholes
Gallagher Susannah, clothes dealer, 59 Scholes
Gallop Ann, householder, 8 Miry lane
Garner George Henry, butcher, 31 Whelley and 14 Market Hall
Garnett David, tailor, 4 Swinley lane
Garner Sarah, householder, 34 Vaughan street
Garner Thomas, pattern maker, 36 Woodhouse lane
Gas Works, Chapel lane - John G. Hawkins, manager
Gaskell Alice, beer retailer, 102 Gidlow lane
Gaskell James, engine tenter, 19 York street
Gaskell John, fitter, 62 Wosley Mesnes
Gaskell John, grocers' assistant, 148 Hardybutts
Gaskell John, butcher, 58 Pool street
Gaskell Joseph, carter, 2 Acton's walk
Gaskell William, plumber and painter, 51 Millgate; residence, 33 Ash street, Southport
Gaskell William, bookkeeper, Fisher's yard, Wallgate
Gee Mrs. Ann, 27 Harrogate street
Gee Henry L., joiner and builder, Powell's yard, Millgate; house 63 Mesnes street
Gee James, grocer, 19 Harrogate street
Gee James, joiner and confectioner, 67a Mesnes street
Gee John, baker, grocer, and provision dealer, 239 and 241 Scholes, and 155 Woodhouse lane
Gee John, clothier, 38 Market Hall
Gee Oliver, auctioner and insurance agent, 4 Mesnes street
Gee William, shopkeeper, 9 Pottery
Gee Wm. Thomas, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 9 Market place, and 16 and 18 Rodney street; house, 49 Millgate
Gee Wright, manager of Manchester and County Bank Limited, King street; residence 10 Derby road, Southport
Gellatley Henry C., photographer, 17 Scarisbrick street
General Life and Fire Insurance Co., 4 Victoria Chambers, King st. - Richards and Hall, agents
German Elizabeth, butcher, 257 Scholes
Gerrard Ascroft, grocer, 78 Poolstock lane
Gerrard Henry, Mount Pleasant Inn, 74 Scholefield lane
Gerrard James, grocer, & provision dealer, 109 Wallgate, and 124 Standishgate
Gibson Adam, travelling draper, 6 Queen street
Gibson Alexander, travelling draper, 21 Queen street
Gibson Alfred, china &c. dealer, 88 & 89 Market Hall
Gibson David, travelling draper, 20 Caroline street
Gibson Henry, surveyor, 126 Whelley
Gibson James, engine tenter, 77 Corporation street
Gibson John, shopkeeper, 114 Chapel lane
Gibson John, bookkeeper, 53 Woodhouse lane
Gibson John, plate layer, 1 Acton's walk
Gibson Thomas, beer retailer, 182 Scholes
Gibson William, shopkeeper, 10 Cross st.
Gill Joseph H., farmer, Beech hill, Woodhouse lane
Gilmour John, draper, 105a Chapel lane
Gledhill Thomas Luty, tailor and draper, 9 Standishgate
Glencross Elias, dyer, 11 Hope street
Glencross John J. D., chartered accountant and insurance agent, 26 King street; house, 5 St. Goerge's terrace, Standishgate
Glover Charles, bookkeeper, 39 Hodson street
Glover Henry, potato dealer, Commercial yard; house, 55 Mesnes street
Glover William, general dealer, 18 Lord street, and 82 Wigan lane
Good William, shopkeeper, 59 Caroline st.
Gore John, farmer, Worsley Hall Farm
Gore John, King of Prussia Inn, 28 Hallgate
Gore Thomas, cowkeeper, 148 Poolstock lane
Gorman William, detective, Rodney street
Gorrell William Henry, traveller, 1 Vaughan street
Gradwell Rev. Joseph, 13 Powell street
Graham Charles, manager, Wigan Loan and Discount Office, Quadrant, 50 King street; house, 9 Springfield street
Graham Thomas, fruiterer, 69 Whelley, and Market Hall
Grammar School, The Mesnes; Rev. Arthur Evans, M.A., head master
Grant John, marine store dealer, 40 Queen street
Gray Samuel, shopkeeper, 96 Woodhouse lane
Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Co., The Quadrant, King street; Robert Ashton, agent
Green & Langford, drapers, 13 Standishgate
Green Ann, Old Dog Inn, Market place
Green Edward, carrier by canal to Manchester; Canal Wharf, Wallgate; Edward R. Crippin, agent
Green James, butcher, 60 Darlington street, and 22 and 70 Market Hall
Green John, shopkeeper, 53 Scholes
Green John, beer retailer, 180 Wallgate
Green John Pendlebury, engineer, 13 Rodney street
Green Richard, broker, 125 Scholes
Green Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 6 Caroline street
Green Roger, clerk-in-charge, Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Station, Wallgate
Green Thomas, iron dresser, 15 Darlington street
Green Thomas, shopkeeper, 18 Scholes
Green Thomas, Cross Keys Inn, Market place
Green Thomas, Bowling Green Inn, 106 Wigan lane
Green William, Wigan Arms, 83 Hardybutts
Greene Mrs. T., Southworth House, Wigan lane
Greenalgh Adam, painter, 74 Warrington lane
Greenalgh Benjamin, upholsterer, 25 Queen street
Greenhalgh Mary, householder, 17 Church street
Greenhough Mrs. Frances M., 5 New Market street
Greenlees John, forgeman, 19 Charles street
Greenwood James, manager, (Wigan Spinning Company Limited), 13 Dobbs fold, Wallgate
Greenwood Richard, shopkeeper, 14 Lower Morris street
Gregory John, shopkeeper, 34 Kirkless st.
Gregory William, shopkeeper, 74 Clayton street
Gregory Yates, shopkeeper, 15 Lower Morris street
Gregson Marcus, beer retailer, 88 Wigan lane
Gregson Robert, copperas manufacturer, 25 Wiend; works, Aspull
Gregson William, plumber and painter, 25 Wiend
Gribbin William, provision dealer, 127 Scholes; and marine store dealer, 35 Wellington street
Grierson Matthew, travelling draper, 3 Douglas street
Griffin & Smith, drapers, 76 Wallgate
Griffiths Henry, cashier, 10 Swinley lane
Griffiths Thomas, agent to the Prudential Assurance Co., 20 Greenough street
Grime William, pianoforte and music seller, Arcade, King street and Market street
Grimshaw Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Wigan lane
Grindley Thomas, shopkeeper, 58 Clayton street
Grounds Johnson, watchmaker, 13 Standishgate
Grundy James, station master L. & Y. station, Wallgate
Grundy James, shopkeeper, 68 Woodhouse lane
Grundy William, grocers' assistant, 63 Corporation street
Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Company - Oswald J. Pilling, Rodney street; and James Wilson, 23 King street, agents
Gummerson Edward, grocer, 52 Woodhouse lane
Guthrie Patrick, tailor, 26 Princess street
Guy William, manager for Henry Robinson and Co., brewers, King street; house, 6 Collin street

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