The Wigan Directory of 1881, Ashton (North)

Ashton (North) - Including Brocstedes, Downall Green, Seneley Green, &c.

   Post Office, Downall Green. - Peter Cooke, receiver. Letters for North Ashton arrive (via Wigan) about 8.30 a.m., and are despatched thereto at 5.30 p.m.

Holy Trinity Church, Downall Green. - Rev. W. J. Melville, rector
Unitarian Chapel, Park lane. - Rev. George Fox
Methodist Chapel, Downall Green
Grammar School (founded 1588), Seneley Green. - Mark Rowe, master
Ashton Rectory School. - Miss Murgatroyd and Miss Godfrey, mistresses
National School (Holy Trinity). - Miss A. J. Murgatroyd, mistress
St. Peter's Mission School. - H. Barnard, master; Miss E. Harrison, mistress
Roman Catholic Schools, Park lane. - Catherine Welsby, mistress
Undenominational School, Wigan road. - John R. Lown, master
Railway Station, Bryn. - Thomas Lowe, stationmaster


Clarke C. F. Esq., Cranberry Lodge
Farrow Mr. Robert, Elder Grove
Fox Rev. George, Park lane
Grimke T. D., Whitledge Hurst
Melville Rev. W. J., The Rectory
Rowe Mr. Mark, Downall Green


Almond William, butcher, 87 Wigan road
Barton Joseph, safety lamp maker, & tinplate worker, 103 Wigan road
Barnard Henry, schoolmaster, 28 Rectory road, Downall Green
Bold John, shopkeeper, 15 Wigan road
Birchall Elizabeth, Sim's Road Inn, Sim's Lane end
Clough George, shoemaker & clogger, 13 Downall Green road
Cooke Peter, bold & screw manufacturer and postmaster and sexton, Downall Green
Crippin W. & J. B., coal proprietors, Bryn Hall Collieries
Crompton Thomas, hinge, lock, &c., manufacturer, Downall green
Cunliffe Henry, bookkeeper, Manor House, Seneley Green
Cunliffe John, Park Hotel, Wigan road
Cunliffe Jonathon, Collier's Arms, Seneley Green
Evans Richard & Co., coal proprietors, Pewfall Colliery
Farrow Robert, cashier, Elder Grove
Garswood Coal & Iron Co. Limited, Park lane Collieries. - C. F. Clarke, manager
Gore John, newsagent & stationer, Wigan rd.
Haseldine Joseph, shopkeeper, Downall Green
Hill Thomas, shopkeeper, Gladden Hey brow
Houghton Mary, Seneley Green
Hurst William, shopkeeper, Sim's Lane end
Knowles John M., nail maker, Wigan road
Laithwaite John, wheelwright & shopkeeper, Nicol lane
Latham Charles, colliery engineer, Park lane
Leyland Abraham, chain maker and shopkeeper, 125 Wigan road
Lewis Alice, shopkeeper, Sim's Lane end
Lowe Geo., hinge, &c. manufacturer, Wigan rd.
Lowe George, hinge manufacturer, 17 Downall Green
Lowe Henry, hinge, &c. manufacturer, Wigan road
Lowe John, Blue Bell Inn, Rectory road, Downall Green
Lynam James, shopkeeper, Booth's brow, Downall green
Mercer Robert, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Wigan road
Millington Thomas, shopkeeper, Brocstedes
Morris James, Oddfellow's Arms, 11 Downall Green road
Morris Reuben, shopkeeper, Sim's Lane end
Naylor Thomas, shopkeeper, Rectory road, Downall Green
Park Lane Co-Operative Society, grocers and drapers, Bryn road. - Howorth Greenwood, manager
Pendlebury Grace, farmer and shopkeeper, Seneley Green
Pendlebury James, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Long lane
Pendlebury Jos., shopkeeper, Downall Green
Pilling Peter, grocer, Wigan road, and 16 Downall Green road
Pilling Thos., blacksmith, Downall Green rd.
Pilling William, beer retailer, Downall Green
Prescott Henry, nail manufacturer, Downall Green
Rigby Charles, shopkeeper, Nicol lane
Rimmer James, carrier
Shaw John, grocer and beer retailer, Downall Green
Simm Robert, beer retailer, Golden Ball Inn, Park lane, Wigan road
Simm Thomas, Star Hotel, Wigan road
Smethurst, Hoyle & Grime, Bryn Moss, and Garswood Hall Collieries
Speakman Thomas, shopkeeper, Sim's Lane end
Stone Thomas & Son, coal proprietors, Downall Green Colliery
Sudworth Jane, shopkeeper, Downall Green
Sudworth William, shipsmith, Downall Green
Thornley Daniel, Britannia Inn, Wigan road
Unsworth Robert, Red Lion Inn, Wigan road
Whittingham Thomas, shopkeeper, 31 Bryn rd.
Wilkie Alexander, farm bailiff, Wigan road
Winstanley William, draper, Skelton street
Wood Henry, shopkeeper, Long lane
Woods Samuel, shopkeeper, Skelton street


Ackers John, Cranberry Lea
Alker John, Tithebarn Farm
Aspinall Thomas, Mill Farm, Downall Green
Bradburn Isaac, Gladden Hey
Bradburn Jacob, Layland Green
Cunliffe Hannah, Booth's brow
Downall Thomas, Downall Green
Downall William, Drummer's Field
Fairhurst John, Arch Lane
Hurst William, Garswood Old Hall
Kay Joseph, Warcock Hill
Lawton Thomas, Arch Lane
Lynam James, Booth's brow
Mann John, Cranberry Lea
Mather George, Rose Hill
Mather John, Edleston Lane
Moubert Harold, Holin Hey House
Phythian George, Carter's Fold
Phythian Moses, Arch Lane
Rigby John, Low Bank
Rose Elizabeth, Manor House, Seneley Green
Statter James, Hollin Hey, Farm
Stobie James, Park House Farm
Taylor William & Brothers, Ryecroft Farm
Turner Thomas, School lane
Waterworth James, Seneley Green
Wilcock James, Brocstedes
Wood Peter, Low Brook

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