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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 64 - 1690

Box 1  Roll 64  Easter Leet  April  26th  1690
James Anderson and Laurence Marsden to be of good behaviour

Richard Aspinall, Edward Aspinall, and James Bullocke for
harbouring Mrs Harden, Mr Langton and wife, Mr Piew and
wife, and Mrs Evis.

John Clare for allowing his pigs to stray

Oliver Worthington and Mary Burges widow - abuse

Mrs Lidia Bancks for not repairing the bridge between the
Great Water Hey and the Little Common "soe that their
Majesties Leigh people cannot passe and goe over but in
greate danger of falling into Douglas"

John Wetherby and Alexander Foster - assault

The Mayor and Edward Buckley for allowing their swine to

Mary Bavington for abusing John Morris and his wife.

Elizabeth Ashton widow and Elizabeth Tottie widow, for
harbouring Mary Marsh widow and Mr Whiteley and his wife -

Edward Hibbard a foreigner

Alexander Mosse and Richard Houghton assault with the drawing
of blood

Alexander Mosse and William Houghton - assault
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Richard Haughton and John Yates - assault with the drawing
of blood.

Richard Boyes for harbouring Johathon Sale and his wife

William Nevell for allowing his swine to stray

Thomas Blackhurst for abusing James Letherbarrow gatewaiter

Lyonell Ormishaw and Roger Leigh gatewaiter fined 3s. 4d.
each for neglect of duty.

Mr Jameson a foreigner, fined 40s.

William Laithwaite for not cleaning 9 rods of ditch between
the Jew? Fields and the highway in Woodhouses

Robert Mason elected attorney in place of William Browne
lately deceased.

John Sumpner presented Oliver Worthington "for sayeing hee
cared not a fact for the said John Sumpner when hee came
to charge the said Oliver and Mary Burges with the peace"

William Langshaw for brewing and selling ale without a
licence and Elizabeth Tottie and John Jolly for the same

Mrs Ellen Pilkington for swearing 3 profane oaths.

Margaret the wife of Oliver Worthington for stealing a flazen
sheet from Elizabeth Bamber widow and Alice the wife of
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Robert Crouchley butcher for receiving the same - acquitted

Grace Harpur for not mending the yarding between Lower
Broom Field and a close called Day Bancke belonging to
Thomas Ford the elder.

Ishmael Bibby to pay half the cost of a "lead" between his
house and William Hattons.

James Taylor for breaking the common pound and taking two
geldings therefrom.

William Wood and Mathew Naylor for turning part of Charrington
Brook out of the course and cutting off Ellen Browne's
ground. - Bailiff Thomas Ford for the same

List of persons who were in arrears for the highways in
Scoles and Hallgate

There appears to have been some difference of opinion as to
the election of an alderman. The mayor, John Baldwin, on
May 17th 1690 ordered the jury to elect either Thomas Ford
pewterer or Mr Hugh Jolly. But they chose Peter Shakerley.

Box 1.  Roll 64  Easter Leet  1690
Petitions &c.
Petition of Henry Baron and Richard Ryding for themselves
and the rest of the blacksmiths - that Thomas Morris of Haigh
and Thomas Prescott of Ince blacksmith might not be admitted
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Petition of Thomas Prescott of Ince blacksmith, who had been
apprenticed to Edward Marsh deceased a freeman of Wigan, to
be made a freeman - allowed.

Petition of Henry Whalley of Aspull, cooper, who had taken
Buvkley House in Woodhouses from Mr James Harvey for 7 years,
to be made a freeman.

Complaint of Laurence Anderton gentleman and Ralph Langshawe
trustees for William Acton a minor who owned a burgage in or
near the Weent adjoining Ishmael Bibby's tenement, the wall
of which he allowed to decay to the damage of the petitioner's

Complaint of Seth Prescott of Woodhouses cooper who had
leased a messuage from drover Ireland in order to carry
on his trade, but two foreigners Alexander Tyrer and Henry
Whalley were trading as coopers without being freemen.

Petition of Thomas Mourice of Haigh blacksmith to be made

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