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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 54 - 1684

Box 1  Roll 54  Michaelmas Leet 6th October  1684

Mayor                  Sir Roger Bradshaigh

Benchers               Robert Barron
                        Ralph Markland

Recorder               Thomas Mort

Town Clerk             Lawrence Anderton

Bailiffs               John Keclinge
                       Willy Langton

Attornies              William Browne
                       James Molyneux

Serjeants              John Markland
                       Edward Fairclough

Market Street          William Baldwin shoemaker
                       John Catterall
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Hallgate               Richard Smith
                       Robert Bibby

Scoles                 James Ford tailor
                       John Acton

Standishgate           Gilbert Hollinshead
                       Mathew Naylor

Wallgate               Richard Heys
                       William Perrin

Woodhouses             Hugh Lowe
                       William Catterall

Surveyors of           Roger son of Thomas Bullocke
Bread and Beer         James Pattricke

Surveyors of           John Finch
Flesh and Fish         Roger son of Hugh Bullocke

Treasurers             Hugh Jolly
                       William Wood

Church Clerk           William Harper

Searchers and Sealers  Edward Farclough
of Leather             Roger Scott

Bellman                John Laithwaite
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Box 1.  Roll 54v Michaelmas Leet  4th October  1684

Roger Browne, Samuel Knowles, Roger Taylor, Ralph son of
William Langshawe, William Markland thrower, William Rigby,
servant of James Ford, Ralph Rauson, and Robert Winstanley,
servant of Ralph Tarleton stole            worth 6d.
all acquitted.

Edward Gregson for abusing John Markland serjeant

Mary the wife of James Scott and Jane the wife of John
Wood - litigation

And Jane the wife of Richard Holme made a litigation on
Mary the wife of James Scott

Robert Fazakerley for allowing his swine to stray

Charles Leigh and Robert Higham for throwing filthy water
into their watercourses.

William Nightgale for allowing his dog to go unmuzzled

Gilbert Crouchlowe, Adam Catterall and Samuel Rigby for
playing "penncppricke" on the sabbath day - fined 3s. 4d.
or 4 hours in the stocks at the Market Cross

Gilbert Leigh, John Thornton, Richard Mort, William Catterall,
Christian Carter and Richard Ashton for allowing their
swine to stray

Adam Battersbie, William Catterall, William Urmston, William
Deane and Hugh Langshawe "did Fight Cocks on the Sabath day"
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John Lowe for allowing his "Cow Bitch" to go unmuzzled.

James Ascroft a foreigner and James Marsh for harbouring
Grace the wife of John --- a foreigner

Johnathon Waldman for abusing Jane the wife of William

William Carter for abusing Anne Croft.

Katherine Townley and Margaret Shaw for abusing William
Rawlins, and he assaulted them.

James Wood labourer and John Lathom for allowing their
dogs to go unmuzzled

Anne Golbotne a foreigner

Laurence Anderton gentleman for not removing his timber
from Market Street

Katherine Anderton widow for not cleaning the street by
the "Greene House" in Market Street

Margaret Farbrother for allowing her swine to stray

Elizabeth Foster spinster for not removing her dunghill
from the street.

Elizabeth Taylor widow for harbouring John Kiererley a

John Bradley a foreigner
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Bernard Johnson for allowing his bitch to go unmuzzled.

Edward Markland, Roger Scott, and Thomas Acton for employing
John Copperwhite, Thomas Cooper, and James Stopforth foreigners.

Lawrence Ormerod for abusing alderman Robert Baron

John Lowe for not giving a true account as a toll taker

Barnaby Wood for taking a toll not being authorized and
converting it to his own use.

All burgesses to have stallage free and be allowed to sell
in the meal house at fair times

When Richard Crosse's time should be out no more money out
of the town's stock should be given to maintain a beadle.

George Browne and Ralph Langshaw elected overseers of the
Town Mill

No one to water horses or any beast at Boye Well in Scoles

Ishmael Bibby for serving a writ "called a Comity" to stand
in the pillory for an hour

Box 1.  Roll 54  Michaelmas Leet  1684
Petitions &c.
Petition of Laurence Taylor and Thomas Critchlow who last
winter went through the town calling people. "being laborious
men and not able to maintaine their Wifes and Children but
by their Hands And being distitute of all Way of Liveing this
Winter time for want of Worke" - allowed
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Petition of William Rollins who had married a burgesse's
daughter - to be made a burgess - allowed

Complaint of Thomas Laithwaite tailor that Ralph Laithwaite
skinner had made his drench pitts at the back of the
petitioner's house and had laid sheep shanks on part of
his house "whereby Severall maggotts falling from the
said skinns did fall" in part of the said house.

Complaint of James Anderton of Market Street that his neighbour
Jane widow of Nicholas Penington put her dunghill on his
property. - Counter - Complaint of the said Jane

Deposition of Ralph Prescott glover that on the 29th of
October he put under the door of the Moot Hall, it being
locked, a parcel of pewter of about 4lbs. and required Anne
his wife to sell it and "about nine weekes since there
being a Cubboard in the old hall of Mrs Ann Casson belonging
to the Agle and Childe he there in found an old Flaggon
wherewith he acquainted John Winstanley and nobody claiming
the said Flaggon they melted it in the said hall this cold
weather to buy them a fire".

A torn deposition

Bill for the highways - Accounts for different streets.

Complaint of Catherine Booth of Scoles spinster that Jane
Farbrother's chimney smoked into her house &c.

Complaint of Thomas Burgesse tailor who had a close on the
Douglas called "Beane Acre" next the close of William Scott
bellfounder, called "Scinder Acre" from which the root of
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a great tree had fallen which caused the river to overflow
"Beane Acre"

Petition of John Naylor miller, who had been apprenticed to
his father John Naylor deceased, and had since been servant
to Robert Letherbarrow alderman for 11 years, to be made a
freeman - allowed.

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