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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 51 - 1683

Box 1.  Roll 51  Easter Leet  14th April  1683.
William Deane yeoman for not making the fence between
Slaters Acre and the Broad Meadow in the tenurs of Ralph
Markland Also for building upon a gennell in Hallgate
as before

Oliver Whalley for not cleaning his gutter

Richard Tootell a foreigner and Thomas Barton ditto

Gilber Seddon and Richard Prescott - assault

Thomas Winckley and John Winstanley - assault

Richard Mort for allowing his swine to stray.

Thomas Birchall for stealing a young oak from Sir Roger
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Bradshaigh Knt.

James Leyland and Anne Almond for forestalling.

John Holinehed for stealing a "quichon" worth 2d.

Anne Brook widow for harbouring John Bradley; a foreigner

Jennet Barrow, Johnathan Standish, Mrs Sarah Marsh, for
harbouring William Smith, James Kenion, Isaae Haughton
and Thomas Barton.

Ralph Johnson alias Sanders for abusing his Master Gilbert

John Bibby for an assault on Richard Molineux and the
siad Richard for an assault on Gilbert Holinehead

Margaret Shepperd for harbouring Isaae Haughton.

Robert Pennington for not making the yard between his and
Robert Townley's house.

James Farbrother for allowing his swine to stray.

Roger son of Laurence Taylor for an assault on Margaret
the wife of John Hoult.

William Winward, John Seddon, Humphrey Farbrother, Robert
son of James Seddon, James Belcher Robert son of James
Belcher for employing Thomas Winstanley, Richard Rylands,
John Thorpe, John Hilton, John Emar, James Seddon, Thomas
Cowsey, Joseph Gidlow and James Davis.
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Robert Orrell for harbouring Samuel Bousker and Grace
his wife

Stephen Platt for allowing his swine to stray.

Mr John Weaver a foreigner

Jane Scott for entering the house of Elizabeth Scott "and
takeing of one Stafe Safe guard" "and one stuffe rideing hudd"
and 2 half crowns. Fined 10s.

Jane Scott for allowing her swine to stray.

Thomas Heapey, Jane Sicketh, John Copperwhite, James
Stopworth, Grace the wife of John Taylor, George Horabyn -
foreigners, Ralph Jolly, Thomas Acton, Edward Markland,
for harbouring some of them.

Ralph Sale for an assault on his father William Sale -

Richard Hardman and Ralph Wate foreigners.

Robert Laithom and Thomas Baffington gatewaiters fined 1s.
each for neglect of duty.

Elinor Orrell widow and James Baldwin for harbouring Mrs
Jane Duckworth and Humphrey Williamson, foreigners.

Henry Row junior and John Worthington for playing bowles.

William Langton for trading in the town not being a freeman
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William Rollins a foreigner

John Thorneton and Ralph Tarleton for encroaching in the
river Douglas.

That several inhabitants living in the lane leading from
Wallgate to Adam Bridge did not mend their hedges.

Everyone who owned a greyhound "being not quallified for
the same according to Law" and allowing them to go at
large in the streets, to be fined 1s. each time.

The bailiffs to "provyde a Beadle to keep out forraine
Beggars and allow him a competent salary and Coat yearly"

Whereas there hath beene A sute Comenced for Mantaineing
the privellidges of the Corporacion, by which great Store
of Money hath beene Expended, and beeing altogether
uncertaine when it shall End and whereas Mr Justice Greggory
as wee are informed gave his oppinion that our Charter was
as good and valide after, as Before, the unfortunate Ryote
provyded the Maior and other officers acted according to
the Teanor of the said Charter wee doe therfore order the
over seers of the Townes Millne to part with Now more money
towards the Mantaineing So unnesseary A Sute"

The present bailiffs and all bailiffs in future to take
moderate fees from all foreigners and Mayor and Recorder
to set the rate of fees.

