The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, C

Wigan, C

Calderbank Daniel, manager (Albion Brewery), 32 Darlington street
Calderbank R., beer retailer, 23 Darlington street
Calderbank Richard, joiner, 5 York street
Calderbank Thomas, grocer and provision dealer and beer retailer, 59 Whelley
Caldwell George, engine tenter, 120 Great George street
Caldwell James, mechanic, 7 Turner road
Caldwell Jane, marine store dealer, 38 Vauxhall road
Caldwell John, sharebroker, 23 King street, and 5 Dale street, Liverpool
Caldwell Martha, shopkeeper, 62 Millgate
Callaghan Annie, oyster dealer, Fish Market
Callaghan Patrick, shopkeeper, 127 Standishgate
Calvert George, broker, 68 Greenough st.
Campbell George L., secretary for the Lancashire and Cheshire Miner's Relief Society, and for the Central Association, Arcade, King street; house, 1 New Market street
Campbell Rev. Hugh, 13 Upper Dicconson street
Campbell Joseph Samuel, traveller, 2 Landsdowne terrace
Campbell Susannah, shoemaker, 122 Millgate, and 85 Scholes
Carberry Francis, beer retailer, 42 Scholes
Carey James, carpenter, 212 Wallgate
Carlisle Sarah, householder, 1 Douglas street
Carp Henry Austin, mill manager, 54 Woodhouse lane
Carr Thomas, boiler maker, 21 Charles street
Carrington William, warehouseman, 23 Hilton street
Carter William, drill instructor, 28 Greenough street
Cartwright James, Millstone Inn, 67 Wigan lane
Cartwright John, shopkeeper, 63 Wigan lane
Cartwright Miss Mary, 3 New lodge, Wigan lane
Case Henry, underlooker, 174 Frog lane
Caswell John, tailor and clothier, 91 Millgate
Caunce Jas. Linney, wholesale confectioner, 80 Scholes, and 42 Market Hall
Causey Joseph, shopkeeper, 104 Standishgate
Cellier Edward, school teacher, 50 Greenough street
Cemeteries (Wigan and Ince), Lower Ince
Central Association (for dealing with distress caused by mining accidents), Arcade, King street; George L. Campbell, secretary
Chadwick Ann, shopkeeper, 55 Whelley
Chadwick James, butcher, 142 Frog lane, and 31 Market Hall
Chadwick John, engineer, 29 Queen street
Chadwick Robert, shopkeeper, 48 York st.
Chadwick William, shopkeeper, 72 Greenough street
Chalk W., iron merchant, &c. (Thompson and Co.), Moreland House, Aspull
Chamberlain George B., teacher of music and dealer in pianofortes, 52 Millgate
Chamberlain Richard, plumber and glazier, 16 Bishopgate
Chamberlain William H., china dealer, 102 Standishgate
Charlson Thomas, miller, Sutton Corn Mill, Bottlingwood; house, Dawber street
Chatterly Simpson, shopkeeper, 15 Prescott street; and poultry dealer, Fish Market
Cheetham John, shopkeeper, 77 Pool street, Poolstock
Cheetham Robert, butcher, 67 Greenough st.
