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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 57 - 1686

Box 1.   Roll 57   Michaelmas Leet Oct 2nd  1686
Mr Richard Gerard, Robert Finch and Richard Tootell for
allowing their dogs to go unmuzzled.

John Catterall, Robert Masson and James Mollineux for
keeping beagles and a greyhound

Edward Rigby for not cleansing his hillock

Gilbert Orrell for letting his rubbish lie on James Whalley's

John Cursley and John Spencer - foreigners
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James Kenyon and George Shaw for harbouring John Wells and
Richard Knight.

William Battersby and William Asley - assault

Christian Carter and Elizabeth Banckes for allowing their
swine to stray.

Richard Rauson for allowing his bitch to go unmuzzled.

Margaret Deane for harbouring Mr Ralph Woodward a foreigner.

John Dickinson a foreigner

John Markland gentleman for allowing his timber to lie
in the street.

Michael Jackson for harbouring Agnes Ashurst.

That Mary Sutton spinster had stolen goods from her master
worth 12d.

Katherine Belcher widow, John Foster and Thomas Ford of
Yate for allowing their swine to stray.

Laurence Ford coverlet weaver and Thomas Edge for harbouring
Grace Smith and Elizabeth Tickle.

James Wood for neglecting his office of gatewaiter

John Uprichard for making an assault and bloodwipe upon
Ellen the wife of John Williamson in fair time

Edward Prescott for a litigation on Mary the wife of William
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William Parin and Anne the wife of John Renshaw - assault

John Haughton for a litigation on Ellen the wife of Edward
Prescott and Mary the wife of Robert Letherbarrow.

Ellen the wife of the said John Haughton for abusing
Laurence Anderton the Mayor.

Christian Carter "did Threaten to burne the house of Coll.
William Daniell."

Elinor the wife of James Ford and Margery the wife of
William Langshaw - abuse

Hugh Battersby for breaking Robert Crouchley's windows.

William Battersby for assaulting William Astley.

Anne Goulbourne "for not filiateing her Child being
unlawfully begotten" - to be sent to Richard Prescott
the father to be kept by him.

Robert Penington for abusing George Browne one of the
Common Council and assaulting William Harper

James Ford tailor for abusing Margery the wife of William

William Greene for harbouring "Lewd disordered and Idle
people" amd for "keepeing a disorderly house"

John Parr for abusing the Mayor Aldermen and Common Council
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Stephen Platt and Elizabeth Banckes for allowing their swine
to stray.

Lydia Banckes widow for not mending the wall between her
house and Richard Aspinall's

Thomas Sumpner and Laurence Marsden for keeping greyhounds

Mr Recorder, Ralph Leigh and Geoffrey Scott for allowing
their dogs to go unmuzzled

Gilbert Hollinshead and James Haughton for allowing their
swine to stray.

Margaret the wife of Robert Mosse and Gilbert Letherbarrow -

Mr Heale for harbouring Myles Grimshawe a foreigner

Mr James Harvey, William Lythgoe, Robert Boyes, John Baldwin,
and Thomas Marsden for allowing their muck to lie in the

Mr Thomas Worthington and Edward Wood for allowing timber
to lie in the street.

James Harvey coverlet weaver and Hugh Jolly for keeping

Mr William Pilkington for allowing his well to lie open

The town fined 10 li for not repairing the highways.

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