The Wigan Directory of 1881, Ashton-in-Makerfield

Ashton-in-Makerfield, or Ashton-le-Willows, is a township comprising the village of Ashton, and the hamlets of Seneley Green, Downhall Green, Ashton Heath, Sims Lane End, Park Lane, Lodge Lane, Edge Green, and Brocstedes.

There are two parishes in the township, one of which is a rectory in the gift of the Earl of Derby, and the other a vicarage in the gift of the Rector of Ashton. The Right Honourable Baron Gerard, of Bryn, is lord of the manor, and owner of most of the land in the parish.

Ashton is a name common to several places in the southern division of the county, as Ashton-under-Lyne, Ashton-on-Mersey, and Ashton-on-Ribble, and they all belonged, at one time, to the family of the Asshetons, who held domains extending over a large part of the country between the Ribble and Mersey, and to whom the Byrons of Rochdale, and other notable families, were vassals.

The seat of the present lord of the manor is at Garswood, but were formerly known as the Gerards of Bryn. Haydock Lodge, a beautifully situated mansion, formerly the residence of the Legh family, is now occupied as a private asylum for the reception and recovery of insane patients. The system of treatment pursued at this establishment has been highly successful. The extensive grounds for the exercise and recreation of the patients are tastefully laid out.

Ashton is on the old high road from Warrington to Wigan and the north, and is five miles from the latter and seven from the former town. The line of an old Roman road is nearly coincident with the present road, and is yet traceable in various parts of the township. Ashton has long been celebrated for the manufacture of wrought hinges, locks, door handles, files, &c., &c. A local board was established on the 13th June, 1872. There are also many extensive collieries in the township, and an endowed Grammar School at Seneley Green, which is one of four charities, and was founded in 1558. The population in 1851 was 5679, in 1861 6566; in 1871, 7463; and in 1881, 9825. Acreage, 6349.

   Post Office, 7 Gerard street, Mrs. Mary Roberts, postmistress. Letters from all parts arrive (from Newton-le-Willows), at 7 a.m., and 4.15 p.m., and are despatched at 9.25 a.m. and 7 p.m. Arrival on Sundays at 7 a.m., and are despatched at 10 a.m. Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Post Office Saving's Bank.

St. Thomas's Church. - Rev. Henry Siddall, M.A., vicar
St. Oswald's (Roman Catholic.) - Rev. Gerald O'Reilly, priest.
Independent. - Rev. Henry Wilson.
Methodist Chapel, Stubshaw cross.
Wesleyan (Welsh), Stubshaw cross.
Welsh Calvinistic Chapel (School), Bolton road.

British School, Chapel place. - John Bennett, master.
National (St. Luke's), Stubshaw cross. - Peter Partington, master.
National (St. Thomas's). - Thomas Holbrook, master; A. Vernon, mistress
Roman Catholic. - Wm. Leach, master

Gas Works. - Thos. Wood, manager.
Police Station, Warrington road. - John Savage, sergeant.
Head Quarter Stores for the Lancashire Hussar's Yeomanry Cavalry. - Sergeant-Major Crawshaw
Local Board Offices, Bryn-street. - Wm. Goldsworth, clerk; Jas. Hill, assistant clerk; William Chambers, surveyor; Wm. Boardman, captain of fire brigade; Nathan Hannah, officer of health.
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. - George J. Byrom, 35 Bolton road; Assistant overseer, Thomas Livesley, Gerard street.

Omnibus from the Angel Inn to Warrington, on Wednesday.
To Warrington - Robert Duxbury (through Newton), Wednesday
To Wigan - Robt. Duxbury (through Park lane), daily except Wednesday; and James Cunliffe, daily, except Wednesday, passing through Platt Bridge.
Railway Station, Garswood.


