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Local Poetry

Moving  By Sue Ward

I think we should move the wife said today
The kids have grown up and have now moved away
The place is too big for just us two
We need something smaller with a downstairs loo
We've a Porch and Conservatory and bloomin big Hall
A garden so big you don't hear when I call
A nice liitle bungalow would do us ok
We don't need to move too far away
I'll get ont computer and log ont net
There'll be something on there for us you can bet

She surfed for an hour then shouted "Come here"
I've found something for us that is quite near
There's no need to change and we don't need the car
Cause we won't be travelling all that far
It's got all that we need and it's all on one floor
And the best thing of all is it's only next door