China & India Tea Co., tea dealers, 87 Wallgate
Clapham Samuel, boat builder, Chapel lane
Clare Joseph, manager for the Singer Manufacturing Co., 21 King street; house, 19 Wiend
Clark John, commission agent, 2 Wigan lane
Clark Thomas, cabinet maker, 24 Darlington street
Clarke James, Prince of Wales Inn, 43 Wellington street
Clarke James, carter, 105 Great George street
Clarke Joseph, Temperance Hotel, Dorning street
Clarke William, railway inspector, 13 Harrogate street
Clarke William, coal proprietor (Hilton & Clarke), 24 Swinley lane
Clarke William, shopkeeper, 67 Lime street
Clarkson Joseph, Free Trade Inn, 1 Warrington lane
Clarkson William, grocer, &c., 111 Hardybutts
Clarkson William, tailor, 28 Caroline street
Clayden George Parkes, 3 Wrightington street
Clayton Sarah, baby linen dealer, 47 Market Hall
Clayton Thomas, clogger and shopkeeper, 1 Cecil street
Clegg Samuel, ironmonger's assistant, 9 Hilton street
Clement James, coach finisher, 16 Richmond street
Clegg John M., coach builder, 24 Scarisbrick street
Clephan Thomas J. S., ironmonger, whitesmith, bellhanger, and gas fitter, 22 Standishgate
Clerical, Medical, and General Insurance Co., 33 King street; William Lees, agent
Clough Edward, shopkeeper and parish sexton, 58 Hallgate
Clune Catherine, householder, 84 Great George street
Clune Margaret, shopkeeper, 55 Queen street
Coates Mary Ann, householder, 35 Great George street
Coates Rachel, hairdresser (William Coates), 40 Dorning street
Coates Rachel, greengrocer, 50 Market Hall, and 44 Wallgate
Coates William, hairdresser, 44 Wallgate
Coates William, confectioner, 34 Greenough street, and 18 Mesnes street
Cocker Joseph, agent to the Prudential Assurance Co., 41 Lorne street
Coleman Peter, inspector for the prevention of cruelty to animals, 35 Greenough st.
Collett William, joiner, 49 Greenough street
Collier Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Higham street
Collier Miles, plasterer and painter, 11 Penson's yard, Standishgate
Collier Thomas, pattern maker, 99 Poolstock lane
Collier Thomas, plasterer, 94 Great George street
Collier Joseph, tailor and clothier, 60 Wallgate, and King Street west; house, 31a Upper Dicconson street
Collins Archibald, shopman, 12 Vaughan street
Collins Mary Ann, householder, 4 Queen street
Collinson William, gardener, 26 Regent street
Commercial Union Insurance Co., Leader's Buildings, 31a King street - Appleton & Wright, agents
Conlin James, tailor, 70 Greenough street
Connolly Michael, oyster saloon proprietor, Fish Market, and Cooper's row, Market place
Connor James, roller, 79 Woodhouse lane
Connor John, householder, 74 Greenough street
Connor Joseph, pattern maker, 14 Leigh st.
Conroy John, fruiterer, 55 Market Hall, and 77a Hallgate
Conservative Registration Association (South West Lancashire), Commercial yard - Thomas Scott, agent
Conservative Working Men's Clubs, Commercial yard, and Upper Morris street
Consumers' Tea Company, Market Arcade
Convent, Sisters' of Notre Dame, 95 Standishgate
Cook Miss Agnes, 2 Church grove
Cook E., manageress (Victoria Hotel), Wallgate
Cook James Rylance, painter, plumber, &c., 73 Wallgate
Cook William, grocer, 4 Regent street
Cooke George, bootmaker, 70 Poolstock lane
Cooke Joseph H., veterinary surgeon, New square, Standishgate
Cooke Otho, planer, 138 Poolstock lane
Cooke Simon Peter, cashier, 4 Church grove
Cookson Elizabeth, pawnbroker and clothier, 76 & 118 Scholes
Cookson Thomas H., tailor, &c., 8a Market place
Coombs Graham Lowe, surgeon, 164 Wallgate
Coop & Co., cotton spinners, School Common Mill, School Common
Coop & Co., wholesale clothiers, Dorning street; retail, 1 & 3 Wallgate
Coop T., wholesale clothier (Coop & Co.), Bethany House, Mornington road, Southport