The Overseers of the Highways to repair the way between
Adams Bridge and the toll bar in Wallgate
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Box 1.   Roll 51   Easter Leet   1683
Petitions &c.
Complaint of Richard Southworke, Johnathan Standish and
R---- Prescott of the Society of Glovers to be admitted
freemen - allowed

Petition of William Atherton nailor to be made a freeman.

Petition of Ralph Waite who had lately married Agnes
widow of Thomas Parre a burgess, to be admitted freeman.

Petition of William Wood and Thomas Acton blacksmith that
Thomas Barton blacksmith a foreigner night not be admitted
freeman - allowed

Petition of Richard Ince, Hugh Laithwaite, John Winstanley,
James Laithwaite, Thomas Jackson and James Finch joiners
that Richard Tootell joiner a foreigner might not be
admitted freeman - allowed

Complaint of Robert Penington gentleman who owned in fee
simple an inn in the Market Street now in the occupation
of Henry Rowe and Anne Brock his daughter, And that the
Town Clerk had caused a building to be erected at the end
of the said house, lately called Green's house, the front
of which was a yard further forward than the petitioners
inn and therefore took the light &c.

Petition of Grace the wife of John Naylor, that her "husband
being gone from her and left her butt One Child" that she
might be allowed to live quietly in the town, in which she
had been born."

Petition of James Cowpe miller, who had lived in the town for
13 years and had lately "maryed a wife by Whom your petitioner
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hath receaved a fortune", to be made a freeman.

Complaint of Henry Browne gentleman that James Harvey and
others refuse to do their share of the repairing of
Platt Lane

Complaint of Thomas Rainford labourer who had wrongfully
been presented for turning a watercourse.

Complaint of Humphrey Farbrother at being presented for
employing John Thorpe, John Emer and John Hilton and his
excuses for so doing "for noble gentlemen I Lye at great
Charges and have a great deal to maintaine for being ould
I thought I should dave drawn my family in a deale Lesser
Compose but it proves the Contrary for James Rigbye two
Children I am put to keep tho' not by Compulsion"
[trade not mentioned]

Petition of James Kenyon glover, who had been journeyman
for 3 years to Johnathon Standish and had lately married
in the town who owned a house, to be made a freeman.

Petition of Thomas Heapey, who had lately married Jane the
widow of John Barrowe a burgess of the town who had 3
children, to be made freeman

Complaint of High Baron that Oliver Whalley had turned
the water course from Stocke Meadow

Petition of the inhabitants of Aspull that James Whittle
of that town might be allowed to save Robert Belchaw of
Wigan and they would receive him again when he had finished
his said service. also the same for Joseph Goodlaw and
James Davis
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Petition of John Weaver to be made a freeman

Complaint of Oliver Whalley that Hugh Baron had turned a
watercourse on to his land.

Petition of Richard Tootell to be made a freeman

Petition of William Smith to be made a freeman.

Further order concerning the Suit about the Charter

Petition of Samuel Bowker to be made a freeman

Orders concerning leys for the highways 18th May 1683

Depositions of many persons taken 7th Sept 35 Chas II
That on the previous Wednesday night about 9 o'clock
Richard Anice alias Molyneux and Martha his wife "being
much in drinke" and "in a very rude and boysterous manner
did runne upp and downe" Millgate calling the inhabitants
"Rogues and Presbiterian Rascalls and Papish doggs and
Sinners and whores" And Martha said to her husband "pull
all downe burne the towne" and "Richard, Richard Fire the
Towne" and especially to burn Johnathon Walton's house.
They also called Mr John Green a traitor, and Bailiff Deane
a Presbiterian Rogue and threw a stone at his door. In the
Standishgate they said "damne all Presbiterian Rogues and
Whiggs in the Towne and Cursed and damned all alonge the
Street" when they came to Bailiff John Wackfield's door
they said "Dam Raph Wankfield and his Mother lyes a dyeing
and the divell is ready to take her." A great crowd followed
them [names given] and threw stones and Martha was knocked

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