Beaman E. H., Esq., Haydock Lodge
Gaskell Mr. Josiah, Burgrave Lodge
Gerard The Right Honourable Baron, of Bryn, Garswood Hall
Giblin Rev. Henry, B.A., Stanley Buildings, Bolton road
Grimkê Theodore D., Esq., Whitledge Hurst
Hannah Nathan, Esq., L.R.C.P.E., Gerard st.
Hilton Mrs. Thomas, Smithy brow
Latham Mr. Charles, Havelock Villas, 26 Bolton road
Latham Mrs. Ellen, The Poplars, Bolton road
Latham Wm., Esq., The Poplars, Bolton road
Marsh Mr. Edward, Rose Cottage, Wigan rd.
Mather Thomas, Esq., 17 Liverpool road
Moubert Adolphus B., Esq., Garswood House
O'Reilly Rev. Gerald, Liverpool road
Pennington James F., Esq., Rock House
Pomfret Mr. William, 63 Bolton road
Siddall Rev. Henry, M.A., The Vicarage
Stock John, Esq., Stanley House, near St. Helens
Topping Walter, Esq., Lily House
Valiant Mr. William, Claremont House, 14 Gerard street
Wilkinson Mr. John, Bryn street
Wilson Rev. Henry, The Manse, Old road


Adamson James, blacksmith, 5 Bryn street
Adamson Thomas, hinge maker, Heath road
Ashton Joseph, shoemaker, 72 Gerard street
Ashworth Henry, shopheeper & joiner, Stubshaw cross
Astle Charles Henry, butcher, 29 Gerard street
Ball Peregrine, manager (Lord Gerard's Estate Works), Dock Lane House, Garswood
Barton John, beer retailer and brick maker, Stubshaw Cross
Beardsworth Richard A., hair dresser, 9 Bolton road
Boardman William, grocer and beer retailer, 76 Gerard street, and at Stubshaw Cross
Bridge George, Ram's Head Inn, Stubshaw Cross
Bromilow David & Co., coal proprietors, Garswood Park Colliery
Burgess Catherine, boot and shoe dealer, 12 Gerard street
Burrows Thomas, grocer, Stonycroft terrace
Byrom George J., registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, 35 Bolton road
Byrom John, hinge manufacturer, Bolton rd.
Causey John, grocer & innkeeper, Caledonian Inn, Town Green
Clarke James, white and lock smith, Warrington road
Clarke Thomas, beer retailer, 26 Heath road
Cook Charles E., tool manufacturer, 41 Bolton road
Cook Henry, manager (Edge Green Colliery), Edge Green
Corcoran Dominic, clothes dealer, 2 Gerard st.
Corless Thos., prudential agent, Town Green
Crawshaw Sergeant-Major, (of Lancashire Hussars' Yeomanry Cavalry), Military Stores
Crompton Thomas, shopkeeper, Golborne rd.
Cross, Tetley, & Co., Mains Colliery, Ashton; offices, Bamfurlong
Culshaw John, land steward to Lord Gerard, Ashton Cross
Cunliffe M. J., milliner and draper, 58 Gerard street
Dawson Henry, beer retailer, 25 Golborne rd.
Dobbs Elsey, newsagent and general dealer, 6 Warrington road
Dooley James, grocer, 27 Warrington road
Duxbury Robert, confectioner, 3 Gerard street
Evans Richard & Co., coal proprietors, Pewfall Colliery
Ferguson James, farm bailiff, Home Farm
France & Co., tailors & drapers, 21 Gerard st.
France William, cashier (Smethurst, Hoyle & Grime), Havelock Villas, 28 Bolton road
Gaskell Josiah, lock &c. manufacturer (David Shaw & Co.), Burgrave Lodge
Greenall Peter, beer retailer, 24 Liverpool rd.
Hannah Nathan, surgeon, Claremont House, 16 Gerard street
Haydock Lodge Private Asylum, Warrington lane. - Dr. E. H. Beaman, principal
Heyes Mary, dress maker, Ashton Cross
Hill Peter, fruiterer, 31 Gerard street
