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Local Poetry

A Backward Glance  By Paul Brown

© Paul Brown (paulbrowncarter7 at gmail.com)

You walked away without a glance
Without a thought for me
To someone else,a new love
You had grown tired of me
But I still care,I always will
Good memories I posses
Of stolen kisses,touching hands
And a loving warm caress
A backward glance could tell allot
Like things we shared were not forgot
And even though we have grown apart
You will remember in your heart
A backward glance to show regret
A loss of what we had
To show the world we fought for love
But it's now ended very sad
Then you walked away with your chin up high
I watched you pass and I wanted to cry
I never thought this would happen to me
But you will be back in time with me you will see
To share the feelings we once had
And re-light a dieing flame
Then create a fire from the ashes
Never to burn out again
In life we make our own paths
And decide along the way
Left then right and left again
Not fate as some would say
We were born to be together
Living life day after day
Take a backward glance,and look hard
Come back to me what do you say