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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 50 - 1682, 1683

Box 1   Roll 50   Michaelmas Leet 30th September 1682
William Bamber, Mr Christopher Anderton and Robert
Fazakerley for allowing their swine to stray.

Richard Urmston for throwing suds into a sough which runs
through William Winnard's buttery

Katherine the wife of Robert Green for forestalling the

Jane Scott widow for allowing her swine to stray

Peter Catterall, Thomas Partington, John Jackson and Richard
Holme for harbouring Katherine France, John Lowe, William
Jepson and Jane Duckworth foreigners.
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Richard Mortt, Gilbert Leigh and Elizabeth Deane widow for
allowing their swine to stray.

Jane the wife of Lyonel Ormshawe and Ellen Caddy - a litigation
on one another "on the Sabboth day"

James Mitton "doth Sett Thomas Barton on worke beinge a

Richard Battersby "doth keepe a dogg accustomed to bite
people" Fined 1s. "or else convey the dogge out of the

Robert Lathom and Richard Smith for allowing their swine
to stray.

Edward Hollinhead for not cleaning the ditch between his
house and Mr Baron's.

James Belcher for employing Thomas Cawsey a foreigner

Robert son of James Belcher for employing James Davey a

Robert son of Peter Belcher for employing James Whittle
a foreigner

Humphrey Fairbrother for employing John Hama and John
Hilltoth foreigners.

Myles Seddon for employing Thomas Guest a foreigner

James Mort and Arthur Man - assault
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Thomas Smithe for swearing 7 oaths and calling bailiff
Marsden "a kneefe"

James Ford tailor for abusing Elizabeth Rigby widow.

William Hill, Charles Bancks, Edward Markland shoemaker
and Richard Holme for harbouring John Weaver schoolmaster,
John Taylor and Anne his wife and Anne Whiteside foreigners.

Laurence Marsden and Henry Harper for quarrelling

John Worthington for playing bowles.

October 19th 1682
William Deane yeoman for abusing Ralph Markland alderman.

Mr John Harvey to repair Harison's Platt.

Gilbert Hollinhead for litigation and assault on Elizabeth
Scott widow.

Edward Farbrother for breaking the door and abusing Jane
the wife of James Forde senior pewterer. Also for pulling
up the hedge between the land of the said James and
Humphrey Farbrother.

Thomas Farbrother for sticking a staple into the wall of
the said James' house.

Thomas Rainforth for still letting the water run into
Thomas Sumpner's house.
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Edward Hollinhead and Elizabeth Scott widow - litigation

John Carter and Anne the wife of John Ravenshaw - the like

James Crook for forestalling the market by buying meal
before the bell rang.

Edmund Harvey and Robert Mason elected overseers of the
town mill.

October 25th 1682
Thomas Heapey and Ralph Wait foreigners

Petitions &c.
A certificate from John Haigh stating that John Lowe and
his wife and children were inhabitants thereof

The petition of the Master and Freemen of the Joiners
that Richard Tootell a foreigner who had 4 apprentices
might be removed.

Presentment by Ralph Markland alderman that William Deane
allowed his yardings to fall between the Broad Meadow and
Slaters' Acre and for erecting a building upon the "Jennell"
between the houses of Margaret Mather widow and Robert
Foster husbandman in Hallgate, and also that the said William
abused the said Ralph.

Petition of Richard Tootell joiner to be made a freeman

The complaint of the Master and Wardens of the Tailors
that John Seddon a freeman tailor of the town employed
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Richard Ashurst a journeyman tailor not of the town

That there was to be a hearing in London next term, upon
a verdict given at the Common Pleas at Lancaster at the
last assizes, concerning the validity of the Charter of
Wigan, which was to be defended at the Corporations expense.

Usual petition of Ralph Marsh and Laurence Taylor -

Accounts of the Overseers of the Poor for 1682
total  £55 - 7 -5

Petition of Thomas Barton blacksmith, who had lately
married Katherine the daughter of William Finch, to be
made a freeman

Petition of Henry Laithwaite brazier to be made a burgess.

Depositions taken 9 Oct 1682 of John Naylor of Booths in
the parish of Eccles shoemaker, Alexander Fairclough of
Standish nailor, Alexander Shawe of Standish blacksmith
concerning the theft of a pair of shoes from John Naylor
by Thomas Smith of Lancaster husbandman. who was to be "forthwith
whipped round about the Markett Crosse Up to the Toll
bars in the Standishgate and stripped downe to the midle
of his wast."

The depositions taken 14th Dec. 1682 of Robert Ford,
Peter Platt, Robert Letherbarrow and Roger Bullock servants
of Mr Anderton, concerning the behaviour of Thomas Houghton
another servant. Who said to his master "that he wold
torne none of the wheele his father said he shold not"
Also he was "a wicked swerer and hath saied to his master
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that if he sticke him or give him any correcion he the
said Hoghton will strike his master againe"
     Houghton had also said "that his master had in the
stable purred him for not dressing his horses and said if
his master purred him againe he wold fling a Cannell clod
at his head"
     That he had broken into his master's cellar and taken
quantities of beer.
     He had called Roger Bullock a "biting knave and a
torne more"

Nov 2nd  1682
Ellen Hill spinster complained that Roger Leigh son of
Ralph Leigh pewterer did about Oct 30th "draw his knife
and sett it to the breast of the said Ellen and threatened
to kill her and declared she dreads bodily harme from
him" "but she being reputed a very simple foolish person
understands not an oath He was bound over.

Thomas Bancks was bound over for abusing Margery Partington.
and for his wife's appearance for a quarrell between her
and Seth Prescott and his wife.

