The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, B

Wigan, B

Backhouse William, salesman, 36 York street
Bailey Alice, householder, 9 Richmond street
Bailey John, china &c., dealer, 87 Market Hall
Bailey William, salt dealer, 97 Chapel lane
Bailey William H., broker, 24 and 34 Hardybutts
Baines John, furniture dealer, 33 Scholes
Baker & Valiant, engineers, iron and brass founders, Hope Foundry, Clayton street
Baker William, engineer (Baker & Valiant), Knollys Villa, Goose Green, Pemberton
Balderson James, Red Lion Inn, 113 Chapel lane
Balderson William, shopkeeper, 10 Lower Morris street
Baldwin Alice, draper, 85 Queen street
Baldwin John, manufacturer of improved flexible railway wagon, cart, boat, and horse covers, and tarpaulin manufacturer, Great George street Works; house, 6 Park view, The Mesnes - See advertisement
Baldwin Peter, blacksmith, 12 Oxford st.
Baldwin Thomas, tarpaulin manufacturer, Commercial yard; house, 80 Darlington street east
Baldwin William L., tobacconist and newsagent, 2 Mesnes street; house, 18 Clifton street
Bale John, tailor, 2 Pitt street
Ball James, joiner and builder, 27 Woodhouse lane
Ball Joseph, Belle Vue Hotel, Woodhouse lane
Ball Richard, joiner, 29 Hodson street
Ballard Joseph, rope and twine manufacturer, Miry lane; house, 7 Horsefield street - See advertisement
Bancks Mr. Adam, 83 Poolstock lane
Bannister Anthony, grocer and provision dealer, 12 Wellington street
Bannister Ellen, apartments, 7 Darlington street
Bannister Hannah, grocer, 42 Great George street
Barker Alice, householder, 21 Harrogate st.
Barker Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 33 Greenough street
Barlow Alfred, cabinet maker (A. & H. Barlow & Co.), 7 Upper Dicconson street
Barlow Alfred & Hamlet & Co., cabinet makers and upholsterers, King Street west
Barlow Daniel, hosier, &c., 3 Market place; house, 13 Dicconson street
Barlow Ellen, shopkeeper, 1a Lyon street
Barlow Mrs. Eleanor, 29 Wigan lane
Barlow Henry Anderton, agent for the Royal Liver Friendly Society, 3 Harrogate street
Barlow James Edward, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths, and agent for the Reliance Mutual Life Assurance Co., King's Chambers, 27 King street
Barlow John, clerk, 97 Poolstock lane
Barlow John Heywood, tobacconist, 49 Standishgate
Barlow Joseph, printer, 154 Great George street
Barlow Robert, butcher, 80 Wallgate
Barlow Thomas, butcher, 11 Acton's walk
Barlow William, ironmonger, 84 Wallgate
Barlow William, clerk, 77 Caroline street
Barnes James, bricklayer, 12 Kent street
Barnes Thomas, whitesmith and scale beam maker, 46 Millgate
Barnes William, traveller, 188 Dorning street
Barnish William C., surgeon, 23 King street
Baron Edward, beer retailer, 121 Wallgate
Baron George, collier's tool maker, 5 Nuttall's row, Pottery
Baron John, underlooker, 67 Woodhouse lane
Baron Matthew, Machine House Inn, 97 Wallgate
Baron Matthew, Grapes Inn, 154 Wallgate
Baron Robert, Vine Inn, 34 Upper Morris street
Barr John, gardener, 2 Coppull lane
Barrow William, china and earthenware dealer, 58 Greenough street
Barton James, clerk, 124 Whelley
Barton Jane, shopkeeper, 105 Scholes
Barton John, managing clerk, Gas Works, Chapel lane
Barton Lewis, brass finisher, 7 Fowden st.
