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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 46 - 1679

Box 1  Roll 46   Easter Leet  26 April 1679
William Bamber, Sarah Mason, Elizabeth Marsden widow for harbour-
ing Jane the wife of John Gibbs, Katherine the wife of
Charles Billing and Elizabeth the wife of Robert Booth,

Mr Thomas Worthington senior for allowing his dog to go

William Bamber for allowing his swine to stray.

That Ralph Prescott broke open Katherine Catterall's door
at night and abused and drew blood from William Catterall,
a gatewaiter whilst in execution of his duty. - The Mayor
desired to send him to the house of correction.

Robert Lathom a foreigner.

Thomas Catterall tailor for harbouring Ralph Woodward a

James Fairbrother and Robert Letherbarrowe tailor for
allowing their swine to stray.
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Roger Scott shoemaker for harbouring John Ratchdale a
foreigner, Edward Markland shoemaker for harbouring Humphrey

Mathew Daniell, Adam Woods foreigners

Stephen Platt for harbouring Richard Astley a foreigner

William Scott for allowing his dunghill to lie in the street.

Robert Foster and Oliver Ashurst - assault

Edward Gregson and Peter Forth - the like.

Peter Deane "did steale or recett seaverall polls and
would not tell where hee had them" And "that he hath Inclosed
a gardin From the wast"

Richard Crosse for assaulting Elizabeth the wife of Henry
Shutleworth, and she called him "a Rogue"

Thomas Whalley for harbouring Henry Walmesley

Richard Rylands for pulling down the "dyall stone" on
Mill Bridge

Henry Burgesse, William Greene, William Cooper and Robert
Precott bound and discharged by the Mayor.

Mathew Taylor for assaulting James Ford

The stone well in Wallgate to be repaired
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Ralph Wood and John Anderton for allowing their swine to

Edward Smoult and Mrs Jane Penington for harbouring John
Lowe and Richard Aspinall and his wife.

Richard Shakeshafte - a foreigner

James Langshaw, James Laithwait and Ralph Ashton for fishing
and damming the water and cutting earth about Hennage
Bridge "and said they would pull downe the bridge"

Robert Suxsmith dyer for breach of a former order

May 1st 1679

Edward Gregson for abusing Hugh Platt saying "that he would
sweare any Mans Life for a Groat"

William Houghton, Thomas Burgesse, Katherine Harcliffe,
Robert Milne --- and Roger Barington for harbouring James
Rogerson, Adam Wood, Susan Risley, Grace Cooper and Laurence

James Belcher for giving work to Ralph Taylor a foreigner

James Barrowe for harbouring Richard Baxter a foreigner

Laurence Haslom and William Catterall gatewaiters for not
presenting people who left their dunghills &c. in the street
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May 22nd
Thomas Leyland hatter, Elizabeth Deane widow, and Roger Wood
hatter, for harbouring William Banckes, Robert Floode,
Barkus Ogden and Mathew Bradshawe

List of persons who did not pay leys for the highways

Bailiff Penington ordered to pay the 5s. d remainging in his

Thomas Burgesse, Charles Legh, Gilbert Leggh, Hugh Platt,
Thomas Raynfoed, John Foster, William Bavington, James Cooper
and Laurence Ormerod for selling ale and beer without a

Humphrey Farbrother for harbouring John Thorpe and John Egmor.

Mr Thomas Worthington for letting a house to Mrs Gerrard

The bailiffs to repair Hennege Bridge

James Banckes clerk and Anne Barker, for harbouring John
Bradley and Peter Holland foreigners.

James Baldwin appointed overseer of highways in the place
of Peter Sumpner deceased.

Saturday in Whitweek
Stephen Platt for not mending the hedge between his land and
Maultes Hey

Robert Markland for allowing the bridge in Tramps Field to
fall down
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William Bamber for allowing his swine to stray.

Joan the wife of Ralph Forde for abusing Jennet the wife
of George Atherton

William Battersby and Peter Dean and Edward Buckley assault
with the drawing of blood.

Laurence Haslom for allowing his swine to stray

Robert Higham and Ralph Woodward assault

Box 1.   Roll 46   Easter Leet 1679
Petitions &c.
John Hindley in prison for debt claims the benefit of the
Act for the Relief of Poor Prisoners.

Petition of Mathew Daniell, servant of William Standish Esq -

Writ to the Justices of Oyer and Terminer to send the
indictments of Alexander Ford ot Woodhouses yeoman, Stephen
Platt tallow chandler, Frances the wife of Robert Ford
pewterer and Edward Rigby yeoman to the Justices of assize.
They were indicted for not going to any parish church or
chapel or usual place of Common prayer. Dated 24 April 31 Chas II

Complaint of Christopher Sumpner that Gerard Bancks
gentleman had diverted the water course flowing from
Water Hey to Penington Meadow.

Petition of Robert Markland, William Brook and Robert Casson,
being "on the watch in Wigan this Last Winter" "did Aprehend
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one Thomas Naylor For speakinge some seditious and
Scandelous words against the Government of this Kingdom."
He was sent to Lancaster Gaol and the petitioners had to
attend the assizes as witnesses - They asked that their
charges might be paid - allowed

Petition of William Scott bellfounder to be allowed to lay
his dunghill at the bottom of Millgate

Petition of Elizabeth Aynscowe a single woman who "hath a
desire to Live Privately in the towne upon her Estate  means

Petition of Ambrose Byrom who was born and had lived in
the town till the year before when he travelled about the
country looking for work, but not finding any asked to be
allowed to settle in the town again - allowed

Complaint of Anne Acton widow who lately bought part of a
house in the Wend late in the possession of Alice Hawett
widow with the consent of the said Alice's daughters, which
she ever since peaceably enjoyed. But now Ishmael Bibby
having married Jenett one of the daughters of Alice Hawett
had pulled the slates of the petitioner's house and made
holes in her walls.

