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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 56 - 1686

Box 1.  Roll 56  Easter Leet April 10th 1686
Margaret Dean widow "for Laying Muck---- upon her house with
and Intent to poyson her neighbours goods" Pardoned by the
King's proclamation pleaded the 10th April 1686

The same Margaret for poisoning several cocks and hens of
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Jennet Sherrington's   Pardoned as above

Jane Farbrother, James Hollinshead and Robert Orrell for
harbouring Johnathon Williamson and Anne Goubourne, and
Samuel Bouker

Thomas Browne for building a cottage on the Common

Robert Baron and Gilbert Ashton for laying their dunghills
in the street

Richard Blackbourne and Steven Platt for allowing their
swine to stray

Thomas Battersby "for that he did threaten to burne his
Masters house" Pardoned as above

The wife of Gilbert Leigh for rescuing goods taken to
the pound

Thomas Lowe for stealing goods worth 10d. from James Bamber
Anne Cason and James Bamber charged him

Sarah Masson for harbouring Katherine Billing

John Benton and Henry Harper - assault

John Curghey and James Haughton for allowing their swine
to stray

William Atherton, Adam Wood and Ralph Wood foreigners

Mrs Lydia Banckes for not repairing the little bridge in
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Hugh Platt, James Mitton and Lionel Ormshaw for allowing
their dunghills to lie in the street.

The Bailiffs ordered to repair the stone well in Wallgate

Richard Bauson for allowing his bitch to go unmuzzled, and
Margaret Deane for the same

The said Margaret for laying her muck on William Barrons

Peter Forth and Thomas Marsden - assault

Robert Orrell and Lewis Rowe - the like

Thomas Marsden and Lewis Rowe - the like

Edward Taylor and Charles Banckes - the like

Laurence Marsden and Edward Markland - the like

Laurence Marsden and Thomas Houghton - the like

William Baldwin, Gilbert Cookren and John Worthington
ordered to repair their copps

Robert Finch for allowing his dog to go unmuzzled

The jury presented that John Spencer "for an assalt and
Batterie and striking and pulling of Thomas Hulme his
master and giveing him many threatening speeches against
the peace of our soveraigne Lord the King and this was done
upon Easter day Sunday the fourth day of Aprill 1686 - Wee
find him guilty."
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Also for departing on the 3rd of April before his 7 years
was complete - guilty

William Markland, Gilbert Heyes and Ralph Langshaw - assault

Mary Fairehurst spinster "did use a false Cloath yard and
sold by the same" - Pardoned as above

Hugh Jolly, Thomas Burgesse, James Patrick, James Langshaw,
Gilbert Orrell and Robert Orrell for not appearing as
jurors when summoned - fined 2s each.

Robert Masson, John Markland, Edmund Smoult, Richard
Tootell, Alderman Scott, Thomas Banckes, Robert Bancks,
James Ford, William Bate and John Seddon for neglect of
their office on the highways.

Reconizance of William Prescot

John Foster, Robert Masson and John Catterall for keeping

Richard Gerard and Mrs Anne Barker for allowing their
mastiff bitches to go unmuzzled

Richard Tootell and Robert Crouchley for allowing their
mastiff dogs to go unmuzzled

Mr Scott, Gilbert Holinshead, Mrs Totty, Katherine Belcher,
William Billis, Gilbert Cookron, Grace Belcher, James Ford,
Katherine Wood, and Margaret Farbrother for brewing without
a licence

Richard Blackborne and Roger Naylor for following trades
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in the town being foreigners.

Box 1.  Roll 56  Easter Leet  1686
Petitions &c.
The complaint of James Foster of Warrington milliner who
owned a burgage in Market St. Wigan that his neighbour
Laurence Ormerod was encroaching on his premises &c.

Complaint of John Laithwaite of Market Street and Richard
Langshaw had stopped his watercourse and laid his "Coale
and Cannell" against the petitioner's wall &c.

Complaint of William Laithwaite gentleman, Thomas Ford
junior and Hugh Forth who were seized of "Scolesfield"
through which Frances Banckes widow had a way to the "Great
halfe Acre" the gate of which she had not repaired.

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