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Local Poetry

Mary  By Stephen Corless

Ah knew this owd woman cawd Mary
Oo'd bin married five decades t' Bill
It's a touchin' story is theirs too
They wus so much in love, still

As they sat across breakfast table
Shi said, "Lookin' back down the years"
"Wiv 'ad some grand times together
Up to now, where eternity nears

"Let's get naked," shi continued, smilin'
Like we did when our luv wus so good, eh
So they both stripped off an sat down again
Facin' each other in t' nuddy

"Ah still feel some passion fer thee Bill, shi said
Ah still think there's summat thas got
An Ah'm feelin quite cool all over
But both o' me nipples are 'ot"

Bill said, "Ah think Ah con explain that
Although tha might think as Ah'm 'orrid
Thi left tit's drooped in thi coffee cup
An thi right one is dunked in thi porridge