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Local Poetry

The Angel Behind Me  By Paul Brown

© Paul Brown (paulbrowncarter7 at gmail.com)

No more lonley rainbows
Filled with sadness and nothing to do
You're my somwhere over the rainbow
Where my dreams realy do come true
All my life I have wanted to go there
I have imagined the time and the place
Where the sun always shines on an island of dreams
And its there when I look at your face
Now I'm there where the sun shines all of the time
And it's hard to remember the days
When i was lonley and sad holding on to my dreams
Hoping for happiness forever and always
When I look back on my life so far
It's like an elevator stopping at floors
Where I get off for a while and live part of my life
Until someone comes and closes the doors
I now realize that the someone who closes the doors
Is the angel behind me with a magical glow
Taking me on to the next floor of my life
And another part of my journey over the rainbow
Sometimes when I watch you sleeping at night
And the moonlight refects on your face
You're like a Mexican night full of passion and hope
And I know that I'm in the right place
If I were asked where I think is the safest place
Where I would be protected from all natures harm
Some would say with you're friends or family indeed
But I would say when I'm tight in your arms
I used to think that the angel behind me
Would be a person that I once knew
Like my grandpa or an uncle who has passed away
Now it's clear to me that's not true
The day that I met you and looked deep in your eyes
I saw my future in a magical view
See it seems that I have known you forever
Because the angel behind me is you.