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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 52 - 1683

            Roll 52 Michaelmas, 1683.
       (See also Roll 53 for Michaelmas 1683)

Benchers   William Laithwaite [one]
           Robert Letherbarrow
           Tho. Turner [fifty]

Mayor      Thomas Turner, Gent, Mayor 8 Oct.1683

Recorder   Thomas Morte, Esq.

Town Clerk Mr. Law. Anderton

Bailiffs   Hugh Jolly
           Wm. Wood

Attorneys  James Molineux
           Edward ffaireclough


Markettstidd        Lawrence Arm...
                    John Whaley

Walgate             Will. Riggley
                    James Mitten

Halgate             Thurstan Crosse
                    Tho: Townlow, Junior

Scholes             Will. Whytle
                    Charles Banckes

Standishgate        Roger Rogerson
                    Law: Lowe

Millgate            Edward Prestott
                    Rich: Greene

Woodhouses          Thomas Seddon
                    John Seddon

Surveyors of        Ambrose Jolly
 Beer and Bread     James Ford

Surveyors of        Roger son of Thos: Bullock
 Flesh and Fish     John Finsh

Treasurers          Jeph Stott
                    Robert Finsh

Church Cl.          Will Harper
Searchers...        ... ffairclough
Registers of ...    Roger Scott ...
Bellman             John Laithwaite
       Court adjourned to 19th November 1683
New page
Court of Frankpledge, Will. Daniell, Mayor.
6th October.

List of Burgesses.
Further List of Burgesses with votes indicated in several cases.

Markettsted      John Naylor
                 John Bibby

Wallgate         Jeph. Sherrington
                 William Hill

Hallgate         William Deane
                 Robert Battersby

Scholes          John Sumber
                 Ralph Pemberton Junior

Standishgate     Richard Green
                 Will. Baldwin

Millgate         Roger Scott
                 Edw. Markland

Woodhouses       Robert Lathom
                 Thomas Bavington

     John Houghton for assault on John Cordinge and litigation.

     Ann and John Renshaw assault and affray on Jane and John
Bibby and Litigation. [all bound over].

     That John Renshaw did abuse Robt. Letherbarrow and challenge
him to come out of his house.

     John Laithwaite Junr. assaulted Mary the daughter of Thomas
Catterall [committed to prison till he shall pay 8s.]

     Seth Prescott verbal abuse of Edward Harvey.

     Ralph Johnson alias Sanders on Gilbert Baron affray and
litigation. [Ralph Johnson fined 20d and be bound over].

     Alice Rydding on Jane Holme and Ellen Holme assault.

     Roger Bibby did stop a sough next to Margaret Leigh's and
that Ann Bibby and Ellen Holcroft did the like.

     That Ralph Leigh did not scoure his ditch between his land
and Edward Hollinhead's though he had notice twice. [fined
13s. 4d. and to clean it in 30 days].

     That Edward Hollinhead did not clean his gutter.[fined 6s8d.]

     Richard Tootell for being a foreigner.

Mr. Pilkington to secure his ditch and cut his hedge between
the highway and Bamst meadow.
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     Elizabeth Deane, Richard Mort and Richard Ashton-
straying swine.

     William Heaton did throw stones at Mrs. Langton in her
own house. [quit].

     And that Hugh Wood did the like.

     James Scott did suffer two swine to go at large in the
street, two times.

     James Duckqueth and Thomas Heapey for being foreigners

     Gilbert Hollinhead on John Farbrother, affray, and

     Anne the wife of Robert Bibby on Margaret Leigh, widdowe,
Ellen Holcroft and Roger Bibby, assault and litigation.

     Margaret Farbrother for letting her swine stray in the
street and into William Baldwin's back yard.

     Hyett Edmundson has encroached on the Churchyard three-
quarters of a yard in length and breadth. [Is ordered to shift
his wall half a yard nearer his house and allow a free passage].

     Draft of a petition for the confirmation of the election
of Thomas Morte Esq. as Recorder according to the Charter.

     William Langton may become a Burgess of the Corporation
on paying £10

     Order relating to Corporation money, part in the custody
of "our late mayor", and part in that of the overseers,
providing that its disposal at interest or otherwise shall be
referred to a committee [names given] and that Mr. Lawrence
Anderton's account for his services shall be paid.

              1683 Michaelmas Leet.
[Second Roll composed mainly of petitions and odd papers].
     And that William Marsh did take a dun mare from Samuel,
Edward Markland's man, as he was taking it to the pinfold and
that the same William Marsh did run upon Edward Markland with
drawn knife. quit.

     That Robert Townley for assault.

     That Robert Townley did abuse the Church wardens on
Sunday in many foul words. [fined 3s.4d.]

     That Thos. Blackhurst did abuse Steven Platt [fined 12d.
and order him to find security].

     And that the said Thos. Blackhurst did the like upon
Steven Platt's daughter. 12d.

     The like upon Gerard fforde 12d.

