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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 59 - 1687, 1688

Box 1.  Roll 59  Michaelmas Leet October 1st  1687
George Shaw for harbouring Richard Knight, and James
Askroft for the like - the latter sworn freeman

Charles Holcroft for keeping a greyhound

Robert Battersby for allowing his dog to go unmuzzled
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Margaret Farbrother for letting her swine wander and
allowing the wall to fall down between her house and that
of William Baldwin.

Edward Buckley for allowing his swine to stray

John Kersley a foreigner

Richard Smith for allowing his swine to stray.

Mr John Keeling for not keeping his ditch between Hallgate
and "Carrow spouch"

James Leyland "for Keeping Two Bagles which hath trespassed
against Raph Deane and qualified to keepe any Such"

Thomas Worthington the elder, gentleman, allowed a great
heap of dirt to lie in Standishgate against Robert Higham's

Mr Laughton for allowing "a great dogg" to go at large.

Bailiff Martin for neglecting his office

Hugh Platt for rescuing cattle from the pound.

Robert Markland, William Markland and Hugh Battersby for
abusing Alice the wife of William Markland

James Harvey for abusing Mr Anderton the late Mayor

Joseph Caddy for abusing William Tallocke
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Thomas Nightgale for abusing Martha the wife of Joseph

Joseph Caddy for assaulting Roger Mather

Grace Harper for harbouring Thomas Taylor a foreigner

Stephen Platt for allowing his swine to stray

William Pilkington "hath Sott and placed certaine Steepes
on his hillocke to the prejudice of the High way"

John Barrowe and Henry Bibby did "lyssne under the windowes
of Ralph Deane ---- within an intent to harken what was
Said and to divulge the Same"

Alderman Anderton for not doing his duty as Mayor

"Mr James Harvey did say and affirme that Mr Alderman
Anderton did not doe justice when he was Maior"

Mr Bailiff Deane for abusing Alderman Anderton

Joseph Caddy and his wife "for Abusing the Towne att an
unseasonable time of the night"

William Baldwin for harbouring a foreigner

John Fairclough alias Broadfoote assaulted Joseph Caddy

Hugh Platt for abusing Alice Thornton and letting his
swine stray.

Elizabeth Ashton, Richard Mort and Geoffrey Wood, for allowing
their swine to stray.
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Ralph Sale for harbouring John Lowe

Richard Rauson and Laurence Haslome upon complaint of John
Thornton for allowing "aweare pole to Lye donne"?

Hugh Platt brazier for abusing the Mayor, Alderman and
common council.

Ralph Deane, Robert Battersby, Robert Bibby, and Margaret
Farbrother for allowing their mastiffs to go unmuzzled

William Dasson a foreigner

John Worthington, William Baldwin, Gilbert Cookson and
Ellen Browne for neglecting their hedges and ditches.

Robert Parre and Stephen Platt for allowing their swine to

James Taylor for allowing his rubbish to lie in the street

7 Jan. 1687 -8
Ellen Browne widow ordered to pay 2s. weekly for the
maintenance of Ralph Browne, his wife and child.

Richard Mort for allowing stones to lie in the street

John Dicconson for allowing the yarding to fall between
his house and Gilbert Leigh's.

Margaret Deane for allowing her mastiff to go unmuzzled
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Thomas Marsden for leaving timber in the street.

Humphrey Wetherby for assaulting Laurence Hough.

Thomas Burgesse for assaulting Thomas Winckley

John Eccersall for assaulting Robert Welch, gentleman

Bertie Entwistle for allowing his mastiff to go unmuzzled and
Peter Mort for the same

Gilbert Wood for allowing a hound to go unmuzzled

James Baldwin, Mr Thomas Worthington, Thomas Heapey and
Robert Parron, for allowing their swine to stray.

The gatewaiters of Wallgate, Standishgate, Millgate, Scoles,
Market Street and Hallgate presented for neglect of their

Laurence Ormerod for annoyance to James Foster.

Alice Glover widow and Robert Orrell pewterer both of Scoles
for harbouring William Dowson and -- Rylands foreigners.

All "stocke Copps Blocke &c" to be removed by the 15th of
June especially those of Robert Barne alderman, Thomas Bancks,
junior, Edward Wood, John Prescott and Edward Prescott.

Complaint of Anne widow of Richard Laithwaite that Margery
Langshaw widow had built an oven which smoked into the
petitioner's house in Scoles.

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