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Local Poetry

Lucky  By Mandy Brown

Such a friend I'd never had
Until the day we met ;
Chestnut eyes that looked so sad,
Small black nose so wet.

Shiny hair,both black and gold,
Ears that twitch and flutter ;
Upright stance, so proud, so bold,
You melt my heart like butter.

Little tail that wags with glee,
Paws that Pitter Patter ;
Little round tummy that waits for tea,
I think it's getting fatter !!!

The way you move your little head,
You listen with intent
For walkies, dinner, bone and bed,
And every word that's said.

You have a language all your own
Of grunts and barks and squawks ;
You even like to have a moan
If I am late for walks !

You don't like getting damp or wet,
Or just a little mucky ;
You are my life, not just my pet,
My darling little Lucky.