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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 62 - 1689

Box 1.  Roll 62   Easter Leet April 6th   1689
Alice Glover widow for harbouring William Dawson

Richard Rylands a foreigner

Richard Ince, Richard Smyth of Halegate, and Edward Buckley
for allowing their swine to stray

Mrs Elizabeth Breres and Mrs Ellen Pilkington for placing
their rubbish near Mrs Casson's house

Robert Crouchlow for allowing a hound to go unmuzzled

Peter Baldwin "for calling Mr John Greene a Knave and that
they were a Company of Knaves that went to the chappell"

And the said John Green "for calling the said Peter Baldwine
a Rascold and sayeing that hee desired to bee sett in the

Margaret Farbrother and Margaret Ashurst - assault

Margaret the wife of Thomas Ford of the Yate and Lidia
Ashurst - assault

William Ashley - a foreigner

Charles Holcrofte for an assault on Elizabeth Marsh.

Gilbert Woods for allowing three hounds to go unmuzzled and
Charles Holcrofte for one hound.

Elizabeth Breres and Ellen Pilkington for allowing a stone
wall between their houses and Robert Foster to fall down.
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Elizabeth Marsh and Anne Manchester - abuse

Thomas Ford the elder for not cleaning his ditch in Whalley
between the highway and Whalley Ground.

Elizabeth Bibby widow for not cutting the hedge between the
highway in Woodhouses and the close belonging to Daylight

Richard Smith for not cutting his hedge between the highway
and Whitefield

James Greene for abusing Myles Laithwaite

Gilbert son of Thomas Ford for abusing the gatewaiters.

Robert Baldwin for assaulting Bailiff Leigh.

John Eccersall for turning a watercourse off the highway
above Standishgate into Collins Field

Robert Baldwin for assaulting Mr Henry Rowe and swearing
3 oaths.

Thomas Mort Esq Recorder asked to be discharged, it was
granted and Bert Entwistle elected

List of persons fined for not paying their Leys.

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