The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, F

Wigan, F

Fagan Rev. Joseph, 67 Hardybutts
Fairbrother Mrs. Sarah, 8 New Lodge, Wigan lane
Fairbrother William, shopkeeper, 95 Queen street
Fairclough Mrs. Alice, 9 Park view, The Mesnes
Fairclough Alice, milliner, 11 Rodney st.
Fairclough Benjamin, grocer and beer retailer, Hardybutts
Fairclough Mr. James, 152 Wigan lane
Fairclough James, shopkeeper, 31 Vauxhall road
Fairclough James, fitter, 21 Darlington st.
Fairclough Thomas, hardware dealer, 51 Caroline street
Fairclough William, farmer, Aaron Platt's Farm, Whelley
Fairhurst Mrs. Elizabeth, 66 Dicconson st.
Fairhurst Jas., Big Lamp Inn, 9 Wallgate
Fairhurst James, brewer, Warrington lane; house, 148 Wigan lane
Fairhurst James, clerk, 107 Poolstock lane
Fairhurst James, Fleece Inn, 32 Market place
Fairhurst James Thomas, Black Lion, 40 Spring gardens
Fairhurst John, Brewers' Arms, 61 Chapel lane
Fairhurst Rev. John, 7 Church grove, Hardybutts
Fairhurst John, Weavers' Arms Inn, 69 Scholes
Fairhurst John, shopkeeper, 39 Spring gardens
Fairhurst John, grocer, baker, and flour dealer, 40 Wallgate
Fairhurst John, colliery underlooker, 96 Darlington Street east
Fairhurst John, beer retailer, 125 Wallgate
Fairhurst Richard, shopkeeper, 62 Bolton street
Fairhurst Thurstan, Dog and Partridge, 30 Wallgate
Fallows William, traveller, 41 Hosdon street
Farmes Mrs. Ellen, 26 Dicconson street
Farmes Esther, Clock Face, 47 Scholes
Farmes Mary Ann, Dicconson Arms Inn, 1 Dicconson street
Farnell Charles Anson, schoolmaster, 10 Clifton street
Farr Henry & Son, carriage builders, both Market places; six prize medals awarded at the leading agricultural shows in the country
Farr James, coach builder, 22 Scarisbrick st.
Farrell Margaret, smallware dealer, 79 Wallgate
Farrington James, hardware dealer and clogger, 18 Darlington street
Farrington John Robert, clogger, 47 Hardybutts
Farrington William, shoemaker, 87 Wigan lane
Farron Peter, tobacconist, 21 Scholes
Fazakerley Henry, shopkeeper, 123 Great George street
Fazakerley William, Waggon and Horses Inn, Millgate
Fenton James, draper, 22 Darlington street
Fenton William, draper and milliner, 44 Darlington street
Fenwick Joseph, labourer, 130 Great George street
Ferguson William, family grocer, tea dealer, bread baker, and provision importer, 101 and 126 Wallgate, 36 Wigan lane, 163 Scholes, 6 Warrington road, Newtown, Pemberton, and 21 Market street, Hindley; house, 36 Wigan lane
Ferny Jane, householder, 72 Warrington lane
Fernihough Charles B., bank manager (Manchester & Liverpool District Bank), 49 Alexandra road, Southport
ffarington Richard Atherton, Esq., J.P., Mariebonne
Field M. E., chemist and druggist, 28 Scholes
Finch Elizabeth, rope maker, 81 Chapel lane
Finch Henry, rope and twine maker, 75 Darlington street
Finch Thomas, self-acter minder, 105 Darlington street
Finney Robert Alfred, shopkeeper, 216 Woodhouse lane
Fire Engine Station, Police Office, King st.
Fisher Henry, shopkeeper, 32 John street
Firth Joseph, hairdresser, 151 Scholes
Fisher Henry, shopkeeper, 25 Leader street
Fisher James, joiner and builder, 18 Silver street
Fisher John, agent, 7 Rodney street
Fisher Moses, Board of Health clerk, New Lodge, Wigan lane
Fishwick Henry, butcher, Market Hall; house, 6 Harrogate street
Fishwick John, clogger, 51 York street
Fishwick Samuel, butcher, 72 Market Hall
Fishwick William, butcher, 32 Lower Morris street
Fitzpatrick James, newsagent, 53 Lime street
Flannagan John, excise officer, 33 Charles street
Fleming Henry, clothier, 120 Wallgate
Fleming Robert, surveyor, 17 King street
Fleming Mrs. Sarah, 51 Upper Dicconson street
Fletcher Emma, householder, 129 Great George street
Fletcher Samuel, confectioner, 92 Wigan lane
Fletcher William, shopkeeper, 84 Wigan lane
Flitcroft Peter, cotton spinner, Bridge Hey Mill; residence, Lostock house, Farington
Foden John, butcher, 8 Darlington street
Fogg James, boot and shoemaker, 74 Wallgate
Fogg Jane, Clarence Hotel, 50 Wallgate
Fogg Robert, chemist, 25 Wigan lane
Folkard Henry, librarian (Free Library), Thornhill
Ford Thomas, coach painter, 4 Kent street
Foreman Mrs. Elizabeth, 108 Standishgate
Forshaw Jane, shopkeeper, 73 Wigan lane
Forster Sarah, householder, 30 Greenough street
Fort John, tobacconist and tea dealer, 49 Wallgate
Foster Henry, shopkeeper, 108 Frog lane
Foster James, overlooker, 56 York street
Foster John, provision dealer, 19 Hallgate
Foster Peter, ironmonger, 122 Chapel lane
Foster Richard, shopkeeper, 103 Darlington Street east
Foster Thomas, shopkeeper, 2a Green st.
Foster Thomas, householder, 11 Clifton st.
Foster William, greengrocer, 59 Market Hall
Fowler Ann, shopkeeper, 118 Standishgate
Fox Edward, milk dealer, 28 Hardybutts
Foy & Co., iron and steel merchant, 11 King street
Foy John, iron merchant (Foy and Co.), Gothic Cottage, Poolstock lane
Foy Joseph, engine tenter, 8 Horsfield street
Fozard James, butcher, 39 Hardybutts
France Alice Mary Ann, householder, 8 Colin street
France Joseph, grocer, 5 Dorning street
France Joseph, confectioner, 7 Market st.
France Mary Ann, schoolmistress, Bishopgate School
France Robert, shopkeeper, 85 Clayton street
France William S., solicitor and notary, commissioner in the Superior Court of Judicature, perpetual commissioner and clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes, agent for the Union and North British and Mercantile Insurance Companies, Churchgate; residence, Bellingham House, 149 Wigan lane
Francis Watkin, inland revenue officer, 6 Clifton street
Freeman, Hardy & Willis, boot and shoe manufacturers, New Buildings, Wallgate
Freeman James, eating house keeper, 16 Scholes
Frost John, Horse and Jockey Inn, 54 Scholes

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