     And the like upon the wife of Gerard fforde 12d
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     That Roger Bullock son of Hugh Bullock did with William
Daniell Esqr late Mayor of this Corporation and Mr. Turner
the elect Mayor [assist] in drinking a health and said that
the said Roger bidd God Damme the old Mayor and to the divell
the now mayor contd. etc. We disfranchise the said Roger
Bullocke from being a Burgess of the Corporation.

     And that James Patrick did abuse James Scott the foreman
of this present jury saying that he was a forsworn knave if
he brought in any verdict without the consent of all the
Burgesses of the town. [disenfranchised].

     And that Will Scott in the Woodhouses did abuse this
present Jury saying they were knaves except Bailiff Harvey.

     Robert Baldwin abuse of William Daniell, Mayor and the

     John Weaver to be sworn a Freeman for £5, or for 40s, and
40s. a month as long as he stays.

     Thomas Barton, Smith, admitted on same terms.

     We order that henceforth no more than twenty Burgesses
shall be sworn on any jury etc.

     Lawrence Marsden abuse and drinking a health (see above
under Roger Bullock) [fines 20s.]

     Edmund Harvey and Robert Mason elected overseers of the
town mill for the year.

     Bailiffs to repair the cockstoole.

     Robert Foster deceased and Robert Finch late bailiffs are
out of purse £35. 9s. 2d.--to be repaid by the new Bailiffs
out of the first Leyes.

     Vote of thanks to Charles, Earl of Ancram, for the
confirmation of the election of the Recorder.

     Letter confirming the election of Thomas Mort Esq. as
Recorder. 15 Nov.1683.

     Draft petition to the King to appoint a Recorder.

     Note on the draft, from the Jury to the Mayor and Sir
Roger Bradshaigh asking to suggest a candidate.

     Petition from Robert Barrowe to succeed James Baucher
as Clerk of the Church.

     Draft letter to the Earl of Ancram suggesting the name
of Thomas Mort as Recorder. Date 6th Nov.

     Petition from John Bibby stating that at the last Court
Leet he had been asked as a foreigner to pay 40s. and 40s. a
month thereafter, that he had lived for the last eleven years
at Burbley's House within the Borough, and that his wife had
lived there for three years: may the fine be excused and his
goods returned. [struck out].
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     Petition of Thomas Critchlow that whereas Ralph Marsh
is unable to call people in the morning as formerly so he
may be admitted to the office.
     endorsed "Wee doe order the petitioner to goe alonge
with Lawrence Taylor to-morrow morning to continue till the
first of March nexte"

     Petition of James Bamber for "generall shopkeeping".

     Petition of Dan Whalley, Richard Ryding, Henry Baynes,
Alexander Mosse, William Farbrother, and Robert Mosse,
apprentices to the Blacksmiths and White smiths that Thomas
Barton a foreigner who has been following the trade of a
blacksmith may be removed.

     Petition of James Kennyon of Hallgate who has worked
as a journeyman and married a wife in the town to be admitted
a freeman.
     Ordered to pay £3 or to leave the town within 6 months
on pain of a fine of 40/- a month.

     Draft of a letter from Thomas Turner, Mayor to Charles
Earl of Ancram dated 20 Nov.1683 acknowledging the receipt
of the Brief nominating Thomas Morte Esq as Recorder.

     Petition of Margaret Fairbrother of Hallgate, Widdowe,
related her misfortune, is £30 in debt whereof £10 is money
belonging to the town, and asks that she may have two years
to find the money.
     Endorsed "wee allow her request as to the time of
payment of the money"

     Petition of John Baldwin of Standishgate, pewterer. Will
the Jury view his house where Robert Boyes has turned his
drainage against it ?
     Petition refused.

     Petition of William Smith, admitted on usual tems, i.e.
£5, or else 40s. a month.

     Petition of Ralph Wache; terms as above, but the 50s. the
petitioner has already paid not to be counted.

     Petition of Richard Tootall joyner to be admitted a
     Endorsed "we admitt the petitioner to be sworne a
freeman upon consideration of turning away his apprentices
and paying the sume of £10....and that he shall not take any
but townsmens sons for the future.
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     Petition of Gilbert Houlcroft that as Ralph Marsh is
not able to walk the town, he, the petitioner, may walk
along with Lawrence Taylor [to call the inhabitants].

     Petition of Raufe Markland that William Deane of Milngate
has built on his land in Hallgate and had removed an
adjoining lodge.
     We doe find Bailiffe Dean to have trespassed...and doe
order him to sett back a foot...before the fifth day of
November next upon payment of 10s.

     Petition of William Winnard, Taylor, whose journeyman
Thomas Winstanley had been fined for being a foreigner--
that he may be allowed to employ Winstanley till Christmas.

     Petition of John Bradley of Wigan that his fine may be
remitted and that he may become a freeman on reasonable
payment. [rejected].

     Petition of Henry Crichlow of Goulborne, stockiner to
be admitted a freeman.

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