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Local Poetry

Shopping  By Sue Ward

When I got on the bus the other day
I talked to myself along the way
Just try very hard not to buy any clothes
You've far too many God only knows
You've dresses and trousers still bearing their tag
So many the shelves are begining to sag
There are shoes still in boxes and bags by their side
I could do with a wardrobe 100ft wide

The first shop I entered I started to browse
I just could'nt resist trying on a blouse
I came out empty handed I'm happy to say
That blouse wiill keep for another day

As I walked down the street in quiet elation
I saw the sign British Heart Foundation!
I donated a huge bag of things last week
But I'll just nip in and have a quick peek

Never been worn the label said
A pair of shoes in a gorgeous red
Just my size so no need to try
Just five pounds so I had to buy

I took them home and to my surprise
I found a bag same colour, right size
How daft I have been I suddenly thought
It was a pair of my own shoes I'd actually bought