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Local Poetry

Whalley's Pet Shop  By Dave Marsh

Dust remember Whalleys pet shop
Up Wiend it wer a treat
Fot gother on a Satdi
Fot ger our dog is meat.

Ont door was a parrot
Wot screeched all oer town
Ont floor a box of tortoises
Ud cost thi arf a crown

Fust wid look at fishes
Frogs and lizards too
All in rows in fish tanks
Tha thout tha was at zoo.

Then off up sturs in hurry
Wid see all sorts o things
Rats un mice un ferrets
Un canaries wat cud sing.

Once there was a munky
sat gawpin in is cage
We started pullin faces
He flew off in a rage.

Last wid luke at puppies
They reminded me of Sam
Waitin for his tin o meat
So off down Wiend we ran.