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Local Poetry

Angels  By Sue Ward

When a door quite suddenly opens
And no one seems to be there
When something seems to rush pass you
And lovingly touches your hair
Don't be afraid never show any fear
They mean you no harm at all
It's someone who dearly loves you
Just letting you know they're still here

The shape of a cloud that forms in the sky
The breeze that blows on your face
The kiss on your cheek from a butterfly
Is something quite hard to erase
The sound of a bird trying to make itself heard
The one perching high in a tree
Could almost be saying your never alone
Just stop and listen to me

When sometimes trouble surrounds you
And things get too hard to bear
An Angels wing wraps around you
Although you won't know that they're there
An Angel will always be with you
You'll never be apart
Always there to love and protect you
They're someone who's close to your heart