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Local Poetry

Two Ladies  By Paul Brown

© Paul Brown (paulbrowncarter7 at gmail.com)

I have two ladies that come in on Saturdays
From the second there in it becomes a chatterday
There sordid affairs are my secrets to keep
We joke and we argue we laugh and we weep
One of them is blonde and the other ones dark
It's sinful sometimes what they say and remark
There happy times together I know all about them
There laughing and smiles strikes fear among men
Now there's a point the men in there lives
Get used and then dropped they forget they are wives
With children and homes and husbands to tend
When there out all alone the fun never ends
If grey clouds come over its all doom and gloom
There worries and fears can silence a room
So when there filled with dispere no milk or honey
You can generally guess its all about money
I think it's amazing how they manage sometimes
They are there for each other through good & bad times
You could say one is shy and the other ones bold
And ones always warm and the other ones always cold
One holds more secrets and ones a bit flighty
It's no secret to know so I'll mention the nighty
They can party all night and let themselves go
But they stop just in time just in time to say no
I could say not spring chickens but who really cares
In there hearts they are winners who wins is who dares
I could tell you more secrets but I won't they are mine
In a book I may write them to last for all time
There'll be a chapter on both headed just after Fridays
But there my two ladies and they come in on Saturdays