The Wigan Directory of 1881, Index to Advertisements

Index to Advertisements

Anders Jonathon, commercial and temperance hotel
Arley Main Colliery Co., coal proprietors
Ascroft William, quarry master and monumental stonemason
Baldwin John, railway waggon, cart cover, &c., manufacturer
Ballard Joseph, rope, twine and cotton banding manufacturer
Bolton Roger & Son, brassfounders and coppersmiths
Bragg J. & J., iron and tinplate workers
Bridge Richard, slate merchant
Brookes William, grocer and Italian warehouseman
Chadwick Peter, coach builder
Clephan Thomas J. S., furnishing and general ironmonger
Cripps Walter, pianoforte and musical instrument dealer
Crombie Alexander, monumental sculptor
Daniel W., saddler and harness maker
Darbyshire James, monumental mason
Davey Thomas, wholesale ironmonger, mill and colliery furnisher
Doran T., paper merchant, stationer, &c.
Farron S., brassfounder
Folkard Henry Tennyson, mining books
Green Edward & Son, fuel economiser manufacturers
Hall John, bobbin and skewer manufacturer
Healy George J., auctioneer and valuer
Higham Geoffrey, King's Arms Hotel
Hindley Field Coal Co., coal proprietors
Holderness J. T., dyer and cleaner
Hough John & Sons, boiler makers
Hubbert Zachariah, general draper
Hurst E., tailor and draper
Johnstone A. S., commercial dining rooms
Jolley R. & W., oil distillers and refiners
Kenyon G. C., watchmaker and jeweller
Kenworthy E. N., washing machine maker
Knight John, paper merchant
Lamb John & Co., oil refiners
Lythgoe R., bandmaster
Mills John, engineer, millwright, &c.
Mawson & Co., stock and share brokers
Meek Joseph & Sons, general drapers, silk mercers, &c.
Oakley John & Sons, emery and blacklead manufacturers
Pooley H. & Son, weighing machine makers
Remington C. A. & Co., oil & grease manufacturers
Rigby J. & Sons, watch and clock makers
Orme G. & Co., gas meter makers, brass founders and finishers
St. Patrick's Brass Band
Scholes Brass Foundry Co.
Simpson T. P., milliner and costumier
Smith Edward, monumental mason
Swailes John, cop tube maker
Swift John, plumber and painter
Swarbrick Thos., pawnbroker, clothier, &c.
Tickle Brothers & Addison, engineers
Spencer James & Co., weighing machine makers
Toole William, kitchen range, &c., manufacturer
Twist William, hotel proprietor
Walmsley William, coal proprietor
Wheeler Thos., flock manufacturer
Williams Miles, paint, colour and varnish manufacturer
Wilson & Harwood, pawnbrokers & clothiers
Winnard & Taylor, quarry owners and brickmakers
Woodrow & Kent, printers

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