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Local Poetry

Wigan Rugby - Simply The Best  By Keith I. Platt - October, 1995

The Wigan teams of the past ten years
have a galaxy of stars contained.
They've graced the turf the whole world o'er;
highest standards of teamwork have been attained.
We've seen records broken, and surpassed,
with trophies won year after year.
Excellence set for others to follow,
but up to now, no other club comes near.

Sheer hard work, sweat and dedication,
with professionalism to the n'th degree,
have turned good players into mega-stars,
and kept the club at the top of the tree.
Silky skills combined with power;
some imported, many home-grown.
Playing rugby with pride, with passion.
Displaying a brand seldom before seen.

The artistry of Aussies Steve Ella,
mercurial Kenny and magical Miles;
the unerring accuracy of Kiwi Frano,
have kept the terraces wreathed in smiles.
And the All-Blacks power of Inga,
Dean Bell, the Iros, Shelford and West,
have proved, beyond doubt, the Wigan Board
strive always to sign "Simply the Best."

The Wigan-born talents of Gregory,
Edwards, Lydon, Hampson and Clarke,
Farrell, Dermott, Lucas, Forshaw and Co.
So often have graced their own Central Park.
Other British big-money signings
Have given cause to shout and sing;
By witnessing the grace of Offiah in full flight,
And the sheer perfection of Ellery the King.

The elusive skills of Robinson and Paul,
often bring a dour game to life.
Whilst the awesome power of super-Kel
leaves many opponents in pain and strife.
And when we signed Platty and Connolly,
to Saints fans Wigan were sinners.
But you can't really blame the players;
after all, they only wanted to be winners.

One star, in this galaxy, outshines them all.
He's been at the club from the start.
Shaun Edwards; epitome of all things rugby,
on his sleeve proudly displays his Wigan heart.

In the coaching, Clarke set the foundation.
Bettered by Lowe, then Monie, now West.
The big man really proved his critics wrong,
winning the lot in his first year's test.

The "experts" all say that Wigan's success
is definitely not good for the game.
Instead, they should preach the opposite;
to encourage other clubs to strive for the same.

Long may the success continue,
for many more years to come.
May the silverware keep on returning
to its rightful Central Park home.

The Board have laid a rosy future.
The youth policy continues to thrive.
And with the blend of seasoned experience,
To achieve perfection they'll always strive.

More challenges come in the future.
The Super League our mettle will test.
But I'm confident, as are thousands more,
that Wigan will remain "SIMPLY THE BEST."