Box 1.  Roll 50  Christmas Leet 23rd December 1682
William Deane labourer for abusing Ishmael Bibby

Roger Wood for abusing Margaret the wife of Thomas Ford
"and pulled the thatch of her owne house"

Mary Scott for abusing Ishmael Bibby

Richard Mort and Gilbert Leigh and Richard Smith for
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allowing their swine to stray

William Atherton and John Bradshawe foreigners harboured by
John Heye? and Charles Banckes carrier and Edward Markland.

Ralph Waite "did keepe a gunn" Fined 1s.

Robert Hollinehed for abusing and assaulting John Hollinehed.

Ishmael Bibby for neglecting his office of gatewaiter.

Ellen the wife of John Houghton for abusing the bailiff
and serjeants in the execution of their office.

Ralph Laithwaite, Robert Crichlow, Charles Holecroft and
John Deane "did keepe hounds to the prejudice of their

Laurence Marsden brazier for assaulting and abusing Joan
the wife of Thomas Crichlowe.

John Foster, Lawrence Marsden and Thomas Sumpner for
assaulting Margaret France.

John Foster for abusing and assaulting Mr Gellibrand.

Humphrey Wetherby, Ishmael Bibby and Robert Denton for
abusing Thomas Catterall

Gilbert Ford for abusing Ellen Ford, his mother

Ralph Johnson alias Sanders for abusing his master Gilbert
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John Bibby and Richard Markland - abuse and assault.

Stephen Platt for allowing his swine to stray.

Gilbert Holinehed for an assault on John Bibby

Ralph the son of John Wackfield for abusing and assaulting
his master Gerard Forde

William Green for assaulting John Bibby

Jane Scott for allowing her swine to stray.

Mary the wife of Seth Prescott and Elizabeth the wife of
John Bibby - assault

Charles Bancks carrier for abusing Ralph Leigh and his
late wife.

The bailiffs to repair the cuckstool and to fence the
little common near Wairebridge.

Ralph Waite and Thomas Barton foreigners

John Worthington for leaving a cop in the highway near
Pool Stocke, and William Higham for the same

James Mitton for employing Thomas Barton a foreigner.

Thomas Heapey and Richard Tootell foreigners

Richard Green and William Baldwin gatewaiters of Standishgate
and Jeoffrey Sherrington and William Hill gatewaiters of
Wallgate fined 1s. each for neglect of duty.
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Widow Winnart for harbouring Ralph Whaly a foreigner.

The bailiffs to repair Henhouse Bridge

List of persons who have not helped in the repair of the

James Marsden fined 3l 4. "for reflecting upon the Mayor
and Jury."

Box 1.  Roll 50   Christmas Leet 1682
Petitions &c.
Depositions of John Unsworth barber, Ralph Rauson son of
Thomas Rauson, Thomas Winckley junior, Roger Leigh apprentice
to John Houghton tailor, John Laithwaite bellman and John
Marsh servant to Mr Totty concerning the story of Anne
Fishwicke spinster servant to James Molyneux
     She said that on Dec 24th being a Sunday she went
from her Master's house in Market Street about 7 in the
evening to the well to fetch water and she "was mett by
a man att the Church style in Walgate and hissed" About
about half an hour after she saw Ralph son of Thomas Rauson
Gilbert son of John Houghton tailor, Thomas son of Richard
Winckley and Roger Leigh and that James son of William
Finch owned he had been with them.

Ralph Rauson said he "did neither see nor know nor Ever
heard any person confesse that hee or they had hissed James
Molineux now Servant Maid in the Meal house"
     Thomas Winckley said "that he did not see the said Maid
Servant that night after it was dark."

Information on Elizabeth Ford widow of John Ford of Millgate
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pewterer, that her son Gilbert who worked for John Ford of
Scoles pewterer had 3 shillings in his box of which she
took two for his food which when he found out he "with many
bloody Oaths threatened and abused his syd mother, telling
his mother and saying thoult be hanged" in the hearing of
alderman Ford of Millgate.

Dec 18th  1682
Margaret the daughter of widow France of Scoles said that
as she was crossing the Mill bridge on Sunday 17th Dec she
met 3 men who broke her lantern and one Critchley's wife and
John Naylor who was on horseback told her they were Thomas
Sumpner, James Foster and Lawrence Marsden

Gilbert Orrell and his son said that -- Sanders the
former apprentice and nephew when reprimanded for neglecting
his master's horses he "answered with many Curses and
bloody oaths he would kill or be kild and that he would
fight them all and valued not his life"

19 Jan  1682  Memorandum concerning money to be paid for
the suit about the town charter.

Confession of Thomas Birchall of Whelley Lane miner
22 Jan  1682 that he cut down a young oak on Thomas
Bullocke's land and took it away.

Depositions concerning the pewter saucers and a salt of
"Lea mettle" said to have been stolen from Ralph Leigh
pewterer by John Worthington of Standish innkeeper and
William Stringfellow of Langtree linen weaver.

Depositions concerning the misconduct of Ellen Hill and
Robert son of Ralph Leigh pewterer
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Depositions concerning William Sale innkeeper aged 82
who on 15th March 1682/3 was seized by his son Ralph
Sale round the Moat "in a spleene or hasty passion" And
he cryed out "Murther murther" and the neighbours rushed
in to his rescue.

Depositions of Ellen the wife of William Langshawe of Scoles
and John Toppinge of Pemberton linen weaver who had had
their pockets picked near the Market Cross in March 1682/3

Sacrament certificate of Laurence Anderton junior gentleman
8 April 1683.

Sacrament certificate of Robert Baron Alderman 8 April 1683.

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