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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 66 - 1691

Box 1.  Roll 66  Easter Leet April 18th  1691
Thomas Marsden for not making the fences between his house
and those of Richard Aspinall and Thurstan Mather.

Margaret the wife of Laurence Ormerode for abusing Elizabeth
Bancks widow

Mr Richard Blackburne for allowing his swine to stray.

William Scott for harbouring John Ward a foreigner

Thomas Butler and Lionel Ormishawe for assault with the
drawing of blood

Thomas Tarleton and John Lloyd for the same

Oliver Whalley and Alexander Leigh for not making their
yarding between Pennihurst Close and Gerard Meadow

George Walthew and Jane Heapey for allowing their swine
to stray

Robert Hollinshedd for allowing a heap of muck to lie in
the street.

Mr Thomas Martin for allowing timber to lie in Standishgate
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Arthur Ford for not ditching the ditch between Mr Sumpner's
meadow (now in Ford's possession) and Owler Hey.

James Pattricke and Thomas Pilkington for not keeping the
highways in Woodhouses in good repair

Katherine the wife of John Jolly and Anne Prescott widow -

Mrs Totty for harbouring Mr Whitley and his wife

Mr Scoulfield and his wife foreigners

18 April 1691
The occupiers of Mr Bancks Mill "for not repaireing of the
Copp belonging to the Damm or Watercourse leading and
runing to the said mell all alonge the little Common Soe
that the water runs through the Said Copp to the prejudice
of the said little Common And the way leading over the
same to the Free Grammar Schoole and soe betwixt the Streetes
called Standishgate and the Scoles"

William Gerard for an assault on Henry Rowe gentleman

Mr Robert Penington for an assault with the drawing of blood,
on Mr Richard Blackburn and his wife

Henry Bullocke for following the trade of a linen weaver
not having served 7 years apprenticeship.

William Ford for taking his brother Thomas as apprentice
without paying his entrance money - guilty
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Elizabeth the wife of Richard Blackburne "for throweing of
Water upon Robert Penington gentleman"

Mr James Scott, Charles Legh, Elizabeth Totty widow, John
Unsworth, Alexander Legh, Elizabeth Langshawe widow, Ralph
Langshawe, Katherine Belsher widow, William Langshawe, Robert
Belsher, Elizabeth Bancks and Mary Burges widow for
selling ale without a licence.

Mr Richard Blackburne for an assault on Mr Robert Penington

Mr Robert Ford for an assault on Thomas Ince

Tha Bailiffs to pay the Clerk out of the Leys 20s. for
ringing the 9 o'clock bell.

William Heyes for encroaching on John Bullockes land near
the Fagaleane

Thomas Eddleston and Margery Mort for allowing their swine
to stray

John Holland for harbouring Mrs Evis Turner

Elizabeth Bancks widow for allowing her swine to stray

Grace Harpur for not making the yard between Broomfield and
Daybancke Close

26 May 1691 Lawrence Anderton and Robert Ford who had been
elected aldermen and for two years had not attended the Mayor,
two others to be chosen in their place
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 Box 1.  Roll 66   Easter Leet   1691
Petitions &c.
Undertaking of the Inhabitants of Worsley to receive John
Ward of Worsley in the parish of Eccles labourer who wished
to live in Scoles, at any time it might be necessary.

Complaint of the inhabitants of the Liberty of Woodhouses
that the "Layes" were lessened and decayed "by concerting
the same into severall streets" especially by Heoresbridge.

Petition of William Pemberton of Goulborne late of Aspull
tuner to be allowed to work in Wigan - allowed on good

Petition of William Ashton and Gilbert Leigh for themselves
and other inhabitants of Wallgate, that they might place
potatoes for sale near the stone well on Markey day - allowed

Petition of Edward Hibbert who was possessed of a burgage
in Wallgate leased from Mr Peter Marsh, deceased, in right
of his wife Mary daughter of Joseph Kaddy -

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