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Local Poetry

Faith  By Paul Brown

© Paul Brown (paulbrowncarter7 at gmail.com)

Faith is a belief, for us to choose and to decide
Not have it forced on you, when you're only a child
I despise the way preachers, see only the one side
Please open your eyes, the picture's more wide
Stop preaching to the masses, what they should believe
Allow people the freedom, from lies and deceit
A child only knows, what it learns from adults
And with devastating consequences, we all see the results
Death and destruction, in the name of a faith
Incites hatred and vengeance, among all human race
One sided stories, with no truth to behold
Without contradiction, only lies will unfold
Behind all of humanity, lie's a fundamental flaw
We accept what were told, in the name of the law
Not everything we hear, is honest and true
We must be more careful, and judge what we do
Be responsible for our words, in a world full of lies
And preach only to ourselves, what we see with our eyes
Stop hoping for peace, when mankind is destructive
We should all try and help, somehow be more productive
We all have our dreams, for a life with no fear
Be generous and kind and hold close what is dear
To have faith is to believe, it's a personal devotion
For our private deliverance, and to address our emotion
To believe in a feeling, is our freedom of choice
In what ever form that takes, but don't use your voice
It's for only yourself, to unravel and unwind
And allow people the freedom, to accept all mankind
The world is a mix, of different colours and cultures
Beware of the voices, which come from the vultures
There greed and unreason, can destroy what you feel
If you can see it and touch it, you know that it's real
Be open and honest and true to yourself
The ones who obliterate will be left on the shelf
Keep alive in your heart that there has to be reasons
For the winter and summer to follow the seasons
What we can see with our eyes and touch with our hands
Like flowers in spring or the hot desert sands
Will support what you feel and keep you alive
Faith is a bonus, for you to choose, you decide