Barton Michael, travelling draper, 16 Dicconson street
Barton Ralph, boiler maker, 52 York street
Barton Richard, travelling draper, 29 Caroline street
Barton Richard, prudential agent, 50 York street
Barton Susannah, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 24 Harrogate street
Barton Thomas, timber merchant, 135 Wallgate
Barton Thomas, iron broker, 206 Wallgate
Barton Thomas, porter, 71 Poolstock lane
Barton Thomas, bookkeeper, 7 Gidlow lane
Barton William, provision dealer, 12 Wiend
Barton William, bookkeeper, 81 Clayton street
Bate Ambrose, boiler maker, 58 Woodhouse lane
Battie Robert, shopkeeper, 14 Earl street
Battle William, shopkeeper, 73 Pool street, Poolstock
Battye William, tailor's cutter, 46 Woodhouse lane
Baucher Elizabeth, provision dealer, 104 Millgate
Baugh George, Raven Inn, 29 Birkett bank; and music and musical instrument dealer, 27 Birkett bank
Baxendale Margaret, shopkeeper, 66 Lime street
Baybutt Rachel, milliner, 58 Market Hall
Bayman Thomas, overlooker, 38 Pool street, Poolstock
Beamish George, grocer, 30 Hallgate
Beard Thomas, spade maker, 110 Hardybutts
Beazer Cornelius, agent for Roger Leigh, Esq., 27 King street
Beech Joseph, china dealer, 47 Mesnes street, and 85 Market Hall
Beesley Jane, greengrocer, 181 Standishgate, and 54 Market Hall.
Beesley Robert, family grocer and tea dealer, King Street west; house, 34 Darlington street
Bell George, hairdresser and perfumer, 37 Wallgate, and 66 Standishgate
Bell Henry, hairdresser, Quadrant, King street; house, Douglas street
Bell John Richard, stoker, Hey street, Frog lane
Bell Joseph, hairdresser, 12 Mesnes street
Bell Thomas, seedsman, florist, fruiterer, &c., 32 Wallgate; house, 17 Dicconson street
Bell Thomas, hairdresser, Wallgate; house, 11 Turner street
Bell William, travelling draper, 31 Caroline street
Bellis Joseph John, tailor and clothier, 18 Standishgate
Belshaw John, shopkeeper, 50 School lane
Bennett James, shopkeeper, 7 Hardybutts
Bennett Sarah Ann, shopkeeper, 30 Wellington street
Bennett Walter, policeman, 27 Poolstock lane
Bennett William, shoemaker, 37 Hallgate
Bennett William, fruiterer, 59 York street
Bennison Benjamin, smallware dealer, 259 Scholes
Bennison William, agent for Prudential Assurance Co., 64 Whelley
Benson Edward, painter and paperhanger, 10 Darlington street
Benson John, Rose Inn, 48 Standishgate
Bent Elizabeth, confectioner, 62 Darlington street
Bentham John, manager, 62 Caroline street
Bentham Levi, pattern maker, 4 Duke street
Bentley Henry, wagon inspector, 68 Darlington Street east
Bentley John, plumber, painter, &c., 60 Millgate
Bentley John, shopkeeper, 55 Millgate
Bentley Thomas, butcher, 64 Greenough street, and 24 Market Hall
Berry James, shopkeeper, 36 Lyon street
Berry James, Stanley Arms Inn, 21 Warrington lane
Berry Joseph, shopkeeper, 66 Lime street
Berry Robert, manager, 5 Fowden street
Berry Thomas, joiner, builder, and timber merchant, Cambridge street; house, 21 Warrington lane
Berry William, surgeon, 7 & 9 Great George street
Best William, Eagle and Child and Royal Hotel, 1 Standishgate
Bibby John, tobacconist and newsagent, 64 Standishgate
Bibby John, shopkeeper, 62 York street
Bibby Robert, shopkeeper, 88 Greenough street
Birch John, painter, 13 New Market street
Birch Thomas, printer and stationer, 32 Millgate
Birch Thomas, compositor, 15 Oxford street
Birch William, shoemaker, 85 Great George street
Birchall James, engine tenter, 15 York street
Birchall Ralph, King's Head Inn, Cooper's row, Market place
Birchall Walter, engine tenter, 9 Horsefield street
Birchall William, clerk, 21 York street
Birchall William, Railway Inn, 61 Wallgate
Bithell Samuel, brazier and coppersmith, Byrom's yard, Market place
