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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 61 - 1688, 1689

Roll 61   Michaelmas Leet  October 23rd  1688

Mayor                 James Scott

Bailiffs              Ralph Leigh
                      Richard Urmston

Attornies             James Molyneux
                      John Foster

Serjeants             John Markland
                      William Finch

Market Street         John Leatherwate barber
                      Thomas Bibby

Wallgate              Ralph Jolly
                      Geoffrey Sherrington

Hallgate              William Battersby
                      James Wigan

Scoles                Myles Lathwait
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                      Ralph Orrell

Standishgate          Robert Boyes
                      Robert Marsden

Millgate              Charles Scott founder
                      Roger Scott shoemaker

Woodhouses            Adam Battersby
                      Thomas Pilkington

Surveyors of          James Ascroft
Bread and Beer        Thomas Barton

Surveyors of          John Foster
Flesh and Fish        Robert Foster

Church Clerk          John Finch

Searchers and Sealers James Baldwin
of Leather            William Boyes

Bellman               John Lathwait

Overseers of the      Laurence Anderton
Town Mill             Robert Masson

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Box 1.   Roll 61   Michaelmas Leet  23rd October  1688

That the Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesses of the Borough of
Wigan did about August 1684 surrender into the hands of King
Charles II all the liberties, franchises and customs of
the borough by deed of surrender which had not yet been
entered upon record.

That James II by letters patent bearing date 25th February
in the 1st year of his reign restored the same liberties &c.
to the burough and further granted to the Mayor &c. leave
to have a common council, elect officers and make laws for
the government of the burrough but reserved to himself the
right to remove any such officer by order in council and
sign manual.

That Christopher Sumpner Esq was the last Mayor chosen by
authority of the Common Council, and on the 8th March 1688
he with Recorder, Alderman Town Clark and 8 Common Council-
men were removed and Thomas Gerard Esq with the Recorder,
Alderman Town Clerk and others to the number of -- who were
Papists with no estate in the Borough were placed therein
contrary to the ancient custom of the town &c. "which was
the occasion of a great many Heats and divisons"

The deposed aldermen &c. elected James Scott &c. as Mayor
aldermen &c. and prayed the King to restore their ancient

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Box 1.   Roll 61   Easter Leet  1689
Petitions &c.
Petition of William Smith of Standishgate innkeeper, to be
made a freeman

Petition of William Barley who had to go to Lancaster assizes
as a witness, in a case concerning Thurstan Crosse who struck
Jeoffrey Deane his servant, for his horse hire.

Petition of Richard Hindley of Garstang, apothocary, who had
been apprenticed to Mr Richard Blackbourne of Chorley, to be
made a freeman - allowed

Petition of Adam Banckes of Standishgate gentleman that the
Coal pits in Great Water Hey might be filled up by the
present tenant "for feare of future danger"

Petition of James Scott of Ormskirke apothocary, who had
been apprenticed to Mr William Farrington of Ormskirke
apothocary, to be made a freeman - allowed

Complaint of Ellen Leigh spinster, who owned a messuage in
Hallgate to which she wished to build an outhouse, but was
hindered by her neighbour James Ascrofte.

Petition of Thomas Edleston of Dalton yeoman, who had
lately married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Rigby of
Wallgate brazier, deceased. She had three younger sisters
the eldest of whom was 14 and were co-heirs with her to
the house in Wallgate. The petitioner was willing to keep
them until the youngest should be 15 if he were made a freeman -

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