The Wigan Directory of 1881, Aspull and Haigh

Aspull and Haigh
All Names not otherwise stated are in Aspull.

ASPULL is a township having an area of 1879 acres, and comprises the villages and hamlets of Aspull, Aspull moor, Dicconson mill, and Pennington-green. Aspull Moor, as its name implies, was formerly an open common, but its limits are gradually being reduced by coal pits and buildings. The Wigan Coal and Iron Co. are the principal coal owners and have extensive workshops at New Springs. Messrs. William Woods and Son have also cannel pits in the township. Branch lines of railway to the various collieries from the main lines intersect the township.
   Lord Kingsdown built a church at Pennington Green in 1859. A neat iron church has also been erected at New Springs, in the midst of an increasing population, and the Roman Catholics, Wesleyans, and Independents also have places of worship in the township.
   The population in 1861, 4290; in 1871, 6390; and in 1881, 8111.
   Post Office, 99 Wigan road. - George Wall, postmaster. Money Order Office and Savings' Bank. Letters received through Wigan.

HAIGH, a township and village about three miles north by east of Wigan, and adjoining the township of Aspull; it is celebrated for valuable mines of cannel and the mineral of nearly equal value - King coal, which is obtained here, as well as other varieties of coal; the owner being the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, and the Wigan Coal & Iron Company the principal workers.
   The Earl of Crawford has a seat here, Haigh Hall, which, from its elevated situation is a conspicuous object for many miles. The extensive plantations around it reach into the borough of Wigan, and portions of them form a beautiful and favourite walk of the Wigan townspeople. The church was built by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and is in the gift of the Rector of Wigan.
   Population in 1861, 1171; 1871, 1201; and in 1881, 1186. Area, 2135 acres.
   Letters received through Wigan.

St. David's Church, Haigh. - Rev. Wm. B. Bryan, B.A., vicar
St. John the Baptist Church, New Springs. - Rev. C. H. James, vicar
St. Margaret's Church, Pennington Green.
St. Elizabeth's Church, Higher Gullett. - Rev. Robert Walmsley, vicar.
Independent Methodist, New Springs.
Primitive Methodist.
Roman Catholic. - Rev. Edmund Crook, priest.

Aspull New School. - A. W. Foxcroft, headmaster; W. J. Boyd, assistant
National School, Haigh. - Thomas Humphreys, master
Our Lady's School. - Miss Elizabeth Christian, mistress
Wesleyan School. - Samuel Fletcher, master; infants : Miss Catlow, mistress
St. Elizabeth's School. - Frederic Barrs, master
St. John the Baptist. - Thos. Fairhurst, master; Miss Malkin, mistress
St. Margaret's (Infants) School. - Miss Elizabeth Eaves, mistress

Local Board Office. - Louis Athron, clerk; Henry Smith, medical officer; Wm. Clark, inspector of nuisances; Geo. Heaton, engineer; M. W. Peace, law clerk


Athron Mr. Louis, White Hall
Birley Henry, Esq., Haigh
Bryan Henry Newton, Esq., Rose Cottage, Aspull
Bryan Rev. William B., B.A., Haigh Vicarage
Chalk Mr. W., Moreland House
Clark Mr. William, Holly House
Cook Luther, Esq., Holly terrace, Haigh road
Crawford & Balcarres Earl of, Haigh Hall
Crook Rev. Edmund, Church street, Haigh rd.
Gerard Major, Aspull House
Heslop Rev. R. C., M.A., Curfew House
James Rev. C. H., 43 Ivy view, Bark hill
Leigh John Esq., Gidlow Hall
Macloghlin John, Esq., surgeon, Culraven House, Haigh
Rawcliffe Henry, Esq., Gillibrand Hall, Chorley
Rawcliffe Mr. W. S., Park House, Chorley
Rawson H. C., Esq., Moat House, Haigh
Seddon Mr. John, The Firs, Aspull
Sumner Mrs. Ellen, Haigh House, Haigh
Walmsley Rev. Robert, Bradshaw Hall


