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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 53 - 1684

Box 1.   Roll 53   Easter Leet  April 4th   1684
Thomas Dickinson abused Bailiff Gilbert Langshaw.

Richard Smith for keeping a common gaming house

Jane Hollinshead for abusing Bailiff James Scott and Margery
his wife.

Jeffery Anderton for abusing Thomas Whittle

Thomas Blackhurst to clean his watercourse so that it
did not flow into the tenement of Thomas Sumpner

Richard Mort for allowing his swine to stray

Edward Buckley and Thomas Barton - assault

Jeffrey Wood for harbouring John Bradley a foreigner

Richard Mort, Richard Tootell and Cicely Leyland for
allowing their "mastey" dogs to go unmuzzled in the street.

Thurstan Crosse for refusing to take his oath as Gatewaiter.

James Seddon and William Langshaw - assault

Thomas Faireclough and William Wood - assault

Margaret Deane of Wallgate, George Browne Ralph Tarleton,
John Thorneton, Hugh Platt and alderman Ford for allowing
the mastiff dogs to go unmuzzled.

List of persons fined for not working on the Highways
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Mrs Jane Penington for harbouring William Rawlins a

Ralph Tarleton, John Thonton, Mrs Marsh widow, Alderman
Barm, Margery Foster, Alderman William Daniell and Mrs Anne
Casson for encroaching on the River Douglas

All persons having lands on either side of the ditch running
from Poole Bridge to Harrison Platt to scour and clean it &c.

Robert Preet for allowing his swine to stray.

John Denton and Richard Brock junior for abusing James
Milton gatewaiter

Thomas Marsden for allowing timber to lie in the street

James Mitton gatewaiter fined 5s. for neglect of his

Box 1.  Roll 53   Easter Leet 1684
Petitions &c.
Petition of Thomas Heapey, who had married Jane the widow
of John Barrowe, a burgess, to be made a freeman - allowed

Petition of William Atherton naylor to be made a freeman

Petition of Samuel Williamson clockmaker, who had been
apprenticed for 7 years to Thomas Martine &c. to be made
a freeman.

Complaint of Sarah M--- that Edward Markland shoemaker had
impounded her cattle.
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Petition of Jonas Griffin, who for 15 years had lived in
Wapping "untill the late dreadfull fire there happening
which burned downe and Consumed very many houses Shops and
Waire houses and in particular your peticioner Sustained
very great damage" He had since come to Wigan where he
had resided for a year and asked to be made a freeman - allowed

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