Cooper Charles William, cashier, 10 Cecil street
Cooper James, mechanic, 198 Dorning street
Cooper John, innkeeper and photographer, Green Man Inn, 130 Standishgate
Cooper Thomas, hatter and cap manufacturer, Market Hall; house, 1 Hilton street
Copland William, travelling draper, 34 Dicconson street
Corbett Ellen, shopkeeper, 9 York street
Cordeaux Mrs. B. M., butcher, (Hill & Cordeaux), 29 Standishgate
Corf John, dyer, 45 Millgate
Corner Joseph, traveller, 109 Darlington Street east
Cornish & Lawton, coach builders, King street
Cornish Henry, coach builder, 20 Vaughan street
Cornish Robert, coach builder (Cornish & Lawton), 18 Scarisbrick street
Corns William, shirt maker and hosier, 6 Greenough street
Coroner's Office, 35 King street; Lever R. Rowbottom, coroner
Costelle John, beer retailer, 184 Scholes
Cotton Thomas, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 1 Holland street
Coughlin Michael, shopkeeper, 18 Tipping street
County Court Office, 38 King street
County Fire Insurance Co., R. A. ffarington, Parr's Bank, Standishgate; and Thomas Heald, 3 Market street, agents
Coupe Edward, ironfounder (J. & E. Coupe), 3 Park view, The Mesnes
Coupe J. & E., ironfounders and engineers, Worsley Mesnes
Coupe Lucy Ellen, milliner and dressmaker, 23 Scholes
Courtney Bernard, shopkeeper, 29 John street
Cowan John, boat builder, Wallgate; house, 3 Horsefield street, Miry lane
Cowburn Edward, plumber, 36 Lorne street
Cowburn George, chair maker and wood turner, Darlington Street east; house, 36 Darlington street
Cox Hashbadana, shopkeeper, 87 Warrington lane
Cox Matthew, beer retailer, Whelley
Cox William, superintendent agent for Royal London Friendly Society, 3 Whelley
Crabtree Rose, householder, 35 Harrogate street
Craft David, platelayer, 16 Acton's walk
Crank Joseph, shoemaker, 6 Scholes
Craston Anthony, forge manager, Thornhill, Wigan lane
Crawford & Balcarres, The Earl of, Haigh Hall
Crawshaw Catlow, Minorca Hotel, 29 Wallgate
Crawshaw Henry, warper, 109 Poolstock lane
Crippin Edward R., agent for Edward Green, carrier, Canal Wharf, Wallgate; house, 216 Wallgate
Cripps-Kuper Anna, teacher of music and singing, 100 Standishgate
Cripps Walter, professor of music, 100 Standishgate - See advertisement
Critchley Alice, draper, 104 Wallgate
Critchley James, brakesman, 15 Regent street
Critchley Joseph, goods guard, 14 Acton's walk
Critchley Matthew, bricklayer, 67 Corporation street
Critchley Thomas, miner, 7 Cecil street
Critchley Thomas, shopman, 150 Poolstock lane
Critchley William, tea merchant, 104 Great George street
Critchley William, clogger, 245 Scholes
Croasdale Richard, hatter, 36 & 37 Market Hall
Croft Henry Lomax, shopkeeper, 7 Clarence street
Croft James, watchman, 35 Woodhouse lane
Crohan Daniel, tailor (Dawber & Crohan), 15 Marsden street
Crompton Elizabeth, householder, 57 Hodson street
Crompton Mary Ann, householder, 103 Millgate
Crompton William, overlooker, 51 Miry lane
Crompton William, carder, 128 Great George street
Cronshaw Rev. James, surrogate, St. Thomas's Vicarage, Poolstock
Crook Alice, shopkeeper, 89 Wigan lane
Crook James, beer retailer, 28 Wiend
Crook John, fishmonger, 53 Scholes, and Fish Market
Crook John, carter, 77 Hallgate
Crook Thomas, fish salesman, 11 Marsh lane
Crook William, grocer and beer retailer, 24 Whelley
Crossley Albert H., clothier (Crossley & Brown), 24 Swinley lane
Crossley & Brown, tailors and woollen drapers, 29 Market place, and 2 Scholes
Cubbin Richard, shopkeeper, 68a Frog lane
Culshaw William, labourer, 1 Mill street
Cumberbatch Daniel, shopkeeper, 11 Warrington lane
Cunliffe James, engine tenter, 27 York st.
Cunliffe Peter, householder, 32 Greenough street

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