Abbott John, Balcarres' Arms, Lane ends, Haigh
Ainsworth Henry, foreman, Haigh Hall, Haigh
Alker Thomas, blacksmith, Running Horses' fold, Higher gullet
Anderton John, shopkeeper, 38 Scot lane
Armstrong Michael, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 3 Wigan road, New Springs
Aspinall James, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Ratcliffe road
Atherton & Johnson, brewers, Crown Inn, Wigan road, New Springs
Athron Louis, clerk to the board and assistant overseer, White Hall
Attwood Geo, engineer, 39 Ivy view, Bark hill
Balfour David, beer retailer, Bark hill
Balfour Dorothy, beer retailer, 53 Stanley rd.
Barker Jas., carpenter, 35 Ivy view, Bark hill
Barratt William, shopkeeper, 63 Wigan road
Barrs Frederic, schoolmaster, School House, Lower gullett
Barton William, Kirkless Hall Inn, Top Lock
Bell William Edwin, painter and paperhanger, 143 Wigan road
Boardman William, clogger and shoemaker, 44 Scot lane
Bolton Jane, beer retailer, 121 & 123 Wigan rd.
Bostock William Henry, inland revenue officer, 321 Haigh road
Brown James, 43 Ivy view, Bark hill
Burgess Thomas, surveyor, 77 Haigh road
Chadwick Thomas, clothes dealer & insurance agent, 59 Wigan road
Chalk Wm., iron merchant (Thomson & Co.), Moorland House
Christopher Richard, grocer, beer retailer, house agent, and cow keeper, 96 Cale lane
Clark William, registrar of births and deaths, income tax collector, nuisance inspector, school board officer, &c., Holly House
Clarkson Peter, butcher, 49 Wigan road
Collier John, Free Trade Inn, 13 Wigan road
Cook Edward, shopkeeper, 64 Kirkless street
Cook Luther, surgeon, Holly terrace, Haigh rd.
Crankshaw William, draper & grocer, 137 Withington lane
Crewdson William, manager (Albion Iron Works), 45 Ivy view, Bark hill
Croston Edward, dealer in sewerage pipes, &c., 12 School close
Cutler Henry, hardware dealer, 6 Cale Green
Darbyshire James, Red Lion Inn, Haigh road
Dawber Thomas, clogger, 51 Wigan road
Eastham George, clerk and sexton of Haigh Church, and undertaker, Sea View Cottage, Haigh
Eckersley Robt., shopkeeper, 12 Higher gullet
Ellison Jonathan, beer retailer, 7 Bark hill
Entwistle Richard E., clerk, Saw Mills, Haigh
Fairhurst Thomas, schoolmaster (St. John the Baptist), 26 Wigan road
Fairhurst William, grocer, draper, baker and agent to the Prudential Insurance Co., 100 Haigh road
Fletcher Samuel, schoolmaster, School close
Forshaw Richard, shopkeeper, 125 Wigan rd.
Foster Henry, shopkeeper, 83 Scot lane
Foster William, shopkeeper & hairdresser, 79 Wigan lane
Foxcroft A. W., schoolmaster, Cactus Cottage
Foy Edward, cart owner, 128 Cale lane
France James, beer retailer, 7 Higher gullet
Geach Samuel, Packet House Inn (splendid bowling green), New Springs, Haigh
Geary George, dentist, 4 Wigan road
Gibson Catherine, farmer & innkeeper, Crawford Arms Inn
Gibson Henry, shopkeeper and beerseller, Looker's nook
Gibson James, beer retailer, Ratcliffe road
Glover James, shopkeeper and draper, Post Office, 14 Scot lane
Gray Thomas, shopkeeper, 56 Wigan road
Green James, clogger, 34 Wigan road
Green James, beer retailer, 55 Wigan road
Green Mr. Jonathan, 45 Wigan road
Green Samuel, shopkeeper, 47 Wigan road
Green William, joiner, builder and grocer, 15 and 17 Cale lane
Gregory Giles, grocer, draper, and provision dealer, Lane ends
Gregory Henry, blacksmith, Lower gullet
Gregory James, shopkeeper and carrier, 30 Scot lane
Gregson John, overlooker, Marsh House, Higher gullet
Gregson Robert, copperas manufacturer, Withington lane
Grundy Levi, shopkeeper, 207 Lower gullet
Haddock Thomas, shopkeeper, 73 Wigan road
Haigh Foundry Co., engineers & millwrights, Haigh Foundry and Brock Mill Forge, Haigh
Hale Edward, iron manufacturer, Albion Iron Works, Aspull
Hall George, grocer, draper, and baker, 198 Lower Gullet
Halliwell Thomas, grocer & provision dealer, Top lock
Hampson Richard, beer retailer, 22 Higher gullet
Harrison Priscilla, shopkeeper, 148 Withington lane
Hart Gerard, beer retailer, 22 Scot lane
Hartley James, miner, 323 Haigh road
Henley Samuel, farm bailiff, Manor House Farm
Henry Thomas, beer retailer, Haigh road
Hensall Jos., hardware dealer, 81 Wigan rd.
Heyes Joseph, watchmaker, 71 Wigan road
Higham Robert, grocer, &c., Scot lane
Hilton Frances, newsagent, 213 Lower gullet
Hilton James, underground manager, Longhurst House, Haigh
Hilton Thomas W. surveyor, Haigh
Hodkinson Thos., beer retailer, 29 Stanley rd.
Holden E. D., clerk, Holly Cottage, Haigh
Holker Peter, shopkeeper, 47 Liverpool street
Hope Mrs. Elizabeth, Thorn Cottage, Lower gullet
Hope Jas., grocer & draper, 174 Lower guller
Hough James, colliery underlooker, 317 Haigh road
Hough John, beer retailer, Higher gullet
Humphreys Thomas, schoolmaster & organist, Haigh
Jamieson Andrew, head gardener, Haigh Hall, Haigh
Johnson James, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 8 and 10 Lower gullet
Johnson Jonathan, grocer and draper, 70 & 72 Lower gullet