Complaint of Robert Winstanley mercer who was greatly damaged
by the building of the new town hall between his house and
the Market Place in blinding the light of several of his windows.

Complaint of Seth Bibby of Woodhouses labourer who had lived
in the town for 7 years and was permitted to do so, but the
bailiffs had distrained his cow &c.

Petition of Richard Aspinall, who had married Bridget one of
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the daughters of Mr Nicholas Penington, to be made free -

Box 1.  Roll 46  Midsummer Leet  June 21st  1679
Humphrey Farbrother, Edward Fairclough, Thomas Burgesse,
Gilbert Ashton, for harbouring John Eamer, Henry Crofte,
Adam Wood and Susan Risley.

Edward Holinhead for abusing William Laithwaite alderman

Anne Hollys "Broke Ralph Tarleton Glasse windows"
Mary Bavington spinster made a litigation on Margaret the
wife of Ralph Henshaw.

John Houghton and Gilbert Johnson alias Hitches assault
with the drawing of blood at Ascension Fair.

William Bamber for allowing his swine to stray.

Thomas Leland, Roger Scott shoemaker, William Deane, Edward
Markland shoemaker for harbouring William Banckes, Robert
Flood, Thomas Parkhill, John Ratchdale, William Astley and
Hunphrey Williamson.

Stephen Platt and William Linney for allowing his swine to

Mrs Bridget Gerrard a foreigner

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Box 1.  Roll 46   Midsummer Leet   1679
Complaint of Mr John Harvey that Richard Holme had built a
little cottage and that John Whalley's outhouse dripped on
to it &c.

Writ to the Justices of Oyer and Terminer to send the in-
dictments of William Standish Esq, Thomas Worthington gentleman,
Grace Bullocke, widow, and Christopher Anderton gentleman
to the Justices of Assize. They had not attended any church
&c.  24 April  31 Chas. II.

Oliver Bibby of Woodhouses --- John Wineward husbandman,
and his wife, Seth Bibby linenweaver and Mary his wife, Alexander
Wineward tailor and Alice his wife, William Whitefield
husbandman and Ellen his wife, Henry Scott smith and Anne
his wife, Anne, Margaret and Alice Rylands spinsters, Grace
Bullocke widow, Richard Silcocke husbandman and his wife,
Frances Standish widow, Alexander Ford yeoman, Roger Scott
smith, Anne Scott spinster, Alice Forde spinster, William
Standish Esq and Cecilia his wife, Mathew Ramell yeoman,
Edward Taylor husbandman, Anne Browne spinster, Margaret
Wilkinson spinster, Mary Browne spinster, Dorothy Ramell
spinster, Frances the wife of Robert Forde pewterer, Edward
Brighouse senior dyer, Edward Brighouse junior labourer,
Margaret and Margery Brighouse spinsters, Christian Hey spinster,
Stephen Platt husbandman, Elizabeth the wife of John Holland
tailor, Thurstan Mather husbandman, Jane the wife of John
Cooper, Anne Markland spinster, Christopher Anderton gentleman,
and Grace his wife, Emery Ainsworth spinster, Agnes Charnocke
spinster, Thomas Worthington gentleman and Margaret his wife,
Margery Frith spinster, Elizabeth Lee spinster, Thomas
Standish gentleman and Anne his wife, Edward Rigby yeoman and
Rebecca his wife, William Bamber husband and Jane his wife,
Jane and Ellen Bamber spinsters, Thomas Bamber labourer
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Robert Mosse blacksmith, Thomas Risley pewterer and Jane
his wife, Sarah Mason spinster, Katherine Abram spinster,
Edmund Hilton watchmaker and Elizabeth his wife, Jane Barrowe
widow, Margery Walthew widow, Jane Browne spinster, Mary
Ashton spinster, Margaret Chaddocke spinster, Anne Mercis
spinster, Margaret Rigby spinster Thomas Whalley husbandman,
Henry Walmesley tailor and Elizabeth his wife, Anne Golburne
spinster, Ellen the wife of Ralph Jolly locksmith, John
Thornton malster and Alice his wife, Mary Ireland spinster,
Gilbert Leigh innkeeper and Margaret his wife, Alexander
Leigh tailor, Ellen Leigh spinster, Margaret Hughs spinster,
Anne Crosse widow, Henry Shuttleworth weaver, and Elizabeth
his wife, Alice Farnworth widow, Bridget Farnworth spinster,
Ellen Penington spinster, Anne Waterhouse widow, Anne Mather
widow, Thomas Catterall tailor and Grace his wife, Alice
the wife of John Lowe joiner, Catherine Booth spinster, Hugh
Hollinghead tailor, and Margaret his wife, Roger Wood
shoemaker and Ellen his wife, Ellen Forde widow, Thomas
Raineford miller and Anne his wife, Jenett the wife of
Thomas Burgesse tailor, Amy and Anne Burgesse spinsters,
Roger Scott gentleman and Elizabeth his wife, Anne Browne
widow, Robert Bamber husbandman, Grace Scott widow, James
Cowpe -- John Winstanley joiner and Alexander Barker junior
yeoman who on 1st Sept. 30 Chas II were aged 16 years and more
and "Did nott repaire" to the parish church or Wigan nor to
any church, chapel or place of Common prayer nor were there
at the time of preaching at any time within the month then
next following but each of them "hath forborne the same, in
manifest contempt of the laws as well as against the peace
of the lord the King his crown and dignity &c."
The fine for absenting themselves from church was £20 a month

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