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Local Poetry

Mother and Son  By Paul Brown

© Paul Brown (paulbrowncarter7 at gmail.com)

A mother to me will always accept
And never show you the door
Your the face of adversity and my axis
Your all that and much much more
When I feel down and alone
And I sit thinking of you
I'm eager to pick up the phone
But just to know that your there
Is very often enough
To take me out of my lonely despair
In life we make our own paths
We must walk along step by step
Living and learning and loving
And then giving as much as we get
You have given me so much loving
And I learn so much more everyday
I try to forgive those against me
To go on living my life my own way
You must be an angel,you've never judged me
Or any of your children I might say
And when I make a mistake on the journey
You've helped me not hindered my way
Although I don't see you everyday
And I'm only an hour away
At times it can feel like a million miles
So to hear you I call you that day
You can lift up my spirit
Like only a mother can do
Help me blow through the smoke if I'm blind
Or do it for me if you had to
I'm sure that a mother would die for her child
Or cut off an arm or two
I know deep in my heart you would do it for me
And if you asked I would do it for you
I'm the youngest of your seven
And I'll always be your baby I know
But I'm proud of the way you've lifted your wing
To let me fly and prosper and grow
Like a chip off the block,at times I'm reminded of you
Cause a moment in an action,is all it takes
And I know it's just what you would do
Each day that your there just an hour away
Gives me hope and the strength to go on
Cause were stuck together today and always
It's the bond between a mother and son