Johnson William, grocer, Wigan road
Jolley Thomas, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 58 Ratcliffe road
Knight William, Royal Hotel, Wigan road
Knowles William, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 22 Ratcliffe road
Latham Richard, wheelwright, Running Horses fold, Higher gullet; house, Scot lane
Latham Thomas, shopkeeper, 137 Cale lane
Leeds & Liverpool Canal Office, Withington lane. - Isaac Wardman, manager
Leigh Alfred, shopkeeper, 28 Higher gullet
Leigh John & Brother, cotton spinners, Dicconson Mill
Leigh Mary, beer retailer, 2 Scot lane
Leigh Roger & Co., Ltd., colliery proprietors, Hindley Hall Collieries. - C. Beazer, sec.
Lever William, shopkeeper, 54 Bark hill
Livesey Robert, clogger, 113 Wigan road
Lomax James, police sergeant, Higher gullet
Lomax Wm., traveller, 12 Lane ends, Haigh
Macloghlin John, surgeon, Culraven House, Haigh
McMillan James, grocer and beer retailer, 32 Longfield street
Makinson Mrs. Alice, 33 Ivy view, Bark hill
Makinson Richd., innkeeper, Running Horses Inn, Higher gullet
Moore Constantine, grocer, draper & provision dealer, Church street, Haigh road
Moore Richard, grocer and beer retailer, 47 Haigh road
Moores Joseph, grocer and beer retailer, 15 Wigan road
Morris Robert, dealer in colliers' tools, 32 Scot lane
Moss Henry, shopkeeper, Haigh
Norwood John, clerk, 37 Ivy view, Bark hill
Parr John, shopkeeper, 63 Longfield street
Parr R. & Co., colliery proprietors, Kirkless Colliery
Paxton James, colliery underlooker, Haigh
Pennington John, grocer and draper, 163 Lower gullet
Pickering William, shopkeeper, 36 Wigan rd.
Pilkington Alfred, clogger, 56 Lower gullet
Pilkington Thos., shopkeeper, 145 Wigan rd.
Pope Matthew, shoemaker and clogger, 64 Wigan road
Powell Charles, manager (Wigan Coal & Iron Co.'s Saw Mills), 41 Woodfield street
Powell Frederick, joiner, builder, & saw mill proprietor, Woodfield st.
Prescott James, shopkeeper, 56 Higher gullet
Rainford William, grocer and draper, 325 Haigh road
Rawson H. C., land agent to the Earl of Crawford & Balcarres, Moat House, Haigh
Roberts Ann, grocer, 29 Bark hill
Roberts David, shopkeeper, 57 Wigan road
Roocroft Thomas, shopkeeper, 9 Bark hill
Rose Margaret, shopkeeper, 7 Wigan road
Sandham Robert Cumpsty, brewer's traveller, 81 Haigh road
Savage Edward, shopkeeper & beer retailer, Withington lane
Seddon Alice, shopkeeper, 13 Scot lane
Seddon James, householder, 319 Haigh road
Seddon John, shopkeeper, 2 Longfield street
Seddon Robert, furniture & hardware dealer, 2 Higher gullet
Seddon William, grocer, draper, and hardware dealer, 184 Lower gullet
Shearer James, manager (Coke Works), Wigan road
Shepherd John, shopkeeper, 61 Wigan road
Shepherd John, shopkeeper, Stanley road
Sherrington Jane, shopkeeper, 44 Longfield st.
Simm Thomas, beer retailer, Bark hill
Simpkin Thomas, shopkeeper, 110 Withington lane
Smalley William, draper, 97 Wigan road
Smith Edward, shopkeeper, 28 Wigan road
Smith Henry, surgeon, Haigh road
Smith James, shopkeeper, 1 School close
Smith Samuel, shopkeeper, 93 Wigan road
Southern Isaac, beer retailer, Dicconson Mill
Southern Jane, beer retailer, Withington lane
Southern Ruth, shopkeeper, 183 Withington lane
Speakman Mrs. Mary M., 13 Lane end, Haigh
Steele Charles, newsagent, 75 Wigan road
Stock John, clogger, 117 Haigh road
Stott Mark, dealer in colliers' tools, 83 Longfield street
Sumner John & Co., brewers, and wine and spirit merchants, Haigh Brewery, Haigh; and malsters, Higher gullet, Aspull
Sumner Jonathan, beer retailer, School close
Sutton James, grocer, 31 Ivy view, Bark hill
Tattley Moses, beer retailer, 104 Wigan road
Taylor John, draper, 185 Lower gullet
Taylor Joseph, butcher, 138 Withington lane
Taylor Richard, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 32 Cale lane
Tickle William, grocer and provision dealer, 18 Longfield street
Topping William, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 119 Wigan road
Tyrer Elizabeth, Commercial Inn, 139 Cale lane
Urmston James, grocer, draper, & postmaster, Lane ends, Aspull
Wall George, shopkeeper and Post Office, 99 Wigan road
Walls James, shopkeeper, 30 Scot lane
Walls Thomas, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 51 Scot lane
Whittaker H., beer retailer, 82 Lower gullet
Wibberley Abraham, manager, Dicconson Mill
Wigan Coal & Iron Co., Limited, coal proprietors, Aspull; chief offices, Kirkless Hall, Ince
Wilcock John, clogger, Wigan road
Wilkinson John, shopkeeper, 40 Scot lane
Willey James, beer retailer, Aspull
Winnard William, shopkeeper, 32 Wigan rd.
Winrow John, beer retailer, Wigan road
Wood John, foreman joiner, 79 Haigh road
Woodhall Henry, shopkeeper, 154 Withington lane
Worrall Isaac, Gerard's Arms, Dicconson Mill
Worrall William, beer retailer, 38 Ratcliffe rd.
Worsley William, shopkeeper, 70 Longfield st.
Wylie Thos., bookkeeper, Riley House, Haigh
Young William, shopkeeper, 28 Scot lane


