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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 45 - 1678

Box 1.   Roll 45  Michaelmas Leet 5th October 1678

Mayor               Robert Letherbarrow

Benchers            Robert Baron
                    William Glover

Town Clerk          John Anderton

Bailiffs            Robert Ford
                    Thomas Bancks

Attornies           Edward Baron
                    William Browne

Serjeants           John Markland
                    John Boulton
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Market Street       John Laithwaite
                    John Catterall

Wallgate            Laurence Haslom
                    William Catterall

Hallgate            James Bradshawe
                    James Farbrother

Scoles              John Houghton
                    Robert Belcher

Standishgate        John Eckersall
                    Robert Marsden

Millgate            Ambrose Jolly
                    Richard Ince

Woodhouses          William Catterall
                    James Cowpe

Surveyors of        Richard Letherbarrow
Bread and Beer      William Wood

Surveyors of        Arthur Rowe
Flesh and Fish      Gilbert Orrell

Treasurers          John Baldwin
                    Robert Mason

Church Clerk        James Bancks
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Searchers, Sealers  William Higham
&c. of Leather      James Bancks

Bellman             John Laithwaite

Box 1.   Roll 45   Michaelmas Leet October 5th  1678
James Cowpe, and William Bamber for allowing their swine
to stray

Elizabeth Marsden for harbouring Elizabeth Booth a foreigner

John Fielden for not having repaired the stone wall between
his tenement and that of Robert Baron alderman.

Thomas Laithwaite for not repairing the wall between his
tenement and that of Robert Edge.

Edward Rigbye and William Parris for allowing their swine
to stray.

Richard Ashton for allowing his bitch to go unmuzzled

Thomas Mortt senior William or Anne Catterall for allowing
the pale to fall between their house and Gilbert Green's

William Linney "doth throwe downe the channell stinckeing
water out of his Seller"

John Harvy and John Jolly for receiving Richard Silcocke a
foreigner into a house in Woodhouses late in the possession
of Roger Laithwaite deceased.
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Mr Thomas Catterall and William Standish Esq for harbouring
Seth Bibby and Thomas Browne foreigners

Robert Denton for pretending he had a writ against a woman
and taking money for it. Robert Wetherby for the same

Peter Forth for an assault on Laurence Ormerode

Gilbert Baron for being the reputed father of a bastard
child by Elizabeth Baron

Ellen Houghton spinster for assault "and did pull and teare
in peices the Cloths of Alice Ashurst."  fined 10s. or
to wear the bridle from the Old Hall to the toll bar in

William Catterall for abusing the Mayor

 Ellen Houghton for breaking the peace contrary to her

Ralph Wood tailor for allowing his swine to stray.

Cicely Woodward for allowing dung to lie in the street.

Elizabeth wife of John Farbrother and Jennett Bibby - assualt

Laurence Ormerod for inhabiting within the town and Margaret
his wife for abusing Maurice Hanson gatewaiter in the
execution of his office.

Ellen Houghton spinster and Anne Houghton for assaulting
Jane Hey with the drawing of blood.
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Alice Bradshawe for abusing Ellen Houghton and Loare
Green spinster

Margaret Penington for abusing Ellen Houghton

Margaret the wife of Laurence Ormerod for a break of the
peace contrary to her recognizance.

James Mitton for harbouring William Never a foreigner

Edward Rigby and John Feilden - assault

Mary the wife of John Feilden for a litigation on the said
Edward and his wife.

Alice Ashurst and Elizabeth Bibbye for abusing Ellen

Christian the wife of Robert Carter for an assault on Ellen
the wife of John Carter, and the said John for an assault
on the said Christian.

Laurence Farclough for assaulting Elizabeth Taylor widow

James Leyland and Richard Crosse - assault

Edward Hollinhead for calling Gilbert Langshawe one of the
Jury "a Knave"

Ralph Sale for abusing the Jury at the Easter Leet

Ellen Nightgale for an assault on James Langshaw

John Foster of Scoles for an assault on William Glover
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Laurence Taylor and Jeffrey Wood for digging clay in the

William Deane junior for stealing plums from Elizabeth
Taylor and Thomas Wigan the like.

Alice the wife of Ralph Marsh rescued a mare from Henry
Fleetwood going to the Pound.

The same Alice with the help of Richard Woodward rescued
the young heifers from the said Henry, going to the Pound.

Hugh Astley for abusing Mr William Glover.

Robert Denton, Humphrey Crouchlowe, Gilbert Crouchlowe,
Henry Clarke, Thomas Battersby, Peter Deane and James Kershawe
for stealing plums from Elizabeth Taylor - fined 12d.
each or 3 hours in the stocks.

Robert Markland and James Marsden elected overseers of the
mill for the ensuing year.

Ordered that the market for potatoes and other roots be
kept hereafter on the void place next Laurence Ormerod's
house and the same to be railed off &c.

The Meal House to be flagged and railed at the town's cost.

Mr Ralph Holme presented for swearing Ralph Sale a burgess
contrary to the Jury's order at the Easter Leet - fined £10

The sum of 9 li 14s. 7d which the late bailiffs were out
of pocket, to be levied on the next leys.
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Hugh Rothwell fined 3sl 4dl for not making the fence between
his tenement and that of Thomas Ford the elder.

James Worthington for abusing James Thomasson and James

Ralph Prescott for assaulting Katherine Catterall.

