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Local Poetry

Joyce  By Stephen Corless

"Supposin'anythin' 'appens to me"
Said our Joyce to me t' other night
"If Ah died would you gerra new woman"
Ah hummed an then said, "Aye, I might"

Then would tha move that woman in 'ere
Fert live, like you wus in wedlock
So Ah thought fer a minute, strokin' me chin
An said, "Mmm, Ah think that Ah would cock

"Then" said our Joyce quite firmly
Would tha both sleep upstairs in our bed
Ah wus gerrin a bit annoyed by now so
Said, Aye, Aye, noddin' me 'ead

"An would this woman use my golfclubs,
whenever shi plays," Joyce demanded
Ah dint know what do, so simply replied
"Don't be daft luv, lass is left handed"