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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 65 - 1690

Box 1.  Roll 65  Michaelmas Leet October 4th  1690

Mayor               Thomas Bancks

Benchers            Robert Baron
                    Robert Letherbarrow

Recorder            Bertie Entwistley
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Town Clerk          Ralph Bancks

Bailiffs            William Scott bellfounder
                    Adam Bancks of Scoles

Attornies           Robert Masson
                    Richard Letherbarrow

Serjeants           William Finch
                    Robert Baldwin

Market Street       William Smith
                    --Mr. Scott

Wallgate            John ]Barlow?]
                    Thomas Deane

Hallgate            John Staples
                    William Keffer

Scoles              Thomas Bamber
                    Peter Balden

Standishgate        George Mawdsley
                    Alexander Mosse

Millgate            Samuel Rigby
                    Thurstan Mather

Woodhouses          Hugh Cooper
                    James Bamber
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Surveyors of        Ralph Wood
Bread and Beer      Robert Battersby

Surveyors of        Thomas Butler
Fish and Flesh      Ralph Langshaw

Treasurers          John Markland
                    Gilbert Ford

Church Clerk        Gerrard Bancks

Searchers, Sealers  Edward Markland
and Registerers     James Baldwin
of Leather

Bellman             John Laithwaite

Box 1.   Roll 65  Michaelmas Leet October 4th  1690
James Anderton Esq and John Laithwaite - assault

Robert Finch for allowing his dog to go unmuzzled

Mr Baldwine, the mayor for allowing his swine to stray,
Elizabeth Buckley and William Smith the same

Robert Mason for an assault with the drawing of blood upon
William Mortt

Roger Almond for stopping a watercourse between his tenement
and William Battersby's

Jonathon Standish for harbouring two foreigners
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Robert Turner the younger for an assault on Mr William

Mary Finch widow, Margery Mortt widow and Thomas Eddleston
for allowing their swine to stray.

Barnett Booth and Mr Whiteley - foreigners

John Waterson for neglecting his ditch in a close called
the Toft.

Francis Jackson gentleman for neglecting his ditch between
the Lower Banisters Meadow and the Weeticars

Mr Robert Ford for allowing timber to lie in Millgate

James Molineux for allowing a heap of clay to lie in Millgate,
and Thurstan Mather for the same

William Hartcliffe for allowing his swine to stray

James Letherbarrow and Margaret the wife of Thomas Ford
bedder for abusing Gilbert Langshawe

Thomas Nightgale for assaulting Thomas Blackhurst

Thomas Greenhaugh and his wife foreigners harboured by
William Rigby.

Thomas Ford for annoying Nathan Gleaves.

James Hollinhead for allowing yarding to fall to the
prejudice of William Laithwaite.
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Jane Farbrother for harbouring James Tucker a foreigner

Mr Baldwine the Mayor for neglecting his ditch

Ellen Clarke for harbouring her daughter Jane with her
bastard child

The gatewaiters ordered to present all hounds, greyhounds
and beagles before the end of the Leet

October 25th  Presentments
James Scott alderman for keeping a greyhound

Mr Entwistley for allowing "one great dogg" to go unmuzzled

Mr Thomas Anderton and Mr Parr for keeping greyhounds.

Jeffrey Scott for allowing his "Great Bitch" to go
unmuzzled, Henry Fleetwood for the same

Robert Hollinshead for allowing a dunghill to lie in the

Mrs Alington for allowing her great dog to go unmuzzled,
Richard Holme for the same.

Mr Hugh Jolly for keeping a greyhound, Mr Ralph Deane for
the same. James Leland for keeping a beagle, Gilbert Wood
for keeping a hound

James Molineux and Robert Crouchley for keeping greyhounds.

Robert Finch for allowing his dog to go unmuzzled.
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Thomas Wood for allowing his swine to stray

Richard Tootell for allowing 2 "Flesh Stockes" to stand in
the street at night.

Nathan Gleave for harbouring William Pemberton a foreigner

Mr Bancks to put a rail to the bridge leading into Great
Water Hey.

The Recorder to be paid £4 a year

Ralph Deane and Robert Masson elected overseers of the Town

The Clerk to look after the clock

6s.8d. allowed for the repair of the Bogwell and the well
at the bottom of Millgate.

Laurence Marsden presented for keeping a greyhound

Box 1.  Roll 65
Petitions &c.  Michaelmas Leet 1690
Petition of Henry Whaley of Aspull cooper, who had leased a
tenement from Mr James Harvey, called Buckley House in
Woodhouses, to be made a freeman - allowed

Petition of John Waterson, who had lived in Wigan for 17 years
and had "a Considerable place in the post office att
Warrington And being very prudent and Industrious in his
said place", to be made a freeman
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Complaint of James and Thomas Ford coverlet weavers, that
Thomas Blackhurst tallow chandler had for the last 6 months
used the trade of coverlet weaver never having been
apprenticed &c.

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