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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 47 - 1680

Box 1   Roll 47  Michaelmas Leet October 4th 1679
 [Very decayed]
William Linney for allowing his swine to stray and William
Parran the like

Edward Smoult for allowing earth to lie in Wallgate

Thomas Ransom and Ralph Sale for allowing earth to lie in
the street

The stone well in Wallgate to be repaired.

John Callen and Humphrey Wetherby - assault

William Bamber and Robert Marsden for allowing their swine
to stray

Grace the wife of William Greene weaver and Hecter ---

Roger Wood hatter for harbouring Matthew Bradshaw

Grace Foster for allowing her swine to stray

James Barrowe for harbouring John Baxter a foreigner

Jane Bamber for a litigation on Elizabeth Wood and her
children and on Mary the wife of John Wood

Gilbert Hollinhead for an assault on John Markland

Richard Woodward and Richard Crosse - assault

Richard Woodward for assaulting John Markland one of the
Serjeants in the exercise of his office
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Gilbert Hollinhead for assaulting Richard Crosse and John

William Greene the younger for an assault on Richard Crosse,
Robert Wetherby and John Markland

Joan the wife of Ralph Forth, Jenett the wife of George
Atherton and Anne Wood - litigation

Thomas Browne for an assault on John Laithwaite and for
breaking the church windows. Fined 3s. 4d. for each or
to stay in prison till he paid.

William Bamber, Thurstan Crosse and Thomas Wood tailor
for allowing their swine to stray.

Edward Markland and Roger Scott for harbouring Humphrey
Williams and Thomas Parkhill foreigners

Roger Browne for allowing timber to lie in the street

Richard Ince one of the gatewaiters for neglect of duty
in not seeing that Oliver Ashurst a foreigner left the town.

That Richard Ryding servant of Thomas Acton in the night
broke Laurence Ormerald's windows.

Jennett the wife of Ishmael Bibby for misconduct with
Robert Wetherby

Ellen the wife of Thurstan Crosse and Elizabeth the wife
of Thomas Lowe - assault
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Elizabeth the wife of John Fairbrother for a litigation on
Thomas Catterall

Jane and Anne Fairclough rescued cattle from Edmund Harvey
on the way to the pinfold

Daniel Wilding for a litigation on William Naylor gentleman.

"Richard Crosse Did Carre John Anderton"

Mr Robert Markland and James Marsden elected Overseers
of the Town Mill.

No one to throw horse flesh, flax hemp or any other thing
into the "Douglas"

Thomas Partington sold ale without being a freeman - fined 40s.

Box 1.  Roll 47   Michaelmas Leet   1679
Petitions &c.
Petition of Oliver Ashwell blacksmith to be made a freeman.

Complaint of Edward Hollinhead of Standishgate brazier,
that was bound over with his Sureties John Greene and
Robert Hollinghead and had appeared in Court but in spite
of that had been fined 10s.

Complaint of Ralph Wood who had been fined for allowing his
sow into the churchyard, but the wall of the churchyard was
decayed and so the sow went through - remitted.

Complaint of Humphrey Fairbrother who had been fined 10s
for harbouring John Eamer, who had been apprenticed to his
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son Edward Fairbrother who had assigned him to his father
as an apprentice

The complaint of Roger Wood from whom the bailiffs had
taken a brass pot for a fine of 40s. for harbouring Laurence
Hey a foreigner, who had been harboured by James Lether-
barrow and not by Roger Wood - the pot to be returned.

Complaint of Ishmael Bibby that Anne Acton widow had turned
a watercourse on to his land

Complaint of James Belshawe of Scoles brazier who harboured
Ralph Taylor "a poore Labourer" and was warned by Robert
Belshawe gatewaiter, his son to remove him, which he did
but in spite of that was fined 40s. &c.

Complaint of Roger Scott who had been fined for harbouring
John Ratchdale who had left the town 3 months before

Complaint of Lawrence Haslom and William Catterall gate-
waiters of Wallgate who had been presented for neglect of
duty in not seeing that the copps of earth in the street
were removed - they were now removed &c.

Complaint of Steven Platt who had been fined 3/6 for
allowing his swine to stray, but he "out of kindnes to
his neighbors did suffer them to lay timber in your
petitioners Backside, who had fetched the same away and
have neglected to shutt the gate after them" whereby
the swine got out &c. - remitted

Complaint of William Bamber who had been fined for
harbouring his daughter the wife of John Gibbs.
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Sacrament certificate of Richard Letherbarrowe and Robert

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