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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 48 - 1680

Box 1.   Roll 48   Michaelmas Leet October 2nd  1680

Mayor                  Thomas Bancks

Benchers               William Glover
                       Robert Langshaw

Recorder               Thomas Morte

Town Clerk             John Anderton

Bailiffs               Gilbert Forde
                       Alexander Penington

Attornies              William Browne
                       Edmund Molineux

Serjeants              John Markland
                       Edward Fairclough

Market Street          Robert Orrell
                       John Catterall

Wallgate               Richard Battersbye
                       Gilbert Leigh

Hallgate               William Mason
                       William Wever
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Scoles                 John Orrell
                       Edward Letherbarrow

Standishgate           Robert Green
                       William Nightgale

Millgate               James Morte
                       James Bullocke

Woodhouses             Robert Foster
                       James Bamber

Surveyors of           John -----
Bread and Beer         Roger Bullocke

Surveyors of           John Winstanley
Flesh and Fish         Gilbert Orrell

Treasurers             Robert Brown
                       Richard Letherbarrow

Church Clerk           James Bancks

Searchers and Sealers  Edward Fairclough
of Leather             Edward Markland

Bellman                John Laithwaite

Box 1. Roll 48 Michaelmas Leet October 2nd  1680
Robert Marsh - a foreigner, trading in the town and not
being a freeman.
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Ellen Whalley for assaulting Alice Higham.

Jane Scott widow for allowing her swine to stray.

Elizabeth Hollinehead widow for abusing the bailiffs in
the execution of their office.

Thomas Fazakerley "did steale and recett" several pieces
of pewter from Ralph Lee - Withdrawn

Richard France for stealing turf from Thomas Gerard Esq. -
acquitted and Ralph Tyrer the like

Thurstan Whalley and Thomas Haresnipe for abusing Mr Jolly -
12d. or imprisonment

Ralph Prescott for abusing Edmund Molineux - discharged

John Farbrother for abusing Alderman Robert Markland

Anne the wife of James Hollinehead for a litigation on
Margaret Henshawe

Hugh Platte "did breake downe and pull in peices the
Seates in the Church belonging to William Standish -

Ralph Wood, Richard Morte, and Stephen Platt for allowing
their swine to stray.

Anne Manchester for harbouring Roger Cookson and his wife
and for saying that they "should stay in this Burrowe in
spight of Mr Mayor" - "Wee order and desire Mr Maior that
she may be putt in the stoole and to bee duckt three
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Humphrey Wetherby for calling Richard Crosse "a gibbetted

Richard Buxton for abusing James Barrowe and his wife

Elizabeth Almond and Thomas Battersby - assault

Richard Crosse for harbouring Jane Crosse a foreigner

Thomas Forde for not cleansing his hillock

Edward Markland and Roger Scott for harbouring John Copper-
thwaite and William Bolland

Gilbert Nightgale and James Langshawe and Katherine Langshawe-

Mrs Bancks for not cleaning her ditch

The Overseers of the Highway in Woodhouses for not mending
the causeway in Whalley Lane

John Hollinhead for refusing to assist the Bailiffs in the
execution of their office when asked.

Robert Langshawe, John Hollinhead and Frances Banckes widow
cutting their hedges near Scolefield.

The owners of closes on boths sides of Hardybut Lane ordered
to cut their hedges.

Ralph Marsh and Laurence Taylor ordered to go about the
town at their usual time
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Gilbert Nightgale presented for abusing Alderman Robert Lang-
shawe and his goods - being bound over to be of good behaviour

Oliver Ashurst and William Warburton foreigners, the latter
harboured by Laurence Taylor.

Robert Lee, Mathew Naylor, Alice Naylor spinster and Jane
the wife of RIchard Holme and the said Richard - abuse

Edward Hollinhed, Christopher Rawsteine and Robert Hollinehed
junior - assualt

The lane leading from Wigan Lane to the Brooke Mill to be

The Foreman of the Jury gave 20 li to the use of the Corporation

Thomas Partington fined 40s. a month for selling ale and
beer without a licence

Oliver Ashurst and Robert Lathom to be sworn freemen on
the payment of 4 li.

Richard Baxter a foreigner

Richard Holme for stopping a watercourse near Collingefield

That Robert Winstanley mercer had not removed his encroachment
on the waste in the Market Street from the passage leading
from the church to the new Hall stairs.

Richard Crosse for abusing widow Lowe
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James Scott and James Forde pewterer elected Overseers
of the Town Mill

The owners and occupiers of the Great Watter Hey to repair
the foot bridge there

The Bailiffs to repair the cuckstool

The way behind Henhurst Bridge to be repaired and a rail to
be placed on the side of the bridge leading to the school -
at the town's charge.

Names of persons charged for the upkeep of the highways

That the "pottato Markett and other rootes" be made according
to order and to begin at 9 a.m. and toll to be paid on every
load &c.

Box 1.   Roll 48   Michaelmas  1680
Petitions &c
Fragment of an address or petition to the King

An account dated 21 Feb. 1679

Complaint of Christopher Sumner that Thomas Forde the elder
had encroached on Penington Meadow near the Scoles.

Complaint of William Forth, James Langshawe, Robert Sixsmith,
John Lathom and John Parr dyers that Elizabeth Mason spinster
was practising the art of a dyer never having been apprenticed

Complaint of Stephen Platt who had been fined for letting his
swine stray "that out of kindnes to his neighbors, he hath
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given them leave to lay timber in his croft and to worke
the same there" and he thought that the workmen had left
the gate open &c.

Petition of William Warburton mason whose father-in-law
Laurence Tailor had been fined for harbouring him, to be
made a freeman.

Complaint of Ralph Lee pewterer that Robert Baron gentleman
had stopped his watercourse

Petition of Thomas Partington, whose father and grandfather
had been burgesses, to be made a freeman - allowed

Oliver Bibby of Wigan Woodhouses husbandman being aged 16
and more "did nott repaire" to the parish church of Wigan
&c for one month - fined £20

Complaint of Robert Baron alderman, that Ralph Leigh
pewterer had turned the water through a hedge cop between
Crabtree Meadow and Miry Lane Meadow.

Petition of Adam Wood of Scoles to be made a freeman

Sacrament certificate of Roger Bradshaigh Kut 29 Dec  1680-
witnesses John Baldwin mercer and John Banckes parish clerk

Sacrament certificate of Alexander Penington flax dresser -
1 Jan 1680 - witnesses Gilbert Forde pewterer and Edward
Fairclough shoemaker.

Sacrament certificate of Edward Fairclough shoemaker
1 Jan 1680 witnesses Gilbert Forde pewterer and
Alexander Penington flax dresser
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Sacrament certificate of Gilbert Forde pewterer - 1 Jan 1680 -
witnesses Alexander Penington flax dresser and Edward Fair-
clough shoemaker.

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