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Local Poetry

I'll Be Your Angel  By Paul Brown

© Paul Brown (paulbrowncarter7 at gmail.com)

How much would you pay for my life
Tell me I could clear some debts
Everyone's life has a price
Hey listen I have no regrets
I've suffered I've loved and I've learned
And bad things I try to forget
Raw is how I feel teetering just on a ledge
All open with no protection
Push me I'll go over the edge
So he went out and had an affair
And you cant take no more of his lying
Hey look closely at others around you
Look at me over here I'm dyeing
What have I done with this life
And what legacy would I like to leave
Maybe some words of a forgotten truth
Its wrong to lie and deceive
When I step back in time I'm reminded
Just the cent or the feel of a leaf
But when it comes if I'm open and honest
Brings an echo of some greater relief
Some angels have incredible wings
And carefully fan out the flames
I say they do everyday things
Like be there when your going insane
Angels are like drops of rain
When your covered your chilled to the bone
Each one little drop that kisses your pain
Can smash rocks in a heart of stone
When you look at the symbol of a cross
Just try to picture my face
With sweet drops of rain I'll send you my love
And surround you with a warm embrace
So when its raining outside remember
Smile cause I'll be by your side
Weather June or July or November
When I'm gone I'm still here I've just died