Hill Thomas & Co., lock and hinge manufacturers, Ashton heath
Hill William, coal agent, 17 Bryn street
Hilton Samuel, grocer, 19 Bolton road
Hinchcliffe J. G., shopkeeper, 54 Gerard street
Hodgkinson John, shopkeeper, 78 Gerard st.
Hodgkinson John & Brothers, file manufacturers, Ashton File Works
Holbrook Thos., schoolmaster (St. Thomas's), 8 Monica street
Hope Samuel, file manufacturer, Ashton heath
Houlton Christopher, shoemaker, Liverpool rd.
Ince & Bradshaw, blacksmiths, Gerard street
Ingham Mary, draper and outfitter, 13 Gerard street
Jackson George, clogger, Bolton road
Jameson Mary Ann, beer retailer, Heath road
Jebb Charles, shopkeeper, 31 Gerard street
Kay William, hardware dealer, 66 Gerard street
Kenyon William, wheelwright, Gerard street
Knowles Peter, innkeeper and cab proprietor, Angel Inn, 21 Warrington lane
Lake Henry, hair dresser, 29 Gerard street
Latham William, surgeon, Bolton road
Latham William, grocer, 74 Gerard street
Leyland David, chain maker, Ashton heath
Livesley Mark & Sons, grocers and drapers, 44 Gerard street
Livesley Thos., assistant overseer, Gerard st.
Lloyd Ebenezer, tailor and draper, 46 Warrington lane
Lowe Brothers, grocers and provision dealers, 5 Gerard street
Lowe Francis, clog and shoe maker, 1 Liverpool road
Lowe John, file manufacturer, Gerard street
Marsh Robert, shopkeeper, 15 Warrington rd.
Melling Thomas, grocer & colliery proprietor, 3 Liverpool road
Melling William, King's Arms Hotel, Warrington road
Merry William, 36 Gerard street
Millington Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, butcher, and beer retailer, 1 Edge Green street, Golborne road
Millington William, grocer, Stubshaw Cross
Millner Thomas, watchmaker, 13 Warrington road
Mtchell Joseph, joiner & builder, 15 Bryn st.
Molyneux John, shopkeeper, 17 Bolton road
Monks Esther, shopkeeper, 80 Gerard street
Morris Henry, beer retailer, Bridge foot
Moubert Adolphus B., agent to the Right Honourable Baron Gerard, of Bryn, Garswood House
Naylor Peter, clogger, 52 Gerard street
Oakes William, picture frame maker & bookseller, Gerard street
Owen Richard, greengrocer, 19 Gerard street
Painter Charles, hinge maker, Ashton heath
Painter William, Robin Hood Hotel, Bridge foot
Peel William, sadler, 5 Liverpool road
Pennington & Hannah, surgeons, Gerard st.
Pennington James F., surgeon, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A., Rock House, 38 Gerard street
Pennington John, shopkeeper, 10 Gerard st.
Pierpoint William, painter, plumber, &c., Liverpool road
Pilling Josiah, milliner and draper, 27a Gerard st.; and shoe dealer, 17 Warrington road
Pilling Wm., hinge maker, Whitledge Green
Pimblett Henry, wheelwright, Wigan road
Pimblett Hugh, Harrow Inn, Edge Green
Prescott Thomas, Fleece Inn, 14 Heath road
Rampling James, shopkeeper, 64 Gerard st.
Richardson William, grocer, 7 Liverpool road
Rigby Henry, shopkeeper, Town Green
Roberts Bryan, shoe maker, 4 Gerard street
Roberts Hugh, grocer and provision dealer, 17 Golborne road
Roberts Margaret, chemist, 9 Gerard street
Roberts Mary, newsagent, stationer, and post mistress, Gerard street
Roberts Thomas, grocer, 32 Gerard street
