The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, A

Wigan, A

Abbott Jane, tobacconist, 47 Wigan lane
Abbott Robert, plumber, 105 Wigan lane
Ablett Charles, joiner and builder, Garden street, Warrington lane; house, 20 Eastbourne road, Birkdale, Southport
Ablett David, joiner, 15 Garden street
Accident Insurance Co., 3 Market street, Thomas Heald, agent
Ackerley Henry, solicitor, and law clerk to the Orrell and Upholland Local Boards (Peace, Ackerley & Co.), Burtholme, Standish
Ackers Henry, engine driver, 45 Birkett bank
Acton John, whitesmith, &c. 3 Lea's court
Adams Henry, eating-house keeper, 5 Scholes
Addison William, ironfounder, &c. (Tickle, Brothers & Addison), 27 Caroline street
Ainscough Edward, White Lion Inn, 2 Hallgate
AINSCOUGH JAMES M., upholsterer & general house furnisher, 52 Market place; house, Church terrace, Standish
Ainscough John, householder, 7 Greenough street
Ainscow Jane, Spotted Cow Inn, 90 Scholefield lane
Ainsworth Jane, shopkeeper, 24 Poolstock lane
Ainsworth Martha Jane, currier, 13 Wiend; house, Spring bank, Pemberton
Ainsworth William A., currier, 59 Wallgate
Airey George, chemist, 24 Wallgate; house, 5 Park view, The Mesnes
Airey Thomas, brewer, Henhurst bridge
Airey William, beer retailer, 83 Chapel lane
Airey William Henry, clerk, 41 Poolstock lane
Albion Brewery Co. Limited, Hardybutts - D. Calderbank, manager
Alder James, carter, 38 Poolstock lane
Aldred Joseph, hairdresser, 3 & 5 Wiend; house, Holgate House, Orrell
Alexander Rev. E. P., 15 New Market st.
Alexander James, travelling draper, 1 Queen street
Alker Ann, shopkeeper, 18a Duke street
Alker James, shopkeeper, 6 Chapel lane
Alker Mrs. Jane, 58 Dicconson street
Alker John, fruiterer, fish and game dealer, 30 Market place; and farmer, Garswood, Ashton
Alker John, Woodhouses Inn, Woodhouse lane
Alker Margaret, shopkeeper, 11 Richmond street
Alker Mary Ann, shopkeeper, 51 Queen street
Alker Samuel, cab proprietor, &c., Wallgate; residence, Manor House, 19 Bishopgate
Alker Thomas, cellarman, 7 Bishopgate
ALKER WILLIAM, White Swan Inn, 120 Scholes
All Saints' Home, Bishopgate, sisters of mercy
Allan Crawford, travelling draper, 28 Church street
Allan John, tailor, 28 Church street
Allan Robert, travelling draper, 23 Dicconson street
Allen Ann, householder, 11 St. Thomas street
Allen W. J., schoolmaster (St. Catherine's), 130 Whelley
Alliance (British and Foreign) Life and Fire Assurance Co. - Mawson & Co., 23 King street; J. Smith, 27 King street; John J. D. Glencross, 26 King street; and James Saunders, Blackrod, agents
Almond George, butcher, 54 Standishgate
Almond Richard, tailor, 196 Dorning street
Alton James, quarryman, 32 York street
Anders Jonathan, Commercial & Temperance Hotel, Dorning street - See Advertisement
Anderson John, travelling draper, 14 Dicconson street
Anderson William, grocer, 134 Scholes
Anderson William, coach builder, Acton's walk, Chapel lane
Anderton John, grocer and provision dealer, 103 Wallgate; house, Lamberhead Green
Anderton John, shopkeeper, 13 Brown street
Anderton Richard, Saracen's Head Inn, 81 Wigan lane
Andrew Affleck, newsagent, 15 Great George street
Andrew John, painter, 53 Hodson street
Andrews William, shopkeeper, 1 Spring gardens
Andrews William, shopkeeper, 1 Frog lane
Andus William, hay and straw dealer, Millgate
Antrobus Robert, pawnbroker's assistant, 36 Harrogate street
Appleton & Wright, solicitors, Leader's Buildings, 31a King street