Atherton James, Marsh House Farm, Higher gullet
Balfour Mary, Hilton Farm
Bromilow Thomas, Woodshaw Farm
Brown David, Haigh
Brownlow James, Green House Farm, Haigh
Churchouse Elijah, Haigh
Clively James, Lane ends
Coates Wm., Ainscough Farm, Higher gullet
Collier Jeremiah, farmer, Friezeland Farm, Haigh
Ditchfield Thomas, Bradshaw Hall Farm
Dickinson Rober, Haigh
Farrington John, Aspull Moor
Gibson George, Moppin Fold Farm
Gregory Richard, Lower gullet
Grundy Peter, Scot lane
Hall George, Shaw's Fold Farm, Higher gullet
Hampson John, Bagshaw Lane Farm
Hindley John, Pennington Green
Holcroft John, Aspull
Hunt Charles, CottageFarm
Hunter Robert, Withington lane
Johnson Henry, Aspull
Johnson William, Aspull
Latham Mrs. Rachel, Scot lane
Latham Richard, Pennington Green
Leech Robert, Aspull
Leigh John & Brothers, Dicconson Mill
Mawdsley Joseph, Willoughby's Farm, Haigh
Mayor Thomas, Toddington Farm
Moat Richard, Haigh
Molyneux John, Bagshaw Hall Farm
Monks James, Aspull
Pimbley Daniel, Bark hill, New Springs
Prescott Thomas, Gullet
Seddon John, grocer, 2 Longfield street
Smith James, Lane ends
Spencer The Misses, Hart's Farm, Haigh
Walsh Charles, Gullet
Wilson Thomas, Tucker's Hill Farm, Haigh

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