Robins George J., surveyor to the Right Honourable Baron Gerard, of Bryn, Ashton Cross
Rose Charles, Railway Hotel, Garswood
Sanky Enoch, beer retailer, 41 Warrington road
Seddon William, shopkeeper, 6 Bolton road
Sharp William, shopkeeper, Edge Green
Shaw David & Co., lock, hinge, and Lancashire tool manufacturers, Ashton, near Newton-le-Willows
Simm Charles, plumber, &c., 7 Bolton road
Simm James, shoe maker, 4 Gerard street
Simm Joseph, clogger, Stubshaw Cross
Stock Aaron, grocer, Town Green
Simpkin Jonathan, Golden Lion Inn, 33 Gerard street
Sloper Jacob, shopkeeper, 60 Gerard street
Skene John, head gardener to the Right Honourable Baron Gerard, of Bryn, The Vista, Garswood Park
Sudworth John, shopkeeper, 33 Liverpool road
Sutton William, shopkeeper, 62 Gerard street
Swift Thomas, clock cleaner, 32 Gerard street
Swift William, beer retailer, 1 Golborne road
Swift William, grocer, 39 Gerard street
Swift William, hardware dealer and tinplate worker, 25 and 27 Gerard street
Tagg Henry, Gerard's Arms Hotel, Gerard st.
Tunstall Jane, draper, Stubshaw Cross
Tyrer Charles, beer retailer, 54 Heath road
Unsworth Peter, Bay Horse Inn, 37 Warrington road
Unsworth Robert, grocer and beer retailer, 33 Warrington road
Unsworth Wm., beer retailer, 14 Liverpool road
Valiant William, lock, &c., manufacturer (J. Whitley & Co.), 14 Gerard street
Vernon James, shopkeeper, 3 Churchgate
Vernon Margaret, dress maker, 42 Gerard st.
Vernon Mrs. Mary, 17 Gerard street
Vernon Peter, Red Lion Inn, 56 Gerard street
Vernon Richd., hinge manufacturer, Heath rd.
Vernon Wm., hinge manufacturer, Heath rd.
Wallace Elizabeth, grocer, 4 Warrington road
Walsh Patrick, confectioner, 23 Gerard street
Webb john, clothes dealer, Stubshaw Cross
Wedgwood Ann, shopkeeper, 15 Mill street
Weeks George W., clerk and steward at Haydock Lodge Retreat
Westhead Helen, shopkeeper, 8 Bolton road
Whitley John & Co., lock, hinge, & Lancashire tool manufacturers, Gerard street
Wilcock Winifred, draper, Liverpool road
Winstanley George, tailor, 10 Liverpool road
Winstanley James, nail maker, 22 Wigan road
Winstanley John, draper, &c., 5 Bolton road
Winstanley Matthew, potato merchant, Bolton road
Winstanley Thomas, watch maker & jeweller, 6 Liverpool road
Winstanley Thomas, shoe maker and clogger, Bolton road
Wood Henry, farmer and income tax collector, Stubshaw Cross
Woods William, butcher, 20 Gerard street
Wright James, grocer and provision dealer, Chapel place, Bolton road


Ambrose Joseph, Edge Green lane
Faulkner John, Long lane
Ferguson James (bailiff to Lord Gerard), Home Farm
Hurst William, Garswood Park Farm
Jenkin Peter, Edge Green
Livesley Mrs. Mary A., Eye Bridge Farm
Lyon John, Heath Lane Farm
Ogden Mrs. Sarah, Edge Green lane
Pilling William, Whitledge Green
Pimblett Joseph, Edge Green lane
Porter Richard, Long lane
Reeves Samuel, Lily lane
Rigby John, jun., Barleyman's Farm
Rigby Thomas, Town Green
Rigby William, Ashton heath
Simpkin Johnathan, Cookson's Farm
Topping Walter, Lily House Farm
Wood Henry, Poor Ground Farm, Stubshaw Cross
Wood William, Redgate Farm, Long lane
Wright James, Stock's Farm, Bolton road
Wright Thomas, Ashton Mill Farm

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