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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 49 - 1681

Box 1.  Roll 49  Easter Leet  9th April  1681
Robert Boys and Gilbert Nightgale - assault

Ralph Ashton for abusing the Jury of the Fair Leet "and
called 'em knaves"

Richard Holme and Jane his wife, and Richard Fearnell and
his wife - litigation

Mary the wife of Alexander Catterall for abusing the
Bailiffs in the execution of their office.

Humphrey Wetherby for aiding, maintaining, comforting and
abetting Hugh Battersby "to steale seaverall purses out
of seaverall persons pochetts"

Laurence Ormerod for assaulting John Laithwaite.

Richard Buxton for an assault on Anne the wife of James
Barrowe. He also abused the Mayor "and sayed hee'd stay
in the Towne in Spight of his teeth"

Gilbert Hollinhead bound in 20 li "for abusing Katherin
Markland in a very Rude Manner"

William Baron and William Astley - assault

James Langshawe for abusing and threatening Gilbert Nightgale
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William Warburton and Richard Baxter foreigners harboured
by Thomas Leyland and Laurence Taylor

Ralph Wood for allowing his swine to stray

Edward Markland and Thomas Acton for harbouring William
Bolland and Thomas Barton foreigners, and Elizabeth
Hixson for harbouring Richard Tootall.

Stephen Platt for turning his watercourse into the street,
and allowing his swine to stray.

Gilbert Nightgale for abusing James Langshaw and assaulting
Hugh Langshaw and for drunk and "is a Comon drunckard" -
To be sent to the House of Correction for a month.

Thomas Risley for assaulting Gilbert Forde.

Robert Foster being elected gatewaiter did not come to
take the oath

William Prescott elected gatewaiter for the rest of the year

Edward Hawett for abusing Alderman Baron

Adam Turner for assaulting Anne Crofte

April 23rd
Thomas Ford for not removing the poplars at the end of his
croft adjoining Penington Meadow as ordered

Richard Tootell a foreigner
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"James Whalley Does keepe false wights and do's sell by
the same" and John Needham does the like

William Prescott for refusing to let the Supervisor try
his weights

List of persons fined for not repairing the highways

Out of pocket expenses to be refunded to the overseers of
the highways for Wallgate and Woodhouses

The overseers of Scoles, Millgate, Market Street and Hallgate
were not out of pocket

James Almond "did sell by false measures"

Box 1.  Roll 49  Easter Leet 1681
Petitions &c.
Account for the money laid out on the lane that led to
the Broock House - £3. 7. 0

Petition of William Warbleton freeman son who about 2 years
before had married Margaret one of the daughters of Laurence
Taylor, to be made a freeman - allowed

Petition of Margaret Taylor widow of John Taylor, who was by
trade a tailor and had two apprentices at the time of his
death. But she had been threatened by some of the tailors
that if she kept a journeyman to teach the apprentices "They
will utterly ruine her" - She might keep a journeyman &c.

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Complaint of the Master and Wardens of the Tailors that
Elizabeth Taylor kept William Tildsley a foreigner as journey-

Petition of Charles Scott to be allowed to build a cottage
in the old Wash Pitts on Scoles Common

Petition of Mary Angier spinster and seamstress to be
allowed to settle in the town and "be serviceable therein
by way of teaching and instructing young women in all
sorts of needleworkes" - allowed

Complaint of Richard Holme against the fine for abusing
Richard Fearnell and his wife

Petition of Richard Tootell joiner, who had lately marryed
Elizabeth Hixson widow and who had an estate in Chorley &c
to be made a freeman.

Complaint of the Joiners against the admission of Richard
Tootell to be a freeman as "they are bight Master Work em
besides their Apprentices within this Corporacion"

Petition of William Browne the younger and Edward Leather-
barrow "being in Company with one Roger Higham (now a Prisoner
att Lancaster) who was apprehended in Wigan for Suspicion
of Clippinge" The petitioners had to give evidence at the
Assizes which had cost them 30s. which they asked to be
shared by the town.

Complaint of Robert Baldwin junior pewterer who owned a
freehold messuage in Standishgate against the wall of which
Edward Hollinhead potter "layes his mucke" &c.
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Complaint of Robert Orrell of Market Street that John
Fairbrother of the Weind "Lay'd a middlinge of Mucke" against
his wall &c.

Complaint of Ellen Higham of Millgate widow that Charles
Bancks "out of a malitious humor" had built an "Isle" to
his barn which blocked her windows &c.

Complaint of William Bamber that Robert Ford the brother
of his landlord William Ford had taken away the doors of
his messuage in Standishgate and allowed his swine out.

That Thomas Naylor High Constable of Derby Hundred be sued
for distraint upon Alexander Penington for £8 3 ll towards
the repair of Lancaster Castle. 15 March 1680

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