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Local Poetry

Oh Baby  By Carole Walker

The doctor's arrival alerted us all
He was going to see poor fat Mrs. Ball
Some said if he came with his bag, maybe
Inside it would be a brand new baby

We watched as he stood there trim and neat
Then gasped as he lifted his bag from the seat
We listened for surely a baby would cry
But no sound emerged as he rushed quickly by

We stood and we waited for some kind of motion
When all at once there was a commotion
One shouted pull, another said push
Mrs. Brown screamed out loud and then there was hush

What had happened? Our tongues started to wag
We knew it, the baby was stuck in that bag
Why bring a new baby squashed up in that way
Now we wouldn't see it, they'd take it away

All of a sudden we heard a loud smack
The doctor screamed "breath" and a baby screamed back
By this time our street had gathered a crowd
And everyone cheered and shouted out loud

Mr. Brown and the doctor flung open the door
And announced the arrival of Albert Joe
"We're getting a new baby" I heard my friend brag
I just hope the doctor gets a much bigger bag.