Black & White, tea dealers, 28 Standishgate
Blackburn Harriet, confectioner, 2 Market place; house, 13 Scarisbrick street
Blackburn William, joiner, 12 Turner street
Blackburne R. T., stationer and newsagent, 22 Scholes
Blackledge John, beer retailer, 142 Hardybutts
Blacow Richard, butcher, 17 Market Hall; house, 15 Hilton street
Blaylock Richard, Crofter's Arms Inn, 17 Hallgate
Bleakley Elizabeth, grocer, 42 Darlington street
Blinkhorn John, clogger, 149 Scholes; house, Appley Bridge
Boardman Ann, shopkeeper, 118 Scholfield lane
Boardman John, beer retailer, 74 Miry lane
Boardman Joseph, beer retailer, 36 Hallgate
Boardman Richard, White Horse Inn, 59 Standishgate
Boardman Thomas, mechanic, 76 Poolstock lane
Boden William, iron finisher, 74 Darlington Street east
Boggis Jabez, traveller, 6 Ashland avenue
Bohan Michael, grocer, 160 Wallgate
Bolderson Richard, Bricklayer's Arms, 29 Hallgate
Bolton Elizabeth, smallware dealer, 166 Scholes
Bolton Ellen, beer retailer, 89 Hallgate
Bolton George, watchmaker, 128 Chapel lane
Bolton James, grocer, 188 Scholes
Bolton John, assistant overseer, 12 Dicconson street
Bolton John, shopkeeper, 265 Scholes
Bolton John, grocer, 25 Hallgate; house, 60 Dicconson street
Bolton John, draper, 55 Wigan lane
Bolton John, ironmonger, colliery and mill furnisher, 50 Market place; house, 12 Dicconson street
Bolton R., brass founder (R. Bolton & Son), 46 Standishgate
Bolton R. & Son, brass founders, coppersmiths, tin plate workers, &c., 44 & 46 Standishgate - See advertisement
Bolton Ralph, bookkeeper, 83 Woodhouse lane
Bolton Thomas, blacksmith, 31 School lane
Bolton Thomas, whitesmith, 8 Orchard street
Boot & Shoe Repairing Co., 16 Millgate
Booth I, iron merchant &c. (Thompson & Co.,) Alderley Edge, near Manchester
Booth James, tinplate worker, 33 Vauxhall road
Booth Levi, brushmaker and fishing tackle dealer, New Buildings, Wallgate; house, 29 Upper Dicconson street
Booth Richard H., cabinet maker, cabinet maker. Clarence yard, Wallgate; house, 19 Richmond street
Booth Robert, beer retailer, 103 Chapel lane
Bootle Robert, bricklayer, top of Scholes
Bootle Thomas, watchmaker, 7 Standishgate place
Borough Hospital, Darlington Street east - Michael Moore, manager
Borough Police Station, King street, Capt. T. R. Kennion, chief constable
Bott Thomas, marine store dealer, 23 & 36 Warrington lane
Bowden Thomas, engine tenter, 144 Frog lane
Bowe Gordon, cashier (Parr's Bank), Marie-bonne place
Bowler Solomon Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 70 Scholes; house, 3 Upper Dicconson street
Bradbury William, shopkeeper, 41 Vauxhall road
Bradley Charles, Harrogate Inn, 7 Harrogate street
Bradshaw Ellis, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 17 Cecil street
Bradshaw Enoch, shopkeeper, 113 Poolstock lane
Bradshaw James, watchmaker, Millgate
Bradshaw John, grocer and beer retailer, 85 Platt lane
Bradshaw Matgaret, householder, 112 Standishgate
Bradshaw Thomas, shopkeeper, 19 School street
Bragg J. & J., tinplate workers, coppersmiths, &c., Fisher's yard, Wallgate, and 25 Miry lane - See advertisement
Bragg Joseph, tinplate worker, (J. & J. Bragg), 25 Miry lane
Brand William, mill manager, 40 Dicconson street
Brayshay Christopher, tripe dresser, 38 Standishgate
Brayshay William, fellmonger, Marsh lane; house, 32 Church street
Brewer Joseph, lamp-maker, 59 Corporation street, Poolstock
Brewster William, stoker, 49 Corporation street, Poolstock
Bridge Edward, grocer &c., 40 Millgate
Bridge Henry, Raven Hotel, Wallgate
Bridge Richard, slate, tile, &c. merchant, Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Yard, Wallgate; house 25 Caroline street - See advertisement