Box 1.   Roll 45    Michaelmas Leet 1678
Petitions &c.
Petition of Henry Bullock to be made a freeman - allowed

Petition of William Never labourer who had lately married
the daughter of Robert Mitton to be made a freeman - allowed

Petition of Henry Walmsley tailor who had lived in the
town for two years and "is a very laborious painefull fellow
and very well knowne to have some little Estate of his
owne in this Towne after his Father in lawes decease"
Asked to be made a freeman - allowed

Petition of Laurence Ormerod who had lived for 3 years in
the town and married an inhabitant and practised his trade
with the consent of the Weavers Company, to be made free. -
The Mayor desired to swear him.

Complaint of John Baldwin pewterer who occupied of croft
in the higher end of Standishgate adjoining the messuage
of Richard Crosse, who had spoilt the quickset hedge.

Petition of Alexander Catterall for a place to be allotted
to him on which to build a cottage
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Petition of Richard Astley brickmaker, who had lately
married the daughter of Dorothy Browne widow - to be made
a freeman.

Petition of Seth Bibby linen weaver, who had lived in the
town for 7 years, to be made a freeman - allowed.

Complaint of Thomas Totty innkeeper that Thomas Leyland
his neighbour had cart his "Ruggage" at the back of his house
whereby the clay wall was rotted. Also that he had lately
erected a chimney which Leyland "haveinge some envious Spleene
or hatred to your Peticioner" had pulled down

Complaint of Thomas Layland haberdasher that Thomas Totty
had encroached on his land by a wall and built an Oven house
"the Smoake whereof the said Mr Tottey malliciously contribeing
the same shall bee erkesome" to Leyland "hath made Some Little
hole forth of the said Oven house whereby all the Smoke
thereof vents forth" on to the petitioner's tenement.

Box 1.   Roll 45   Christmas Leet December 21st 1678
John Faireclough for carting at an unreasonable time of year
to the damage of the highway. Fined 20d.

Ralph Scott, Francis and William Bathurst and Seth Bibby -

Roger Scott for a litigation on William Green and he "did
Breake one of the watchmen swords." He also broke his

John Laithwaite for an assault on Laurence Ormerod
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Gilbert and Thomas Nightgill and Richard Shakeshafte -

Ralph Prescott for breaking his recognizance.

Alexander Leigh and Mary Leigh - assault

Anne Baldwin widow for an assault on Mary Baldwin

Susan the wife of James Leyland for abusing Anne Almond

Laurence Ormerod for assaulting John Laithwaite And for
breaking his recognizance.

That William Astley "Did feloniously take a pullon" from
Thomas Ford. And that John Foster and Margaret his wife
"Did recetter the said Stolne pullon" And that Richard
Rylands, Rochard Woodward and Laurence Lowe "Did eate of
the aforesaid stolne pullon" - Foster and his wife to be
"suppressed" from keeping an alehouse for a year - The Mayor
desired to send William Astley to the House of Correction
for 2 months. The others fined 1s. each.

Thomas Wood for allowing several people to play cards in
his house on Sunday morning. James Wood for playing cards
then and Henry Hodson for the same and neglecting his duty
as a watchman, and Henry Kirby for the same also a watchman.
and Mathew Scott and Miles Letherbarrow for playing also And
John Wood "Did keepe company with severall persons that Did
card on the Lord's day" Also Robert Baldwin played there

That Katherine Wood allowed Mathew Scott and others to play
cards in her house on the Lord's day.
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Ralph Wood for allowing his swine to stray in the churchyard.

Laurence Ormerod and William Never foreigners

William Foster butcher and Robert Wetherby - assault

Peter Holland for playing cards on Sunday morning

Robert Letherbarrowe for allowing his swine to stray.

Richard Astley a foreigner

James Molyneux for playing cards on Sunday morning

John Guest a foreigner

Mary Manchester for cursing Sicily Letherbarrow

Robert Baldwin and Gilbert Hollinhead "Did breake James
Brighouse glasse windows"

Richard Woodward for breaking -- Manchester's window.

Thomas Whalley and Laurence Taylor for harbouring Henry
Walmesley and -- Watkinson foreigner.

January 25th
William Prescott, Ralph Tarleton, Thomas Marsden, Robert
Browne, Edward Farclough and Oliver Letherbarrow to be refunded
the money they were out of pocket.

That every inhabitant who should hereafter receive a
servant or journeyman into their service and who do not
give notice thereof to the Mayor within 10 days should
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forfeit £5.

List of people fined for ------------

Ralph Prescott for an assault on Katherine Catterall widow

James Worthington bound over for foul words against James

William Greene fuller for pulling down James Langshaws ----?

Richard Rylands for breaking down "the Dyall post" on
the Mill Bridge.

William Greene for pulling down Weares Bridge.

Richard Rylands and William Greene for breaking James
Brighouse's windows

Robert Ford for abusing the present and late Mayors.

Box 1.  Roll 45  Michaelmas Leet 1678
Petitions &c.
Order that all armour, arms and munition of Popish
Recusants be taken and brought to the Common Hall and there
kept. And if anyone should refuse to do so they were to be
taken to the Common gaol of Wigan and there to remain for
3 months without bail.

Sacrament certificate of Robert Ford 21 Oct 1678
Witnesses James and Thomas Bancks.
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The same of Thomas Bancks - witnesses Robert Ford and
James Bancks - same date.

Order for the release of John Hindley "a poore distressed
prisoner in gaol from 29 May last for debt due to John
Laithwaite and Margaret Lewis." 21 Dec 1678

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