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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 60 - 1688

Box 1.   Roll 60  Easter Leet  April 21st   1688
Stephen Platt and Edward Buckley for allowing their swine
to stray.

Anne Smoult for neglecting her hedge and ditch

Richard Mort for allowing "a Rooke of Stones" to lie in the

Thomas Marsden for not removing his timber from the street

William Catterall for building a pig stye which caused a
watercourse to flow into William Parron's cellar

Robert Barrow gentleman and Thomas Tarleton - assault

John Sumpner gentleman and Gilbert Houghton - the same

Margaret Deane for erecting a "horsing stone"

Roger Boulton a gatewaiter "did stand Over two persons that
were Fiteing a Stick and Said if any Offered to Ridd he
Wold Breake theire head" - Fined 2s.

Edward Baley for harbouring Thomas Taylor

Ellen the wife of John Houghton for abusing Jane the wife
of Robert Orrell

Hugh Jolley for neglecting his hedge and ditch.

Grace Catterall for harbouring Ralph Woodward, foreigner,
Laurence Ormerod and William Baldwine for harbouring foreigners.
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Hugh Johnson for not cleaning his part of the street.

Elizabeth Bancks and Stephen Platt for allowing their swine
to stray.

Thomas Ives for harbouring a foreigner, Edward Markland for
harbouring Coperthwaite.

Ellen Higham widow ordered to cover her cellar "lyinge open
to the Millgate the same being very dangerous for Children
and all other persons who passe the said street."

The pales and flags before Edward Markland's house in Millgate
to be pulled down and made level with the street "the same
beinge very dangerous for Children faleing downe" - The same
order for the pales before Grace Harper's house in Millgate.

Mrs Lydia Banckes to remove the great stone before her
house in Millgate

Richard Tootell, Richard Blackborne, Laurence Anderton and
Charles Leigh to cover their cellars

Butchers ordered not to kill their meat in any shop in any
street in the town

The Overseers of Flesh and Fish to be fined for neglect of

No veal under the age of 3 weeks to be killed

John Thornton ordered to cover his cellar
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The Overseers of the Highways for not repairing Low Brow in
Whalley fined 3s. 4d.

Henry Tonge presented for allowing his swine to stray.

Thomas Ford the younger for neglecting his hedge and ditch

The fishstones below the stone well in Wallgate to be

The hillock before the house of James Foster and Laurence
Omerod to be paved

The Mug Market held in Market Street in future to be
removed to the hillock against Richard Morte's house in
Wallgate and also all tin and glass ware to be sold there.

Mr William Pilkington ordered to fill up the lately sunk
well between the "Little Shambles" and Robert Forster's house.

Stephen Platt for laying a dunghill close to the toll bars
in Millgate. And he was ordered to pound his tallow in the
back of his house as it was a nuisance to the inhabitants.

William Scott and Betty Bancks of the Wool Pack for
putting rubbish in the street

Mr Lawrence Anderton ordered to cut down the poplars over
against Ralph Tarleton's house in Wallgate

Mr Totty, Mrs Barker alias Casson, Mr Rawlins and Henry
Fleetwood of Wallgate to remove their horse stones and sign
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Robert Orrell to remove the wood lying against the "Cockpitt
house" in Wallgate.

Anne Casson alias Barker and Elizabeth Ashton for putting
rubbish in the Walegate.

Thomas Cooper for laying rubbish against Wainwright Barn
in Wallgate.

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