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Local Poetry

Belle Vue Zoo  By Dave Marsh

Belle Vue Revisited is a nice site worth a visit.

Greeting gibbons,
Whooping wildly,
Begin the magic
Of the day.
Say "Good Morning"
As I'm passing
Birds of prey.

Busy keepers,
Two hours cleaning,
Wheeling last nights
Muck away.
Now the clean straw,
Smelling sweetly.
Deer and antelope
chew fresh hay.

What rare delights
The Zoo could offer,
A world wide tour
For half-a-crown.
Visit jungle,plain
And river,
Just a bus ride
From the Town.

A hundred years
And more had passed,
Since Belle Vue Zoo
First opened her doors.
So glad. I could not
See her future,
The sad, sad end
That lay in store.