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Local Poetry

Goi'nt Pictures  By Dave Marsh

At the end of the week,
on each Friday neet,
Wid all go to t' pictures
For a ten penny treat.
There were lots to choose from,
about six or seven.
Centre o' town was a picture house heaven.
Wid pay seven pence for t' ticket
and make our way in.
Woman wit' torch would say,
"less of thi din."
Wid sit ont' front row
to get the best view.
At the Pav. was an organ
With a mon playing tunes.
Fust there'd be adverts
and whats comin soon,
followed bite news
and a Disney cartoon.
After that, little picture
would flick onto t' screen.
We loved The Three Stooges
before our ice-cream.
Next onto t' big picture
that would last rest o't neet.
Wid sit there all silent
ont' edge of our seats.
And tha knows, it were different,
'cos very last thing
Wid all stand to attention
for God Save The King.