Appleton Charles, solicitor (Appleton & Wright), Greenhill, Wigan lane
Ardern William, Regent Inn, 81 Greenough street
Arkwright James, clogger, 60 Greenough street
Arkwright Peter, clogger and shoemaker, 176 Wallgate
Arkwright Joseph, miner, 142 Poolstock lane
Arkwright Robert, labourer, 130 Frog lane
Armstrong John, traveller, 114 Standishgate
Arrowsmith Helen, dressmaker, 9 Oxford street
Arrowsmith John, mechanic, 36 Vaughan street
Arrowsmith John, coal dealer, 45 Hardybutts
Arrowsmith John, Brown Cow Inn, 67 Queen street
Arrowsmith Margaret M., milliner, 18 Orchard street
Arrowsmith William, shopkeeper, 79 Chapel lane
Ascroft Joseph, beer retailer, Darlington street east
Ashcroft Moses, shopkeeper, 96 Whelley
Ashton & Son, saddlers, 16 Wiend
Ashton Mrs Cecilia, 7 New Lodge, Wigan lane
Ashton Miss Ellen, 1 Upper Dicconson street
Ashton Henry, foreman, 94 Darlington street east
Ashton James, clogger, 99 Wigan lane
Ashton James, Rising Sun Inn, 79 Hallgate
Ashton James Fairbourn, tobacconist, New buildings, top of Wallgate, and 40 Market place; house, 4 Upper Dicconson street
Ashton John, sadler (Ashton & Son), 8 Marsh lane
Ashton John, boiler inspector, 93 Poolstock lane
Ashton Richard, painter, 14 Clarence street
Ashton Robert, solicitor, perpetual commissioner, and agent to the Royal, Exchange, and the Great Britain Mutual (Life) Insurance Co.'s, the Quadrant, King street; residence, Southport
Ashton Thomas, wholesale fish dealer, 6 Ellen street, and Fish Market
Ashton William, clerk, 43 Great George st.
Ashton William, bricklayer, 195 Dorning st.
Ashurst John, draper, 88 Scholefield lane, and 96 Market Hall
Ashurst Margaret, milliner and draper, 38 Wigan lane
Ashurst Samuel, joiner and cabinet maker, 29 Longshoot, Scholes
Ashurst William, clothier's assistant, 4 Turner street
Ashurst William, brass finisher, 18 Church street
Aspinall Isaac, coal agent, Sovereign Mill House, Warrington lane
Aspinall James, beer retailer, 5 Pottery
Aspinall James, coal merchant, 21 Upper Dicconson street
Aspinall John, blacksmith, 4 Brookhouse street
Aspinall Moses, miner, 73 Poolstock lane
ASPINALL RICHARD, grocer, beer retailer and pork butcher, 91 and 93 Wallgate
Aspinall Thomas, agent, 14 Swinley lane
Aspinall, Turner & Co., manufacturers, Scholefield lane, and 33 Peter street, Manchester
Aspinall William, joiner, 9 St. Thomas st.
Astley Daniel, manager (Albion Brewery), 32 Darlington street
Aston Walter, china dealer, King street; house, 29 Freckleton street
Atherton & Platt, plumbers, glaziers, and gasfitters, 33 Hallgate
Atherton Ann, Fleece Inn, 65 Scholes
Atherton Henry, grocer, Mesnes street; house, 33 New Market street
Atherton Henry, shopkeeper, 44 Scholefield lane
Atherton James, shopkeeper, 34 Scholefield lane
Atherton John, manager, 95 Poolstock lane
Atherton Mary, shopkeeper, 68 Frog lane
Atherton John, plumber (Atherton & Platt), 17 St. Thomas street
Atherton William, manager, 78 Dicconson street
Atkinson Elizabeth, householder, 5 Greenough street
Atkinson John, manager, 38 Poolstock lane
Atkinson Joseph, goods manager (L. & N. W.), 21 Scarisbrick street
Atkinson William, pawnbroker, 8 Chapel lane
Atlas Insurance Office, 22 Rodney street - Robert Halliwell, agent
Atty Thomas William, grocer's manager, 39 New Market street
Austin Joseph, shopkeeper, 10 Chapel lane
Austin Thomas, beer retailer, Duke street

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