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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 67 - 1691

Box 1   Roll 67  Michaelmas Leet  October 3rd  1691

Mayor                  Thomas Cooper

Benchers               Ralph Markland
                       Robert Letherbarrow

Recorder               Bertie Entwistle

Town Clerk             Ralph Bancks
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Bailiffs               Gilbert son of James Ford
                       Richard Blackburne

Attornies              Robert Mason
                       Richard Letherbarrow

Serjeants              William Finch
                       Robert Baldwine

Market Street          Thomas Winstanley
                       Edward Burdikin

Wallgate               William Ashton
                       Henry Winkley

Hallgate               John Fairclough
                       William Deane

Scoles                 James Pemberton
                       James Delroy

Standishgate           William Farbrother
                       Edward Eldersell

Millgate               Henry Kerbie
                       William Harvie

Woodhouses             Henry Whalley
                       Thomas Leyland

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Surveyors of           Ralph Wood
Bread and Beer         Adam Battersby

Surveyors of           Thomas Edelleston
Flesh and Fish         Gilbert Leigh

Treasurers             William Scott
                       Adam Bancks

Church Clerk           Gerard Bancks

Searchers and Sealers  Roger Scott
of Leather             Thomas Mortt

Bellman                John Laithwaite

Box 1.  Roll 67   Michaelmas Leet October 3rd 1691
Alice Boys widow for allowing her swine to stray in Market

Gilbert Wood butcher for keeping a hound - fined 6s. 8d.

James Layland the younger for keeping a beagle - fined 6s. 8d.

Alexander Leigh for allowing his dunghill to "Press downe
the yard of William Baldwine Shoemaker"

Jane the wife of John Fartlouch and Sarah Battersby - abuse

The said Jane and Elizabeth the wife of James Layland - the

Edward Heaton and Mr Wickliffe and Mr James Scoulfield -
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Margery Mortt for allowing her swine to stray

John Unsworth "for suffereing his greate Sowe to goe att
large and to spoile Hugh Barons Garden three severall times"

Oliver Ashurst, William Ashton, and Thomas Edleston for
allowing their swine to stray.

William Smith "for suffereing the streete to lye undressed
over against his Middnegstide in the Walgate."

James Greene, William Greene and Elizabeth widow for allowing
their swine to stray

Thomas and Henry Greenhaugh - foreigners

John Foster, Mary Burges and James Browne for allowing their
swine to stray

Thomas Ford the elder and Ralph Leigh for harbouring William
Seddon and Richard Hughson.

Mr Robert Penington and William Harvey smith bound over

Thomas Carter and Hugh Wood - assault

Ralph Prescott for abusing Anne Prescott widow and the said
Anne for abusing Elizabeth the wife of Richard Prescott and
Margery Orecton.

Thomas Edleston for harbouring Thurstand Edleston a foreigner

Christopher Anderton and Hugh Bullocke - assault
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Elizabeth the wife of Mr Lawrence Anderton and Ellen the
wife of Roger Bullocke - abuse

Mrs Lydia Bancks for not making the fence between her
tenement and Mr John Slingers

John Jolly tailor "for haunting the Backeside of Arthur
Fords att untimely houres of the night and hackininge att
his Windowes and for many foule and Approbrious words."

Mr Richard Hindley and John Laithwaite barber - assault

Alice Boyes widow for harbouring Joseph Rigby and his wife.

Mr Thomas Martin for allowing a heap of clay to lie in

Arthur Ford "for pulling downe a gate in the Backeside of
John Jolly"

Ishmael Bibby for not making up the wall between his house
and John Houghton's

Margaret Catterall for harbouring Edward Heaton

Richard Prescott for abusing Anne Prescott

Thomas Bubler for an assault with the drawing of blood on
John Rothwell.

Thomas son of James Tarleton for an assault on Mr Ward.

William Rigby, Alice Markland, Jonathon Standish, James
Kenyon for harbouring Thomas Greenhaugh, Alice Lowe, James
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Voydall and John Walls foreigners

Henry, William, Myles and James Tompson, William Cooper,
Edward Moorecrofte, James Cooper and Thomas Fazakerley for
taking away timber from the chapel in Millgate on the
Sabbath day -

The Bailiffs to pay the church clerk 40s. for tending the

No one under the degree of Knight to be sworne a burgess,
except those elected by a jury.

All foreigners to pay 2d. a load for malt sold by them in
the town as well as toll

The Bailiffs not to exceed £3 for the expence of the next
great fair

The Bailiffs not to exceed 40s. "at any Judges Treate"

The Recorders salary to be £6

Mr John Aughey fined 10s. for calling Bailiff Blackburne
"drunken dogg" before the jury.

The town mill leased to Robert Foster for 7 years at a
yearly rent of £15.

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Box 1.  Roll 67   Michaelmas Leet   1691
Petitions &c.
Petition of Joseph Rigby of Coppull carpenter, who had "made
divers good and large houses" at Liverpool and elsewhere,
to be made a freeman.

Petition of Richard Hughson wheelwright, who had rented a
house called "Lowe tenement," to be made a freeman.

Petition of Alexander Tyrer cooper, to be made a freeman-

Petition of James Scolefield of Rochdale scrvener, who had
lately married Ellen the daughter of Mrs Totty and who had
taken a house in Wallgate, to be made a freeman

Complaint of Richard Ince, John Smith, Oliver Worthington,
Seth Prescott, Henry Whalley and Adam Battersby for them-
selves and the other carpenters, joiners and coopers, that
Joseph Rigby, William Pemberton, Alexander Tyrer, Richard
Hughson, John Wilkinson and Jeremiah Scott who were working
at those trades without being freemen.

Petition of Charles Wickliffe of Ormskirk who had lately
Married Anne the daughter of Mrs Totty to be made a freeman.

Petition of Gilbert Ford the elder, William Laithwaite and
John Parr for themselves and the other inhabitants of Scoles
to have some of the £4 which they had spent on the repair of
Boy Well refunded - £2 to be allowed them.

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