Bridge William S., Grapes Inn, 29 Upper Morris street
Bridgeman the Hon. and Rev. George Thomas Orlando, the Rectory
Brierley William, Birkett Bank Hotel and Star Music Hall, Birkett Bank
Brinnand Thomas, carrier, 21 Greenough street
Briody Margaret, wholesale provision merchant, 44 Greenough street
British Empire Mutual Life Insurance Co., 26, King street; John J. D. Glencross, agent
British Workman Public House Co. Limited, Coffee and Cocoa-room proprietors, 93 Wallgate
Bromley John & Co., boot and shoe makers, 75 Wallgate
Brook Damarius, wine and spirit merchant and beer retailer, 28 Darlington street
Brookwell Amelia, ladies' school, 71 Mesnes street
Brookwell James, cab and coach proprietor, and livery and bait stables, Victoria Hotel yard, and 75 Wallgate
Brouchemite Alfred, tailor and draper, 26 Hallgate
Broughton Charles, colliery agent, 74 Dicconson street
Broughton Jas., beer retailer, 130 Wallgate
Brown, Barnes & Bell, artists and photographers, 80 Standishgate
Brown James, schoolmaster, 21 Hodson street
Brown Jas., grocer's assistant, 14 Greenough street
Brown James, beer retailer, 8 Hallgate
Brown James Hartley, beer retailer, 45 York street
Brown John, blacksmith, 185 Great George street
Brown John, beer retailer, 178 Wallgate
Brown Jospeh, tailor (Crossley & Brown), 1, Springfield street
Brown Miss Margaret, ladies' school, 22 Dicconson street
Brown Matthew, clerk, 8 Swinley lane
Brown Robert, dyer, 31 Harrogate street
Brown Simon, cotton spinner, 4 Park view, The Mesnes
Brown Thomas, agent for the London Assurance Corporation, 5 Rodney street
Brown W. D., grocer, 8 Standishgate
Brown William, cotton spinner, Poolstock and Worsley Mesnes; residence, Shelley House, Goose Green
Brown William, newsagent, 9 Upper Morris street
Browne J., cashier (Parr's Bank), Bank Cottage
Bryan John, shopkeeper, 182 Wallgate
Buckley Robert, slate merchant, (R. Buckley & Sons), 86 Hallgate
Buckley Robert & Sons, slate and flag merchants, Frog lane
Buckmaster Rev. C. J., 9 New Market st.
Bull Rev. Henry Charles, M.A., St. Jame's Rectory, Worsley Mesnes
Bullen John, North Western Hotel, Chapel lane
Bullin Margaret, shopkeeper, 58 Great George street
Bullock Mrs. Hannah, 128 Frog lane
Bullock Thomas, bobbin turner, 5 James street
Bullough James, shopkeeper, 59 Lower Morris street
Bullough Joseph, overlooker, 9 James street
Bullough Thomas, music teacher, 202 Dorning street
Bunning Robert, hairdresser, 160 Scholes
Burchall Henry, shopkeeper, 61 Miry lane
Burgess Charles, draper, 132 Wallgate
Burgess Robert, travelling draper, 43 Caroline street
Burke Joseph, compositor, 26 Lorne street
Burland Richard & Sons, oil merchants, grease manufacturers, &c., Bishopgate; works, Newtown, Pemberton; Richard Gaskell, manager
Burnet Geo., travelling draper, 83 Millgate
Burns John, hairdresser, 20 Wellington st.
Burrows & Dutsum, blacksmiths, &c., Thompson's yard, Millgate, and Preston road, Standish
Burt George, engine tenter, 111 Great George street
Burton Ellen, general dealer, Market Hall; house, 13 Hilton street
Burton Mary, householder, 74 Caroline street
Bushell & Co., tea dealers, 4 Hallgate
Butler Brothers, drapers, Victoria Buildings, King street, and 119 & 121 Scholes
Butler Edmund, draper, (Butler Brothers), 216 Ince Green lane
Butler Henry, draper, (Butler Brothers), 220 Ince Green lane
Butler William, grocer, 71 Whelley
Butterworth Edmund, eating-house keeper, 22 Greenough street
Byrom Henry Thomas, clerk, 1 Landsdowne terrace
Byrom Thomas, Esq., J.P., 27 Dicconson st.
Byrom William Ascroft, solicitor, 31 King street; house, 44 Dicconson street

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